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4 Cigar-Smoking Mistakes You Make !

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How To Smoke A Cigar

1. Excessively Deep Cuts

A guillotine cutter is an absolute work of art, isn’t it?

The satisfying snap distinctively echoing through your mind whilst the wrapper flies off in slow motion makes for quite the dramatic experience. However, it is far too easy to get carried away amongst the theatrics and over-do the cutting.

How To Use Cigar Cutter

A cigar requires, in effect, the smallest of cuts. Just enough to make a channel through which air can flow through.

Usually, this is less than a millimetre from the foot of the cigar and should rarely cross the shoulder. If you notice carefully, you’ll often see a cap at the end. It is enough just to cut this cap off to enable the cigar to breathe freely.

Cutting deeper than this can result in the entire cigar unravelling in your hands, or the wrapper disintegrating whilst you smoke. Certainly not an enjoyable experience!

So gentlemen, remember. A little goes a long way, especially when it comes to cutting. Alternatively, you might want to try using a punch cutter which completely eliminates any scope of error altogether.

Cigar Lighter

2. Lighter Specifics

Alright. Now you have a well cut cigar in your hand, waiting to unleash all its flavours on your palette. Time to light, correct?

Not so fast! You need to firstly ensure that your lighting apparatus is appropriate for the job. Sounds complicated but, isn’t.

Best Cigar Lighter

What works?

  • A butane/jet lighter (dedicated cigar lighters or even kitchen lighters used to burn deserts) - A cedar matchstick

  • A cedar wooden splint (which is often included in cigar packaging)

  • Even a butane stove top if all else fails.

What doesn’t work...

  • A normal gasoline lighter

  • Regular sulphur tipped matchsticks

  • Any other forms of lighters using fuel that is not butane.

Why you ask? Simple. The producers of your cigar ensured a perfect blend to compliment flavours. Using inappropriate forms of lighting like gasoline lighters influence these and throw the balance of the cigar for a toss. A gasoline lighter would leave residue flavours of gasoline on your cigar which would definitely not be the ideal smoking experience.

How Do You Smoke A Cigar

3. Excessive Burning

So now you have a well cut cigar, and appropriate apparatus to ignite the glory of flavours with. Now comes the fun part — actually lighting the cigar!

A well lit cigar is one that hasn’t been burnt to ashes. So the bar is not set very high. Avoid these two simple mistakes to ensure you do it right.

- Do not hold the lighter too close to the cigar. This often burns the wrapper a little but

- making the cigar taste differently.

Avoid lighting the cigar straight in your mouth. Try to light it up whilst you hold it till the foot glows red, then proceed to puff it whilst ensuring to light the edges to get a evenly lit cigar.

Have A Cigar

4. Common Errors Whilst Smoking

You have a cigar in your mouth with a glorious feeling of satisfaction. Perhaps a special malt to compliment it too! Life is good, isn’t it?

Often times these theatrics carry you away as before, where you end up smoking the cigar too fast. If you observe the foot of the cigar burning in a triangular fashion, then you are smoking too fast. Slow down! Enjoy it. Sneak a few sips of whisky in the meantime between puffs. As a rule of thumb, a cigar requires not more than 2 puffs every 60 seconds.

More importantly, always remember that you should never inhale a cigar. Specifically, the cigar smoke should never enter your lungs. A cigar doesn’t have a filter as they are never meant to be inhaled. Inhaling them can do serious damage to your health. Experiment with retro-haling if you deem fit but ensure the smoke never enters the cavity of your lungs.

About CigarKings

This article is written by the team at CigarKings. We are a German company based in Munich, with our own production facilities in Estelli, Nicaragua.

As a group of young gentlemen, we aspired to bring the Cigar smoking community to a younger level, inspiring accessibility to the platform with affordable prices and uniquely constructed cigars. Having a lot of younger gentlemen in our fan base, we are very aware of some of the difficulty new aficionados find whilst they start their journey into this fascinating world.

In fact, the Chairman of the CigarKings group felt the same way when he started his journey many years ago!

“Cigar smoking was something completely different to what we normally associate a special experience to. It took everything to a whole new level. What got me into cigars was the sheer differences amongst them. The second cigar was completely different in every way to the first one, which inspired me to smoke a third. Then a fourth. Then a fifth. The rest is history.”

- Philipp Kugler (Chairman of the CigarKings Group)

We hope you learn from the mistakes we made, and enjoy your smokes to the fullest. Goodluck !


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