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Ready for a Time Travel? Visit Museum of The Future Dubai

Written By Riddhi Joshi

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Future Museum In Dubai

The other great addition to the Dubai skyline is listed as one of the most innovative and unique structures in the world. The one such place that not only holds beauty but gives an experience that you cannot miss. The futuristic museum is said to be one of the most exciting attractions in the city.

The museum of the future Dubai gives its visitors some valuable insights into the future technology, installation, and unique inventions that are yet to be introduced to the world. In this article, we have included everything related to the museum of Dubai, including price, how to get there, and many more. So before any delay let's dive in.

Dubai Future Museum Inside

The luxury museum of the future Dubai is dedicated to a better future by exploring new opportunities and threats. At the museum of the future, you get glimpses of the future and human potential. The place attracts creativity and hope and combines the elements of varied cultural, philosophical, social, and spiritual outlooks.

The museum of the Future Dubai is located directly adjacent to Jumeirah Emirates Towers Dubai United Arab Emirates. You can easily reach the museum by taking a metro to the emirates tower station and can cover the rest by sheik Zayed Road to finally reach the Museum.

Museum Of The Future In Dubai

The Museum of the future is a dynamic mix of experiences for everyone. The building is oval in shape with 7 floors of fantastic installations and exhibits that let you imagine a world of the future. A portion of the building is made by robots, the exterior is made up of massive steel panels that have Arabic inscriptions making the museum a unique building.

Museum of the future Dubai also helps you to engage with the games, workshops, demonstrations, and many practical experiences. The panel Covering the museum consists of 14000 meters of words of wisdom which are uniquely quoted by Sheikh Mohammad, about the possibility of coming in the future. The motto of the museum is to see the future and create the future.

Future Dubai Museum

The museum has beautiful Arabic architecture both top and bottom, mainly built with stainless steel and fiberglass. The stainless steel development and design took a lot of time because of its complex calligraphy and detailing.

The park surrounding the museum has about 80 different floral species, which are specially taken care of by the intelligent automatic irrigation system.

The best time to visit the museum of the future Dubai is in the morning. The crowd is usually less and you can explore everything without any disturbance.

When you enter Museum you will get a role to play. You have to go on an adventure where you get to learn about future problems, technologies, and prototypes of technologies and can visit a DNA library. Even kids have a future heroes section where little ones can collaborate with others to solve the puzzle or complete the mission.

Museum Dubai Future

The museum is not just futuristic but the MOTF has a garden that showcases 1000 plant species that reflect UAE's culture and heritage. The floors of the building are decided to keep in mind the different experiences. The first 3 floors are dedicated to immersive exhibitions, space resources development, bioengineering, health, and well-being.

Museum Of The Future Dubai Photos

Another floor signifies future technologies that aim to transform the world like health, water, food, energy, and transportation. The last floor is dedicated to the kids for exploring and solving challenges.

Dubai Museum Ticket Price

To enter the beautiful museum the ticket cost up to Rs 3000 + per person. The luxurious building is one of the best places to experience something unique especially if you are someone who loves technology and is curious to know more about it.

The great treat eyes museum of the future Dubai is a unique building that showcases all the future technology and gives out the best knowledge to the visitors. If you are planning to visit Dubai anytime soon you cannot miss this beautiful place.

Dubai Famous Museum

Inside the museum of future Dubai, you witness the beauty of the future with some exclusive technologies. This is a place you should visit if you are somebody who loves to discover technology or wants to have a part in something that just blows your mind then you should visit the museum of the future Dubai.

Museum Of The Future Dubai Location

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Ready for a Time Travel ? You Must Visit Museum of the Future Dubai. Unleash your curiosity and witness the future At Future Museum In Dubai. Find Out Dubai Museum Ticket price. Checkout Dubai Future Museum Inside. Step Into The Future At Dubai Famous Museum. From AI To Space Exploration, This Museum Dubai Future Is The Ultimate Destination For Tech Enthusiasts. Checkout Museum Of The Future Dubai Location At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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