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Atlantis The Royal In Dubai May Be the Most Luxurious Hotel In The World !

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Written By Riddhi Joshi

Edited By Stuti Agarwal

Presented By Delhi Royale


Atlantis The Royal Dubai

Planning a vacation to Dubai this holiday season? Well, Atlantis the Royal is the answer. One of the finest, most luxurious places, this newest luxury resort with the world's largest water park is a bucket list you must experience once in your life. What’s more, it has Beyoncé’s vote of confidence—who inaugurated it only a few months ago.

And while we explore this 5-star hotel in Dubai, we dive into the details.

Luxury In Every Step

To begin with, Atlantis the Royal is a 46-story building, designed by the very special architect, KPF. The luxurious hotel has close to 795 rooms and 231 private residences, with balconies that look over the oceans and Dubai Skyline.

What could be more premium in Dubai? Imagine some of the best sunrises and sunsets waiting for you as you dine on specially curated menus. And to add, the hotel is complete with a fitness center and gym, Spa, restaurants, and shopping experience.

Luxury Hotel Rooms Dubai

A Staycation To Remember

Royal rooms fitted with stylish, modern amenities that will make your experience worth the price, and themes that pay homage to elements of the Dubai ocean and landscapethe rooms at Atlantis the Royal are room, complete with a large bed, breakfast couch, working tables, and balconies.

Atlantis The Royal Dubai Photos

You can take your pick from sea view rooms, ocean view rooms, family rooms, non-smoking rooms, smoking rooms, grand suites, and city view rooms to elevate your staycation experience.

If that wasn’t enough, the bathrooms at Atlantis the Royal are spacious and offer a walk-in shower or separate shower and toilet facilities with double vanities. The place spells luxury.

And taking this opportunity to talk about the bed sections, because they need a special mention, the place has one of the most comfortable beds designed with one-touch master light panels, offering easy access while you are going to sleep. It also offers a small desk to work or for a dining room experience.

Atlantis The Royal Residences

Plenty Of Activities To Indulge In

For those who are not afraid of hiding in the room, Cloud 22, located on level 22 at Atlantis the Royal, has a luxurious infinity pool-bar. What better place to call it a day? The place has a breathtaking view of Dubai, the skylines offering incredible sunrises and sunsets, and a full-service bar and snack counter, which is open throughout the day and has become the location for Kendell Jenner’s 81 tequila parties.

Atlantis The Royal Dubai Hotel

Additionally, Atlantis the Royal’s Awaken spa offers a luxurious range of treatments for both men and women. The place has massages that have earned themselves the title of the Rolls-Royce of massages, and personalised treatment planning where therapists with guide you through the treatments to help pick out to make sure you leave a renewed you.

Atlantis The Royal Dubai Price

Indulge in the Palmscape Penthouse for Rs. 1,107,286/-, or opt for the Sea View Skyscape Penthouse at Rs. 1,245,753/-. Capture the essence of luxury with the Palm View for Rs. 1,384,108/-, or aim for the zenith of opulence in the Panoramic Penthouse at Rs. 3,575,621/-. Taxes and charges additional. Elevate your lifestyle amidst Dubai's extravagance.

Atlantis The Royal Dubai Restaurants

A Royal Dining Experience

The royal breakfast is one of the best meals that the resort offers. Arguably the most important meal of the day, it offers some of the most luxurious ingredients over a decadent spread to satiate your taste buds and invigorate your senses.

Dubai Atlantis The Royal

To help you through the day, there are remarkable fine dining options with restaurants like Heston, Costas Spiliadis, Nobu, and José Andrés that offer a wide range of cuisines and delicacies.

Summing Up The Luxury Experience

In case you missed it, Atlantis the Royal is your one-stop destination of everything luxurious. From stellar views of sunrises and sunsets, highly equipped bedrooms, Michelin-star worthy dining experiences, fitness and spa facilities, and shopping aplenty, there is little that will leave you wanting for more. Need we say anything more to convince you that this is the place for your next stay?

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