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The Ultimate Luxury: Savoring The Most Expensive Tea In The World

Written By Riddhi Joshi

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Tea leaves are some of the most consumed and intrinsic parts of many cultures across the world. It is deeply rooted and acts as an elixir for its healing merits. Well, there are some expensive teas in the world and the tea leaves are found exclusively in some rare parts of the world.

If you are someone who loves tea, here is the list of the world 's most expensive teas to elevate your tea collection.

The Most Expensive Tea In The World

1. Da- Hong Pao Tea China

Da-Hong pai is the most expensive tea in the world grown in the Wuyi mountain of Fujian province of china this tea costs around $1.2 million. This luxurious tea is declared as the treasurer because of its rarity and the name Da- Hong Pao translates as Big Red Robe. It is an Oolong breed which dates back to the Ming Dynasty and the finest tea comes from the mother trees and only six trees exist.

Which Is The Most Expensive Tea In The World

The flavor and the smell of the tea will make you a tea lover for sure. Especially produced with best practices, this tea is not less than a treasure.

T W G Tea

2. Yellow Gold Tea Buds Singapore

Another luxurious and expensive yellow Gold tea is plucked and harvested once in a year with the help of gold snippers and then sun dried. The tea has 24 karat gold flakes sprayed on the tea leaves and the price of the tea is about $7800/kg.

The teas has a unique metallic and floral taste and it is best known for its anti-ageing and health benefits. The tea is currently sold by the TWG company that too only in Singapore.

World Expensive Tea

3. Silver Tips Imperial Tea, Darjeeling India

Silver tips imperial tea in Darjeeling is the most beautifully prepared tea. Plucked by the experts at the time of moon nights and it is harvested at Makaibari Tea Estate on the sloping hills of Darjeeling. The Tea has some special buds that look exactly like silver needles and have a great fragrance with a fruity aroma.

The Tea cost approx $1,850/ kg and it's complex taste of mango and frangipani makes it more expensive and rare.

Most Expensive Tea Brand

4. Gyokuro Tea Japan

Gyokuro is a tea that is also called pearl dew or jade dew in Japan. Gyokuro is highly regarded as the top grade tea in Japan and it grows under the shade of straw mats. It's a green tea that has a flavourful aroma And its cost approx $650/kg.

Gyokuro tea was first discovered in 1835 and it is grown in the uji district of Japan.

Most Expensive Tea Brands In The World

5. Gao Shan Tea, Taiwan

Gao Shan Tea is also known as the mountain tea as it is grown at altitudes higher than 1000 meters with the high elevation in the tea gardens of Taiwan.

The tea is prepared in the high humidity, thin air, and elaborate fermentation process that has high fragrance and it is sold upto $250 per kg.

6. Panda Dung, Tea China

Panda Dung Tea

Panda dung tea is a strange tea as it uses panda bear dung as a fertilizer for its cultivation. It was cultivated in China by an entrepreneur and it acts as magic cause it has many health benefits with some antioxidants.

It is approximately sold for $3500 per gram and $70000 per kilogram. The tea is rich in flavor and the fragrance may be little weird but the benefits it offers is amazing.

Tea has an amazing effect on our body and as it is a highly consumed beverage people love to try different tea flavors. The world has some amazing collections of luxurious and rich in flavor teas that are worth trying. We have curated this small list of the teas that are different and rare to find.

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