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Experience Blissful Serenity At The Famous Luxury Hotel in Nainital

Written By Riddhi Joshi

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Nainital Hotel 5 Star

The beauty of a dreamy place like Nainital is something that you should not miss, the beauty of Nainital deserves to be explored with luxury and style. We have curated a list of 5 amazing 5-star luxury hotels where you can enjoy a dreamy and luxurious vacation.

Where you are surrounded by beauty all around you can easily find a luxurious hotel of your choice in Nainital. But to make it easier for you we have got the best luxurious and expensive staycation for you to enjoy and experience the trip you have dreamed of.

5 Top Luxury Hotels In Nainital

Hotels that will take your experience to a different level and you will surely love to visit.

1. The Naini Retreat

The Naini Retreat Hotel Nainital

The Naini Retreat is no less than a dream, it is located uphill and the best place to feel nature and enjoy the peacefulness of nature. The place is surrounded by plants and flowers making it a Retreat to your eyes and the resort is covered with greenery. The Resort has many kinds of rooms and suites like garden rooms, duplex rooms, and superior suites filled with luxury and comfort.

The place is located at Ayarpatta slopes, Mallital, Nainital. The price of the rooms starts from Rs 7500 onwards per night. The resort is close to Nanina Devi temple, Nainital lake, Goddess Naina, Devi, and Kranteshwar Mahadev temple, and you can enjoy some activities like golfing, etc.

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2. The Manu Maharani

The Manu Maharani is a five-star hotel in Nainital that overlooks the beautiful Nainital valley and Naini lake. It is surely a perfect place to enjoy ghazal nights, bonfires, local cultural evenings, beautiful mountains across the lake, and mouth-watering barbeque.

Nainital Manu Maharani Hotel

The whole place is filled with eye-catching views and is surely a place with luxury that you cannot miss. The place has beautifully built rooms with amazing views and luxurious comfort. The Manu Maharani is located in Grassmere Estate, opposite the high court, Mallital, Nainital. The charges per night start from Rs 9000 onwards.

The place is nearer to the Governor's house Raj Bhawan, Naina Devi Temple, Gurudwara Shri Singh sahab, The Pahari Store.

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3. Shervani Hilltop Resort

Shervani Hilltop Resort

The hotel is located in Mallital Hilltop and the best thing about this staycation is there are varieties of amusement activities organized by the hotel. The hotel is beautifully designed with wooden flooring and aesthetic furnishing.

The hilltop is built in the form of cottages that make it look more dreamy and magical. And the best part about staying in this resort is it is just 2 km away from mall road.

The hotel features one of the finest views of mountains and Crystal clear Naini lake, the hotel comes with lavish suites with pretty decor and the most luxurious amenities. The nearby attractions are Nainital lake, Goddess Naina devi, Eco cave gardens, High Altitude zoo, etc. The hotel is surrounded by 32 restaurants within 1 km. The price for one night starts from Rs. 11000 onwards.

4. Swiss Hotel & Spa

Swiss Hotel & Spa

Swiss hotel and spa is a hotel situated in Nainital, just 23 Km from Bhimtal Lake, the hotel features the best luxury staycation with a fitness center, spa, and a garden filled with greenery. The property is just 1.7 km from Naini lake, 1.5 Km from Nanital, and 14 km

from Bhowali.

The place has the best view of mountains and eye-catching views filled with pretty trees that will make your mornings peaceful. The rooms and suites are designed keeping in mind the minimalist and dreamy interior just like Nainital.

5. Digantaa Resort

Digantaa Resort Nainital

The stunning 5-star hotel in Nainital is a place filled with the serenity of the mountains with beautiful gardens all-around. The rooms and suites are designed with grand interiors and give the most spectacular mountain view. The place gives out the best luxury staycation with the most amazing swimming pool and terrace.

The resort is just 45 km away from the main lake and 30 km from the bimetal lake, the resort also offers activities like golf, table tennis, tennis, and a lovely restaurant with the best cuisines.

Nainital is among the most beautiful hills of India and in Nanital several hotels offer luxury as well as are so dreamy to stay. You can easily find beautiful hotels as every hotel or resort has something unique to offer.

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