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Upgrade Your Grooming Game - Explore 10 Different Kinds Of Hairstyles For Men In 2024

Updated: Jun 4

Written by Ramsha Ali

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Your mane is more than just tresses or curls. It reflects you. Specially for men, their style statement largely depends upon their hairstyle. So, it is time to level up your grooming game with 10 different kinds of hairstyles for men that gives you a dashing yet sophisticated appeal.

Haircut Hairstyles For Men 

Grooming yourself can be challenging sometimes, and your hairstyle plays a big part. If you also wonder how to do different hairstyles for guys, here’s your answer. Besides the various styles below, consider your facial structure and hair texture into account as well. It is the key to achieving a swanky demeanor. Now, let’s delve into our first hairdo.

Men Hairstyle Quiff

Short Curly Quiffs

Curly Quiffs are done when you brush your topside to the back, thus volumizing your wavy hair vertically. The hair on the sides and the back of your head remains trimmed to give your mane a short yet dashing appeal. Quiffs suit both curly and straight hair. But if you have curly/wavy hair, they are easy to maneuver without requiring hair products.

Faux Hawk

Faux Hawk gives you a sassy appeal with its low-height spikes on top and more length on the sides, contrasting with the spiky, pointed Mohawk. Faux Hawk is the way to go if you seek a genteel charm. You can even customize the style in different ways under this hairstyle.

Best Hairstyles For Men

High Fade Mohawk

High Fade Mohawk gives you a clean high fade on the side of your mane. It works on all hair lengths and textures. You have longer hairs on the top and faded edges. It is growing quite popular for its swanky appeal.

Hairstyles For Men Mohawk

Messy Hair

Messy hair compliments men with short hair, reflecting a raw and ruffled style. It is a flexible style, and you won’t necessarily need your stylist to pull it off. Add this style to your list since it is easily convertible with the least effort.

Men Hairstyle Messy

Man Bun

A Man Bun is for someone with long hair and a chic fashion style. This top-knot is handy and self-doable. It pairs up well with a mid-length beard and looks exquisitely elegant. 

Man Bob

Did you know Johnny Depp styled a Man Bob in the Pirates Of Carribean series? If you seek an urbane and plush hairstyle that is distinct and alluring at the same time, go for a Man Bob. 

Men Hairstyle Trending

Shag Haircut

Shag Haircut has layered tresses or locks distributed from top to bottom in an umbrella style. A famous example of this style is Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things. Like Messy Hair, this hairstyle, too, offers a rough and swanky appeal with its feathered look.

Ear Tucked 

Ear Tucked hairstyles suit long hair of straight or wavy texture. You simply tuck some hair behind your ear and let loose the remaining manes. 

Different Types Of Hairstyles For Long Hair

Spider Braids

Spider Braids have double cornrows and some boxed plaits to yield a chic look. If you have black and long hair, spider braids should be on your bucket list.

Men Hairstyle Taper

Taper Cut 

Taper Cuts are classical and often opted for by models around the world. It offers a crisp, elegant, clean look that resembles a sharp demeanor. Mid-length Taper also serves justice to your short hair in looking strikingly gracious.

Men Hairstyle Formal

Remember that facial structure and hair texture greatly influence how a hairstyle will look on you. Ensure you pick a hairstyle that complements them.

Men Hairstyle Summer


What are the different types of haircuts for men with straight hair?

Avoid spiky or sharp hairstyles, as they won’t accentuate your final look. But you can always trust a Mid Length Taper or the Quiffs to add glamour to your mane. 

Men Hairstyle Straight Hair
What are the different kinds of hairstyles for men with short hair?

You can try short, Curly Quiffs if your hair texture is wavy or curly. Opt for Mohawks like Faux Hawk or High Fade Mohawk if you love chic, spiky hair. You can rely on Side Swept Crew Cut or a Buzz Cut for formal occasions as it refines your overall look. Messy hair also complements short hair for a more raw, stylish, and natural look.

Men's Hairstyle Curly Hair
What are the different types of haircuts for men with long hair?

There are a few different types of haircuts for men with long hair that pair perfectly with all the hair textures and facial structures. One such example is a Taper Cut for less than mid-length hair. But if you have wavy long hair, prefer Surfer hair. It will give you a sophisticated appearance effortlessly. 

What are the different kinds of braids for guys?

There are plenty of braided looks for men that are trendy and appealing. Spider braids reflect the artistic excellence of the tight knots that secure your hair length. Other hairstyles include Stitch braids, French braids, Cornrows, Box braids, and Twists that yield a sense of suaveness.

Men Hairstyles Braids
Trending Hairstyles For Men

These were some trending hairstyles for men in all hair types and textures. If you have double thoughts on which hairstyle may look the best on you, consult your stylist. With their experience and expertise, they often pair up the perfect hairstyle for you as per your style statement.

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