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Updated: Jan 25

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1. Tuxedo

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Tuxedo Meaning

Tuxedos have long been regarded as a look that exudes the highest level of formality. These black and white ensembles have been reserved for the most important occasions, ceremonious functions, and prestigious social engagements since the late 1800s, and it's easy to see why: they're polished and put together with absolute precision. A elegant satin lapel adorns a Tuxedo Jacket. Any kind of lapel cut, such as notch, peak, or shawl, may be used. A boutonniere hole can be seen on the Notch and Peak lapels, but not on the shawl lapel. A traditional tuxedo jacket is always black, but off-white was added at some point in its history. Nowadays, fancy patterns such as jacquard and others are becoming fashionable for body fabric. They're appealing because they add some variety and ingenuity to an otherwise monotonous colour palette and style.

2. Three Piece Suit

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A three-piece suit is made up of three pieces: a jacket, pants, and a waistcoat. Although others can argue that all three pieces should be made of the same cloth, you may add interest to the look by wearing a contrasting waistcoat or jacket. Some claim it was popular in England in the 17th century. The waistcoat was created to rethink men's fashion.

During the Industrial Revolution in England, three-piece suits became trendy as businessmen wanted a look that would clearly signify prestige and riches. Men nowadays like to wear three-piece suits to dress classy and elegant. If you're the groom or a guest, a three-piece suit would do the trick if you're searching for anything trendy and elegant but not too corporate.

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3. Double Breasted

A double-breasted suit is a men's coat. There are two columns of buttons and overlapping front lapels. The word "double-breasted suit" usually applies to the entire outfit, including the double-breasted jacket and the matching trousers. Just two of the six buttons on the original double-breasted jacket could be fastened. It was influenced by the navy's reefer jackets of the 18th century. A four-button variant was created to fit shorter persons.

The lapels are rolled and only the one bottom button is fastened on the four-button double-breasted jacket. It was made famous by Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor. Double-breasted suits were common from the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s, and they reappeared in the mid-1980s and remained popular until the mid-1990s. They were boxy and square, with a jacket that was extra long with big lapels. The double-breasted suit has made a big return, looking cooler and more significant than ever thanks to new design icons like movie star Eddie Redmayne, famous David Beckham, and Sir David Bowie.

4. Slim Fit Lounge Suit

When a suit must be worn for the same purpose that lounge suits have been worn for the last 150 years or so – to connote and win recognition – go for the most traditional style possible.

Obviously, this varies over time – a suit from the 1980s, no matter how timeless the designers intended it to be, continues to look as it did. A two-button single-breasted jacket with notch lapels and flapped pockets, nipped in at the waist, and of medium length is a kind of traditional suiting style that is tougher to pin to any particular age (ending roughly in line with your knuckles, hands by your side). Trousers should have a flat front with a plain finish, a medium to high rise, and a medium to high width. If necessary, add a waistcoat with no lapels. Choose a navy or charcoal all-wool fabric in a medium to heavyweight weight; herringbone or a similar understated pattern may help create subtle appeal.

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