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The Pinnacle of Palate Pleasure: Discovering The Best Chinese Restaurant In Bangalore

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Written By Riddhi Joshi

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Overview | 4 Best Chinese Restaurants in Bangalore

Bangalore Top Restaurant

Bangalore city has one of the pleasant weather that can make anyone fall in love. Coming to Bangalore, food has some of the most famous and best lip-smacking Chinese places that can become a treat to your restaurant's adventure. Chinese is the first choice of every foodie bringing a stop to your unlimited craving.

In this blog, we are back to bring you the goodness of the best Chinese restaurants that will bring you unlimited joy and make your Chinese food experience authentic yet delicious.

Good Chinese Restaurants In Bangalore

1. Shang Palace

For the people who love going for food adventures, one of the latest Chinese fine dining restaurants in Bangalore is Shang Palace which is at Shangri-La Hotel. The place has one of the finest starter menus which include crispy Lotus stem. The place has an amazing ambiance that feels like you're visiting a traditional Chinese restaurant.

It also has different varieties of Chinese food items that are perfect for someone who wants to scale up Chinese food adventures. The place has the coolest and most vibrant interior. The menu includes stir-fried Tenderloin slices, Shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots cooked in black bean sauce, etc.

Luxury Restaurants Bangalore



Monday - Sunday

12:30pm - 3:30pm

6:30pm - 11:30pm

Contact Number

080 4512 6440

Best Chinese Restaurant Bangalore

2. Lantern, The Ritz Carlton Bangalore

To experience luxury and classic vibes both at the same time Lantern is one of the most expensive and beautiful Chinese restaurants that belongs to the Ritz Carlton. To anyone fond of big lighting and chic decorations, Lanterns is a place for you. Its ambiance speaks of luxury. The place is filled with vintage decor which makes the experience more classy for the people.

The place has some of the best Chinese foods including chive dumplings and vegetable dumplings, Charsiu Bao, seabass dumplings, wild mushrooms, chili prawn, Kung pao chicken, hofan noodles, and more. The ambiance of lanterns is one of the finest ambiances of Chinese restaurants that you should encounter if you are a fan of Chinese food.



Monday - Sunday

12pm - 11:30pm

Contact Number

080 4914 8000

Best Restaurants In Bangalore For Couple

3. CANTAN - Chinese Bar House

If you are a fan of fancy Chinese cuisine and want to visit an authentic Chinese restaurant in Bangalore then you should try Cantan. It is the finest Chinese restaurant in Bangalore. The place is spread over two floors and has a Chinese bar house that depicts vibrant cheerful vibes and mind-blowing Chinese food that you can't miss.

Best Restaurants In Bengaluru

Hunan and Sichuan cuisine have a smattering taste and with this, the restaurant has a wide range of Shaokao or Chinese barbecue that has some of the unique and tastiest food menu. The place is located at Lavelle Road Bangalore. This place is a must-visit with a beautiful ambiance, cozy vibe, and mouth-watering Chinese food.



Sunday - Thursday

12pm – 11:30pm

Friday - Saturday

12pm – 12am

Contact Number

Chinese Restaurant Bangalore

4. Memories Of China

For the people who love trying out different places and never want to forget the thrilling experience, Memories of China is one of the most favorite places for many Bangaloreans in the City. The place has one of the best Chinese menus that includes a chef special section that has spiny lobster deep-fried, wok-fried crab, or chili Singapore.

The ambiance of memories of China is created keeping in mind the Chinese culture with a touch of Indian heritage. The place is located at Taj MG Road Yellappa Garden Bangalore and costs around Rs. 3500/- approx for two people. The place has Chinese steamed hot pot noodles and delicious meals that will make your day memorable.



Monday - Sunday

12:30pm – 3pm

7:30pm – 11pm

Contact Number

080666 04444

Here the list of most popular Chinese restaurants in Bangalore comes to an end. The places that we have included are full of luxury and experience as each place holds an authentic atmosphere. Hope you go and explore the most luxury experience at these places.

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