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A Place To Experience Luxury - Loya Taj

Written By Riddhi Joshi

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Taj Palace Restaurant

Loya Taj the newly opened place in Delhi will leave you awestruck with its beauty and luxury. It will surely leave you on a culinary tour across its beautiful ingredients, cooking, and old traditional ingredients, from northern Punjab to Kangra valley, from Kashmir to Garhwal hills. Loya will surely give you a Royal feel.

Loya means gathering for a feast and every meal in Loya is designed keeping in mind all the old flavors, ingredients, and philosophy of this place. So let's have a look at this Royal and traditional place that will no doubt give you a taste of luxury.


Loya Restaurant's ideology is the idea of five (Paanch). The beautiful place concept is drawn from the five rivers that nourish life in the land of Punjab and the five elements which make the universe bloom.

The wall of Loya Taj has five distinct patterns featuring the walls that bring out the Rajasthani jharokhas, Mughals ornamentation, and stone jails with earth-like sandstone texture.

Taj Palace In Delhi

The seating space is inspired by old traditions and the whole vibe is inspired by rope khatiyas which were founded in rural parts of north India & rustic cutlery in Kansa. Clay adding a lot more royal and overall rural traditional vibes.

The ceilings have a striped tapestry line which gives the ceilings evoking a feeling of old bazaars. The large handcrafted vases and pots enlighten the background with a chic vibe adding a little modern texture to a dramatic dining space.

Loya Taj New Delhi

The whole place is radiating a vibe of old-age community celebrations and the brass lanterns and paintings on the walls are the interpretations of medieval marketplaces.

Taj Palace

Food Aroma

Loya is going to be a place that will surely leave your mouth to want more. The cooking techniques that are practiced in Loya are also based on the Paanch theme which includes, dungaar means the art of smoking, baghar means tempering spices in hot oil, Dum means slow cooking, sail batta means pounding masalas with hand and side means cooking over a coal fire.

Every corner at Loya is vibrant and beautiful. Loya also has some stories behind every kitchen equipment. Both Chefs Rajesh Wadhwa and Chef Gagan Sikka make the food with old customs and also follow the old receipts of their grandmothers. The food is prepared in clay pots, iron kadhais, and elegant glass domes for serving the Bharat and other traditional dishes.

As the menu starts it states with Pella Swaad or an appetizer course that has some fresh and spicy Timbri jhinga, prawns served with pahadi bhang beer chutney. The manner has the flavor of three chilies: crushed kali mirch, green chilies, and achari red chilies.

Loya Taj Food

Arriving next is the flavourful Murg tikka infused with Ghost chili. Dumba kadhai is prepared with a classical cast iron kadhai with some aromatic fresh chilies and cracked black pepper and is no doubt nuanced cooking at its best.

Bharwan karare kulche is another delicious dish inspired by the northern flavor of Punjab and is served with Pindi child and Haldi mooli kus which is a perfect starter.

Loya Taj Menu

Recommended Desserts

Loya is a place that will make you experience the essence of the north and old traditions. The food in loya is infused with the aroma of the north in every recipe.

Loya Taj Photos

Talking about the Drinks and cocktails at loya is a whole vibrant experience. Loya has some of its best and unique Cocktails some of the must try are vintage Paloma, jammu julep and other delightful cocktails.

Loya Taj Palace

Loya Taj is a place where timeless traditions and culinary treasures from the north are brought to life. It is a union of traditional methods, unexplored culinary techniques, and aromatic flavors that will adorn your plate.

The decor in Loya captures the legacy of a bygone era and narrates an artistic story from every corner. Loya is a confluence of place, culture, and timeless traditions and a journey through the heart of the north.

Loya Delhi

Ratings Ambience - 8.5/10 Service - 8/10 Food & Drinks - 7/10

Loya Taj Location

Valet parking available



12:30 PM to 2:45 PM

7 PM To 11:45 PM

Loya Taj Booking - Table Reservation

Loya Taj Contact Number



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