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Artist Design - 3 Art Pieces That You Have Never Seen Before

Updated: Aug 27, 2021


Ceramic Meaning

Using ceramic as a medium, I try to express intangible thoughts or intensely felt emotions through the silent voice of clay. My work responds to ideologies or philosophies that prod me to introspect, mulling deeper, pushing me gently to explore the multifaceted layers under the water washed landscape of life and living. This creative process has always been in deep conversation with silence and plays a vital part in my spiritual quest. ~Shweta Mansingka

1. Multifaceted self

Multifaceted self

The many facets that complete us, each aspect unique and diverse... interlocking, coming together, composing us... whole.

Ceramic, 20 carat gold plated ceramic and wood

Wall installation 24" x 24"

2. Parched Earth

Parched Earth, triumphant life is a tribute to life; its constant determination and resilience to survive victorious over the harshest circumstances.

The dry shredded dark pillars represent Mother Earth flowing ahead in her constant state of motion. Our life force or nature has been symbolised by the potent burst of gold finding its way through the ruggedness.

Wall installation

Ceramics and ceramic with 20 carat gold plating

Size 33" x 18" x 3.5" (depth)

3. Persephone's Fruit

Persephone's Fruit - The pomegranate... fertility, new life, regeneration, prosperity and abundance. Almost all the great cultures of the world have sanctified the pomegranate and ascribed manifold meanings to it, a fascinating fruit holding within its womb a multitude of seeds receptive to your individual thought manifestations...

Wall Mounted Zigzag panels

Size - 62" x 10"

Artist Thought

I work with a lot of unglazed clay surfaces, marked by the elements, metallic salts, smoke and flames leaving their imprints on the clays naked skin. While using similar techniques each of my artworks survives its own passage through fire, living out its individual metamorphosis to evolve emerging completely unique... its story resonates with our own human journey of life. My art is a reflection of my reverence for our life-force. It responds to my fascination with life's potential to perpetuate unconditionally and its resilience to survive victorious over the harshest circumstance. The work primarily speaks of the centri-petalled seeking to know that which lies within, shedding external layers of sheaths and conditioning, returning to innocence. I view myself as an open bowled seeker flowing with complete faith in life's wisdom to lead me.

About Artist

Artist In India

Clay has a silent strength, a being… An ability to hold in its form a wordless expression of the artists thoughts. It is malleable, soft and yielding and at the same time possesses within the strength to withstand the greatest forces of nature. Its very nature fascinates me.

Its silent strength is my inspiration. I have had the good fortune to have the guidance of some wonderful teachers in my life. Words are not enough to express the gratitude I feel towards them for enriching my journey with clay and so much more...

“Thought is a bird of space, that enclosed in a cage of words may indeed unfurl its wings but cannot fly”-Kahlil Gibran

Shri Ram Kumar Manna in Calcutta - I started training with him in 1989 and it is under his guidance that I had my first solo exhibition of terracotta sculpture at the Birla Academy of Fine Arts in 1995.

In Delhi, under the guidance of Shri Devi Prashad I started working with stoneware on the wheel, learning more about kilns and glazing.This enabled me to finally set up my own studio in 1999 and I work from there ever since.

Have been fascinated by the the innumerable possibilities for surface treatment of bare clay and have been experimenting with Alternative firing techniques - Naked Raku and different kinds of Saggar firing.

The journey continues......

-Shweta Mansingka +919810130371 I I Instagram - shwetamansingka_ceramics New Delhi, India

Artist Background

Ceramic Training 2021 - Terra Sigillata Workshop with Miguel Molet 2018 - Advanced Raku Workshop with Simcha Evan-Chen 2017 - Masterclass at Keramikos Alberto Busto 2016 - Workshop with Jolanda Verdegaal 2012 - Workshop Mystique of Black-ware with John Ferguson 2011 - Paper clay workshop with Antonella Cimatti 2008 - Raku and Alternate Firing Techniques Miami University Ohio 2008 - Crystalline Glaze workshop with John Stroomer 2007 - Raku workshop with Tim Andrews 2000 - Kiln making with Shri Devi Prashad 1999 - Tool making with Shri Devi Prashad 1999-2000 - Pottery under Shri Devi Prashad 1997-1998 - Glazing with Rachna Parasher 1989-1995 - Terracotta Sculpture under Shri Ram Kumar Manna in Calcutta

Exhibitions 2021 - "Yatra Naryasthu" - NGMA National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi. 2021 - "Earthen Transmutations" - Gallery Latitude 28, Online Ceramic show. 2020 - "Myths, Minds & Materials" - Apparao Galleries, Online sculpture show. 2019 - "Matisse Revised" - Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata. 2018 - "International Exhibition of Ceramics and Glass MIKS 18" - Zagreb, Croatia. 2018 - "Zagreb Ex Tempore 2018" - Croatia 2018 - "H2O" - AKFD - Jaipur 2018 - "Porcelain" - Visual Arts Gallery - India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 2017 - "Infinite Earth" - Open Palm Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 2017 - "A Journey of Transformation" - Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 2017 - "The seeker and the sought" - Gallery Art Centrix, New Delhi. 2013 - "Tea with Devida" - Sanskriti Kendra, Anandgram, New Delhi. 2011 - "Aspirations" - Solo show at Osho World, Ansal Plaza, New Delhi. 2010 - "Down to Earth" - Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 2009 - "Maati" - Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 2008 - "Equinox" - Osho World, New Delhi. 2007 - "Potters at the Open Palm Court" - Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 2005 - "Fired Earth" - Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 2003 - "Fireworks" - Visual Arts Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 2002 - "All India Studio Potters Show" - AIFACS, New Delhi. 2001 - "A Potters Family" - All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, New Delhi. 1995 - "Imagine" - Solo show of Terracotta Sculpture at Birla Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta.

Awards and Publications All India Merit Grant for Lockdown Art - Awarded by Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation. India. 2021 "Fruit the womb of creation" Awarded Silver Plaque at International Exhibition of Ceramics and Glass MIKS18 - Zagreb, Croatia. 2018 "Saggar fired fruit" Published by the American Ceramic Society in the book Naked Raku and Related Bare Clay Techniques. 2012 Selected Media "Clay connect" - Deccan Herald 18/4/21 "Fruits of Labour" - Art Soul Life magazine. Vol 7 Issue 4. Aug - Oct 2020. Pages 24-30 "Expressions in Ceramic"- The tiles of India. Vol 08 Issue 06, Mar-April 2020. Pages 21-23 "Getting to the heart of it"- POOL Magazine. Volume 105, April 2019. Pages 38 - 43 "Indian Ceramics 'glazing' a Path"- Design Pataki India. Aug 2018 "Shaping her thoughts in Clay"- Marigold Diary. May 20, 2016 Member of the following Organisation Artaxis, Joined 2018. Jury for the following Organisations Artaxis - 2018 International Studio Art Symposium - Online art expo 2020 Current representation Saatchi Art, Los Angeles, USA.


Instagram - @delhi_Royale


Artist Design - 3 Art Pieces That You Have Never Seen Before. You Must Know Artist Thought On Ceramic Meaning . Know About Artist In India - Shweta Mansingka & Artist Background At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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