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Unlock Exclusive Luxury: Irresistible Offer on ICICI Credit Card Revealed

Written By Ramsha Ali

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Who will deny the not-so-subtle offers of ICICI credit cards? Indeed, they present a plethora of advantages across popular categories of travel, shopping, dining, etc. But what are these benefits exactly? On that note, let us explore the irresistible Offer on ICICI Credit Card here.

ICICI Credit Card Login

3 Premium ICICI Credit Cards

ICICI Bank offers a great range of credit cards, but people who have high net worth can avail of these 3 super-premium credit cards easily. One common aspect among them is their unique luxury offers that may differ slightly from each other.

Best ICICI Credit Card

These three ICICI credit cards are Sapphiro, Emeralde, and Rubyx. They offer the best benefits for their customers to enhance their luxury lifestyle. So, let's explore them alongside their eligibility criteria, benefits, offers, and application process.


Our first credit card on the list is Sapphiro. This card operates with the payment networks of Mastercard and Visa. If you are a travel geek or a shopping enthusiast, this credit card may be the best option for you. The joining fee and annual fee stand at Rs.6,500 and Rs.3,500, respectively.

ICICI Credit Card Payment

  • Eligibility   The Eligibility criteria to acquire this type of credit card entail the customer having a minimum salaried income of Rs. 80,000/month and a minimum of Rs. 83,000/month (approx) for non-salaried customers. They serve in many cities like Delhi, Pondicherry, Navi Mumbai, and others. You simply need to verify a few documents for identification, and the card is all yours! 

ICICI Credit Card Flight Booking Offer

  • Benefits & Offers 


  • With this card, you can get up to a 1% cc surcharge waiver on your fuel deals that cost up to Rs. 4,000. Avail it at any outlet.


  • Unlock vouchers worth Rs. 9,000 as a part of this card's welcome present. However, there are terms and conditions. 


  • Play complimentary rounds of golf (once a month). You can unlock this claim after spending Rs. 50,000 in the previous month.


  • Get at least 15% off on your dining receipts at partner restaurants.

  • Savour Zomato Pro for an entire year and save up to Rs. 800 on it.


  • You can file for an accident (air) insurance of 30 million (or Rs. 3 cr).

  • You get this cover across different categories of "baggage issues," "documents loss," "delay of plane," etc.


  • Claim an exclusive voucher of Rs. 3,000 with the online fashion and lifestyle app - TataCliQ


  • Dreamfolks Membership gives you the 'ultimate' Dreamfolks Pass that enables you for the membership of up to 450 airport lounges across 115 countries. 

  • With a mere annual fee of USD 99, avail this digital airport platform's exclusive benefits.


  • Relax and enjoy popular vouchers (Rs.1000 - Rs.4,000) of Tata CliQ, EMT, Uber, and Croma. They await you as you become eligible to claim them within 45 days of paying the subscription amount.

Concierge Services

  • Add ease to your life. This ICICI credit card gets you 24x7 concierge services like quick aids in hotel bookings, restaurant reservations, gifts, flight tickets, and more in a snap as i-Assist overlooks your affairs.

Airport Lounge + Spa Access

  • Does ICICI Credit Card have lounge access? Yes! Flight Offer On ICICI Credit Card is diverse.

  • Access the complimentary service of using it in 4 premium Indian airport lounges. Avail it by spending Rs. 5000 or more in a quarter. 

  • The DreamFolks Membership Pass allows you to take advantage of different spas at the airport.

  • Reward Points

Utilize the ICICI Sapphiro Credit Card's reward points on your national and international expenses. You can also redeem them in areas like movies, travel coupons, and other domains. Approximately, earn up to 6 reward points on every expenditure of Rs. 100. 

The latest Milestone Rewards Program allows you to earn 4,000 reward points on an expense of Rs. 4 lakh. The points can climb up to 20,000 points (max.) in a year. 

  • How To Apply? 

You can go to the ICICI bank branch near you or apply online in 4 simple and easy steps. 


Our second premium ICICI Credit Card is the best-in-class. Emeralde is available on American Express and Mastercard. The letter E in this word perfectly symbolizes "extravagance." If your way of living speaks of luxury, indulgence, independence, and convenience, this card is for you. Two fee options of monthly (Rs.1000 + GST) and annual charges (Rs.12,000 + GST) are levied by this card.

Payment For ICICI Credit Card

  • Eligibility

Both salaried and self-employed people, consisting of the bank's global clientele, can apply if they tick the box of Rs. 3 lakh (or more) monthly income or annual income of Rs. 30 lakh (or more). Similar to the Sapphiro card's criteria, Emeralde also has its list of serviceable cities and documents required. 

Apply For ICICI Credit Card

  • Benefits & Offers


  • Claim the 4 complimentary rounds of opulent experience of golf playing every month.


  • Experience the luxury hotel and stays of the Trident with offers of up to Rs. 7,500 as a birthday voucher.


  • Taste independence with first-class travel experiences. This card can validate all your international transactions with only a 1.5 % mark-up fee.


  • You can avail of a Tata CliQ shopping token of up to a whopping Rs. 5,000 in your birthday month. 

  • Get a gift coupon of Rs. 5,000 from the high end luxury leather brand of Da Milano upon spending Rs. 2,00,000 in the starting two months of joining.


  • Groom yourself with attractive discounts at premium parlors and salons in the country like Kaya Skin Clinic, VLCC, and Richfeel. Indulge in self-care with hair, skin, and scalp treatments.


  • Avail the comprehensive insurance plan that covers your back, helping you with lost card covers and personal air accidents.

Fuel Waiver

  • With this card, you can get up to a 1% cc surcharge waiver on your fuel deals that cost up to Rs. 4,000. Avail it at any outlet.


  • Get fitter and healthier with this card's 50% off on premium gym memberships. (T & C applied).

  • Choose between the flexible options of membership fee.


  • Get Rs. 750 off on coupons for films and events up to 4 times a month.

Concierge Services

  • Pay no cancellation charges on travel and hotel bookings across the country. It is worth up to Rs. 12,000 (twice a year).

Airport Lounge + Spa Access

  • Taste comfort at every stop after claiming unlimited rounds of complimentary access at the domestic and international lounges.

  • Stay connected with the Boingo Airport Wi-Fi access. The flight offer on ICICI credit card includes free WI-fi.

  • Unveil exclusive luxury of recreation with unlimited rounds of complimentary spas at the domestic airports. 

ICICI Credit Card With Lounge Access

  • How To Apply?

Visit your nearest ICICI bank branch or apply online in 4 simple and easy steps. 


 It comes in two network cards of Visa and Mastercard. If you seek to avail exclusive but primarily basic needs of travel, dining, golf sports, and lifestyle privileges, this card is for you.

ICICI Credit Card Apply

  • Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for this card are a few. You must be Indian and 18-21 years of age. Your minimum salary should be Rs. 50,000, or your minimum annual income must be Rs. 5.5 lakh.

  • Benefits & Offers


  • With this card, you can get up to a 1% cc surcharge waiver on your fuel deals that cost up to Rs. 4,000. Avail it at any outlet.


  • Just like the above two cards, avail yourself of complimentary golf every month. It should be at the expense of Rs. 50,000 in the previous month.


  • Get a shield of Rs. 1 crore that can be granted upon air accidents.


  • Claim a 25% discount on purchasing at least two movie tickets at BookMyShow. Redeem this offer two times a month. This ICICI Credit card offer on BookMyShow will definitely keep you glued to the card.

  • The same feature is available at INOX.

Lounge Access

  • Enhance your travel experience in domestic stations by availing of the premium lounge access at the Airport and Railway.

  • This ICICI credit card flight booking offer like the above two cards is unmatched for. 

Concierge Services

  • Much similar to the Sapphiro credit card, i-Assist aids in fulfilling the concierge services here too.

Flight Offer On ICICI Credit Card

  • Reward Points

Claim up to 2 points on every Rs. 100 spent nationally and 4 points on the same amount spent internationally.

  • How To Apply?

In order to apply, visit your nearest ICICI bank branch or apply online in 4 simple and easy steps. Also you get to know all the charges for ICICI Credit Card that you apply for in this process.

ICICI Credit Card Status

ICICI Credit Card Check Status

The ICICI Credit Card application tracker tracks your credit card application progress that you can check in online and offline ways. If you also wonder how to check ICICI credit card application, follow these steps to successfully locate your application status.

ICICI Credit Card Limit Enhancement

ICICI Credit Card Customer Care  

You can seek the bank's assistance at the bank's customer care here, and you will get the ICICI Credit card customer care number. They can help you or your credit card payment details. Plus, for any queries on ICICI Card Limit Enhancement, contact the customer care. They will also help you in closing ICICI credit card. 

Toll Free: 1080 1080

For Grievances: 1080 1080

National Customers Travelling Abroad: +91-22-33667777

Backup Customer Care Number: 1860 120 7777

Ending Notes

These are nor merely cards but an 'access' to the luxury station of exciting offers and privileges that you can avail with just one swipe. You can indulge in the premium lifestyle offered by some of the exclusive credit cards of ICICI Bank. In fact, the flight ticket offer on ICICI Credit Card is the most-sought after feature.

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