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Diablo Delhi Is A Must Visit Mehrauli Restaurant

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

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Diablo Restaurant

A contemporary take on gothic style serving modern middle-eastern cuisine, is situated in Mehrauli's heritage city. It’s an amazing place to party and gives out a psychedelic vibe too. The new restaurant and bar is a one-of-a-kind idea that marries authenticity with cutting-edge ingredients. The interiors elicit a sense of distinction

between young and old, elegance and bestiality, dark and light.

A contemporary take on gothic style serving modern middle-eastern cuisine, is situated in Mehrauli's heritage city. It’s an amazing place to party and gives out a psychedelic vibe too.
Diablo Restaurant

The restaurant offers 12 signature handcrafted gothic blends, as well as a wide range of Middle Eastern delicacies made with garden-fresh ingredients to spice up your dining experience.

Shreshth Bajaj- Live singer

Every Wednesday live-singing takes place at Diablo and I must give the credit to the singer of the night as he became a star of that night by singing so well, People loved the mashup songs he played that night.

Diablo Mehrauli

The Drinks Experience

Coming to the drinks, they serve a wide range of cocktails and mocktails to choose from. Diablo's signature cocktails include El Diablo, Fallen Angel, Prince of Darkness, and Gabriel. Our favourite mocktail from the menu are Drink & Drive & The Gospel, a whiskey-based cocktail of strawberry puree, mint leaves, lime juice, egg white, and edible flowers, is a must-try. Finally, tried Paloma as well, one of their signature cocktails; a garishly ritzy potion made of tequila, elderflower syrup, lime juice, fresh grapefruit juice, and a dash of egg whites.

Diablo Cafe

Recommended Cocktails (Sinful Sips) At Diablo By Delhi Royale

  • Devil's Garden G&T (Gin, rose, liquid nitrogen, tonic)

  • Barbarion (vodka and cranberry with an exotic lavender twist)

  • The Gospel (whiskey, strawberry puree, mint leaves, lime juice, egg white, edible flowers)

  • Prince OF Darkness (Bourbon, angostura bitters, activated charcoal, hazelnut syrup, marshmallow)

  • Lucifer (Candyfloss, white rum, gin, vodka, tequila, triple sec, lime juice)

If life gives you lemon, make lemonade…and find someone whose life gave them vodka.- Ron White ~Oxford Social Club

Diablo Qutub

Decor of Diablo

At the entry, a massive Gargoyle welcomes you, adding to the lush greenery outside, which is accompanied by modern interiors. The circular ceiling, with its revolutionary arrangement that cleverly conceals the air conditioning while projecting itself as a decorative ring uniting the two halves, brings all elements together. The restaurant's vibe is set by our idiosyncratic ghost bar and live kitchen, which will render you speechless. Inside, the Ghost Bar is a barebones mesh of what the building's construction might have been.

Diablo Cafe

The Food Experience

The cuisine of the Middle East has been carefully studied and hits the right notes of authenticity, ranking strongly in terms of both taste and appearance. We ordered Adana Kebap, a charred mutton kebab with Shirazi salad, tzatziki dip, and saffron pulao. The kebab was juicy and grilled to pink perfection, despite not being sliced into bite-sized portions and being served straight from the grill. It had a mild paprika seasoning which goes well with rice. Diablo's signature orange dipping sauce, on the other hand, incorporated a fiery twist. The sauce is spicy and succulent on its own.

Diablo New Delhi

A large tray of six dips -tzatziki, muhammara, baba ganoush, and three kinds of hummus - as well as small portions of falafels, spinach fatayer, corn kebab, cheese sambousek, and harissa paneer kebab entered out table as I was appreciating the kebabs. The mezze platter initially piqued our curiosity, but we were soon disappointed. While harissa is known for its spiciness, the paneer was bland, the corn kebab was sweet, the falafel was regular, and the cheese sambousek had an unusual aftertaste. Apart from the wonderful edamame hummus and hot muhammara, the creamy spinach fatayer was the platters only saving grace.

Diablo Delhi Menu

Recommended Dishes at Diablo By Delhi Royale


  • Orange Burrata (creamy burrata, argula, E.V.O., volcanic salt, balsamic caviar, pumpkin seeds) 695/-

  • Smoked Chicken Liver Pate (creamy chicken liver pate, olive oil, white wine vinegar caviar, beetroot mousse) 395/-

  • Meygoo Jonoori (southern style king prawn shallot, mint garlic) 595/-

  • Lahmacun (thin crusty bread stracciatella, spiced lamb minced, parsley, lemon, roquette) 695/-

  • Adana Kebap (charred mutton flat kebap, shirazi salad, turkish ballon, tzatziki & zaffran pulao) 725/-


  • Fattoush (Middle eastern salad of crunchy lebanese flat bread with mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, herbs, pomegranate sauce & sprinkled with sumac, mint & parsley, stracciatella) 495/-

  • Diablo Green Hummus (Edamame & garbanzo beans churned with cream, E.V.O. , truffle) 295/-

  • Smoked Eggplant Truffle (lebanese eggplant, turkish white onion thick green yogurt, truffle & turmeric olive crystal) 495/-

  • Kookoo (crispy croquettes of potato & pecorino cheese, black garlic, oregano oil) 345/-

  • Feta Psiti (greek style tomato zucchini stew, charred peppers, sourdough, feta crumble, egg) 555/-


  • Assorted Baklava (classic baklava with assorted dry fruit, hazelnut and cashew bird nest, orange & vanilla) 445/-

  • Chocolate Chili Mousse (dark chocolate mousse, chilli orange reduction) 455/-

  • Turkishmisu (layered coffee, Baileys mascarpone, cocoa dust) 595/-

Diablo Menu

Ratings Ambience - 9/10 Service - 8/10 Food & Drinks - 6.5/10

Diablo Location

Valet parking available

Timings - Everyday

12pm to 1am

Diablo Contact Number


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