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Exploring The Luxury Event Space Of La Serre Delhi - Where Architecture Meets Elegance

Written By Ramsha Ali

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Are you looking for a truly regal space for weddings? Then there is something for you. Or precisely, La Serre Delhi has something for you. This luxury event space boasts of giving you a one-of-a-kind experience, thanks to its magnificent architecture that strikes a fine balance between modernity and royalty. But what more does it offer? Let's see.

Luxury Wedding Hall

Luxury Event Space

This place offers an elegant space for weddings, celebrations, brand shoots, and similar other events. The French La Serre meaning in English 'The Greenhouse.' It has an experiential touch to its place that emits grandness. Consider it as one of the luxury wedding venues in Delhi. Before we delve into the inside space, know what the outside environment looks like. It has a picturesque nature surrounding its opulent hall open to a main road.

Luxury Wedding Halls

The facilities are no less than 5-star, and they are customizable according to each event - be it corporate or weddings. With the capacity to accommodate up to 800 people, this luxury banquet hall is fairly large. You can contact them to set your food preferences with Veg or Non-Veg. Remember, La Serre Farm Kapashera can accommodate up to 100-200 cars. So, if you think of your next social gathering, this place may excite you.

Luxury Wedding Venues In Delhi


Speaking of the peculiar construction of La Serre Delhi, a slight hint of Roman architecture traces the entire place and gives it an artsy feel. The alluring use of green plants in the vicinity provides the space with a botanical touch without looking extra. You may also find an interesting yet intricate pattern of signature craftsmanship donning the walls of the hall. 

Large Luxury Wedding Venues

There are two main components of the hall. The Outdoor open space is nestled with greenery and a grand sitting area. The marbled land has classic sofas, lamps, chandeliers, fountains, and a sculpture. On the inside is the Glasshouse with glass roofs and walls. It has golden lights, low-hanging chandeliers, grouped tables, tall vases, and more

Luxury Wedding In India

Luxury Musical Nights, grand wedding events, and magnificent social or corporate gatherings, La Serre offers it all. La Serre Delhi menu has both veg and non veg items customizable to your needs. Rarely, the large luxury wedding venues in India are truly this regal and royal.  

La Serre Delhi Photos

La Serre Delhi Location

Open Hours: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m. (Monday to Sunday)

Call For Bookings: +91 971197722

Luxury Banquet


In a gist, La Serre in Delhi offers a magical space and for your memorable events in life. The ambiance is extraordinarily dipped in the luxury of nature and ancient architecture. This grand banquet hall is an epitome of grace and Roman-inspired aesthetics. So, be it wedding bells, or cultural events, or social nights, the space incorporates a theme for all gatherings

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