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5 Simple Ways For How To Start Writing Journal !


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Reflective Writing Journal

The human mind works in mysterious ways. It is a complex ecosystem where your emotions, thoughts,and memories live in harmony until they don’t anymore. Everyone of you must have had those times when the thoughts kept running wild in your mind, jamming up all the lanes and keeping you up all night. It's frustrating right? Well, we have the perfect solution.

Writing Journal Meaning

A journal is basically a personal keepsake of your thoughts, memories, and emotions sorted and stored away so that you can clear up your mind and get your ever desirable zen mode on. All you need is a pen, book, and some time set apart for yourself. Sounds easy right? Let us make it, even more easier by helping you figure out how to start journaling.

Tips For Writing Journal

1) Know your style

Journaling doesn't have a specific format or structure that needs to be followed. All you need to do is write whatever that comes to your mind. You can keep it simple with a monochrome theme, make it artsy with loads of colors and glitters and you can also choose a book of your style to journal in.

What Is Writing Journal

2) Be yourself

A journal is your personal space where you can be yourself. Be true to your thoughts while you write them down. Each and every thought running in your mind, the emotions you are feeling, and the memories you recollect, imprint them into your journal. This will help you understand yourself better and will ease up your mind. Your surroundings make a big difference. Try to find a place that is calming and comfortable for you while you are journaling. You can turn on some music, switch on some fairy lights, and make yourself a steaming cup of green tea. You can even try lighting up a scented candle. I won't bore you with the medical talk but according to studies, the sense of smell basically has a direct VIP route to the centers in your brain that control your emotions and memories. The fragrance from the scented candle can help you relax and sort all your thoughts while you write them down in your journal.

Writing Journal Benefits

3) Make it a habit

Make a schedule and set apart a little time every day for writing.You can make it interesting by decorating your journals with stickers, washi tapes, cute polaroids,photographs, or some photo cards.
Dot Grid Journals By CUP OF NOSTALGIA

It might be a little hard to write regularly until you get used to it. Do not give up. You might be discouraged if it doesn't help at the start but remember, all good things take time. Keep writing and, you will surely see a difference. Make a schedule and set apart a little time every day for writing.You can make it interesting by decorating your journals with stickers, washi tapes, cute polaroids,photographs, or some photo cards.

You can also use a journal with a design of your favourite character from your favourite show like FRIENDS, Peeky Blinders, or an anime like Naruto.

These little things can help you with the much-needed drive to write.

Writing Journal Articles

4) Journal about anything and everything

Journaling can be about anything. It can be about your day to day activities like a diary entry, it can be a bucket list you want to strike off, it can be about the food you eat, places you go to, your dreamfrom last night or it can just be a random thought dump. You can write about anything as long as it helps you keep track of your thoughts and relaxes your mind.

Writing Journal Topics

5) Come back to what you sow

This whole practice of maintaining a journal won't be fruitful if you don’t revisit your writings. The journal will help you look back at your thoughts and feelings. It will help you learn from the mistakes and gain confidence from your appreciable deeds. So make sure you revisit the things you wrote.You never know, you might find all your answers in there.

Journaling is the simplest way through your complex mind. It is something everyone should make a habit of. We at Cup of Nostalgia believe in aesthetic and mindful living and hence we have devised various products to make your experience with journaling smooth like butter.

Here you can find uniquely designed diaries, journals, and notebooks to choose from according to your style to start your journal.

If the incomparable beauty of nature takes your breath away, then Nature hues diaries is the collection for you. With three unique hand-painted designs, Enchnated tulips , Starry night and Lavender lush, this collection will make sure you fall in love with nature all over again.

If you are in a fandom , then you might find your favourite characters here.

We might not be good at sarcasm but we sure can give the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fandom a beautiful chandler dotted journal.

By the order of the fans of Peaky Blinders, we have a dotted journal for you too.

For anime lovers , we have a collection of spiral and pinbound notebooks with your favourite characters from Naruto.

We have a wide range of stickers to decorate your journals making them beautiful and way more interesting. We have different stickers to choose from. You can get yourself a collection of F.R.I.E.N.D.S stickers, coffee stickers for caffeine lovers, medical mania stickers for the hardworking medicos, Zodiac stickers, and many more.

You can even find a wide range of scented candles at Cup of Nostalgia divided into two collections namely, Hyggelig candles and Mystic candles. Cinnamon rolls and stress relief scented being our best sellers will make you feel all calm and cozy.

And so many more products that can make your stress go away and keep you at peace.

So if you are looking for a space to relax, things to make you feel cozy and live mindfully, come find us at CUP OF NOSTALGIA.


We are obsessed with the little things in life and adding beauty to everyday life. We take care about the quality of each and every product and more importantly the packaging, because... we love when the happy mails we send you brightens up your day and help you live a thoughtful and cozy life.




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