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Heritage OF Ancestor, A Cocktail Recipe With Whiskey

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Cocktail With Recipe By DRINKern


Prep Time: 2 mins | Difficulty: Medium | Serves: 1

Heritage of ancestor

Whenever we talk about heritage it’s an age-old tradition and possession which is passed on from generation to generation. One techquine which is passed on from every single Indian household is the art of pickling, this drink has the age-old method of banana pickling infused and served with Johnnie walker black label which gives it a perfect touch of heavy smoke and smoothness which goes hand in hand with the fruity version due to the incorporation of a banana pickle.

This drink reflects the ancestral art with the modern-day play.

Cocktail With Black Label


Banana pickle Liquid Recipe -: Ingredients Vinger - sugar cane 200 ml and strawberry vinegar 300ml Spices - Black pepper- 2.5 gram Cinnamon-1stick Cloves- 5-6 Coriander seed- 2grams Bay leaf -3 Cardamom 5-6 Honey - 4 bar spoon 400 ml - Clarify Banana Juice Method 1.Put the pan with spices on low heat, now add vinegar; honey and bring it to boil. 2.Now take the pan out and keep for cooldown. 3.After 5 minutes add banana juice and then stir. 4.Strain it and kept for 48 hours. 5.Now Ready to use.

Whisky Cocktail At Home

Recipe For Heritage OF Ancestors

Method -:

Step 1.

In a chilled highball glass, pour the black label whisky, banana pickle liquid, and cascara soda.

Step 2.

Garnish with acid-treated banana in ice and serve.

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