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You’ll Be Shocked To Know The Luxury Lifestyle Of These 5 Celebrities In India

Written By Drishti Patel

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Rich Celebrities In India

Celebrity life is rife with wealth and extravagance. They frequently spend their hard-earned money on expensive stuff and are not afraid to splurge on the finer things in life.

These celebrities leave no stone left when it comes to living their lives in king size, whether it's clothing or private islands. Even their properties and mansions are exorbitantly priced.

Here is the Luxurious Lifestyle Of These 5 Celebrities In India.

Ajay Devgan Net Worth

295 Crore INR

Ajay Devgn & Kajol

Ajay Devgan and Kajol are the power couple of B-town, and not without reason. They both don't only have successful careers, but their lifestyle is also filled with luxury.

Ajay Devgn Car Collection

This SUV was purchased by Ajay Devgn in 2019. He wasn't the first celebrity in India to own a Cullinan. It is priced at roughly Rs 6.95 crore ex-showroom, with no customization. The couple owns a magnificent assortment of vehicles, including an Rs. 1.5 crore Maserati Quattroporte, an Audi Q7 worth Rs. 80.70 lakhs, an Rs. 1.6 crore BMW X7 SUV, and a Rs. 87.9 lakhs Volvo XC90.

Ajay Devgn Private Jet

They also own a lavish bungalow that is estimated to cost around 54 crores in London's Park Lane, London. Not only thins, but they also own a six-seater private jet that costs around Rs. 84 crore. Kajol's and Ajay Devgan's net worth combined is more than 400 crores. That easily explains this luxurious taste.

Who Is Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan Latest News

The host of Kaun Banega Crorepati, veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan owns two flats in Juhu valued at Rs 40 crore, an apartment in Juhu valued at Rs 25 crore, a home in France valued at 20 million euros, and a flat in Gurgaon valued at Rs 22 crore. With a net worth of $400 million dollars, all this is nothing.

Amitabh Bachchan also owns Rolls Royce Phantom, Bentley Continental GT, a lux pad in Paris, and a luxurious private jet. Other than this, Big B also owns a lot of agricultural and commercial lands all over India

Mahesh Babu Luxury Lifetime

Mahesh Babu Businessman

Mahesh Babu is one of the celebrated actors in the Telugu film industry, and he has fans all over the globe. While he is known for his humble and kind behavior, he is also known for his delicate taste and luxury love. Mahesh Babu owns a uber-luxurious adobe in Hyderabad worth Rs 28 crore. The house is equipped with amenities like an indoor pool, expansive garden area, lounge area, reading space, jacuzzi, etc.

His car collection is also noteworthy. He owns an Audi e-Tron electric car worth Rs 1.19 crore, a Range Rover Vogue Autobiography that starts from Rs 2.18 Crore, a Lamborghini Gallardo with a price tag of Rs 2.80 crore, and many more. Even his vanity van is worth Rs 6.2 crore.

Who Is Lakshmi Mittal

Lakshmi Mittal, a steel mogul, has a lavish property in the upscale Kensington district that he purchased for $124 million. The 12-bedroom mansion comes complete with luxurious Turkish baths and a garage that can accommodate 20 cars!

Lakshmi Mittal Private Jet

Mr. Mittal is a regular global traveller. His work necessitates this. This is why owning a private plane is so important to a millionaire. Mr. Mittal is the proud owner of a Gulfstream G550. The long-range private jet is expected to cost around $54 million. Twin Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofan engines power the elegant aircraft. It also boasts a heads-up display that is military-grade.

Lakshmi Mittal Net Worth In Rupees

1.33 Lakh Crore In Indian Rupees

He also has a Daimler Maybach, and several yachts. Of course, his automobile is driven by a chauffeur. Lakshmi Mittal has not made all of his assets public. As a result, we can't acquire a precise estimate of his assets.

KL Rahul Game

KL Rahul House

Indian cricketer KL Rahul is also known for living an extravagant life. He owns a luxurious Bangalore pad with a sun deck. He also has an extraordinary wristwatch collection that includes an 18K rose gold Sky-Dweller Rolex worth Rs. 38 lakhs, a day-date Rolex worth Rs. 27 lakhs, an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak for a price of Rs.45 lakhs, and Panerai about Rs 8. lakhs.

KL Rahul Lifestyle
He is also known for taking luxurious vacations abroad frequently and his love for dressing up in clothes from big brands that are super classy and expensive.
KL Rahul Tattoo

He is also known for taking luxurious vacations abroad frequently and his love for dressing up in clothes from big brands that are super classy and expensive. His passion for cars too has no bounds, and his collection includes a Mercedes C43 AMG sedan of Rs. 75 lakhs, an exotic BMW which costs Rs. 70 lakhs, an Audi R8, which costs Rs. 2 crores, an Aston Martin DB11 for Rs. 1 crore, and a Range Rover Velar around Rs. 1 crore. He also owns a Lamborghini Huracan Spyder, which came for a whopping price of Rs. 5 crores.

KL Rahul GF

Suniel Shetty's daughter, Athiya Shetty, and her cricketer boyfriend, KL Rahul, are the talk of the town due to their incomparable chemistry and wedding rumours. Now, we've learned that the couple has rented a lavish love nest in Mumbai and plans to move in together. With this, Indian skipper KL Rahul and Bollywood actress Athiya will soon be able to spend more time together as they prepare to enter into a live-in relationship.

So these were just a few celebrities who like to spend their hard-earned money on luxurious products from houses to cars and even jets. If having a taste for luxury was an art, then these are all Picassos.

Which celebrity are you the most impressed by?

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You’ll Be Shocked To Know The Luxury Lifestyle Of These 5 Celebrities In India. Checkout Rich Celebrities In India & Their Ridiculous Possessions. Do You Know Ajay Devgan Net Worth ? Find Out Who Is Amitabh Bachchan. You Must Checkout Mahesh Babu Businessman Luxury Lifestyle. Find Out Who Is KL Rahul GF At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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