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Billionaires Luxury Lifestyle

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

Written By Gurnoor Kaur

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Billionaire OF The World

Luxury is a new synonym of peace and when you are a billionaire you don't have to see the rate tags or anything whether at a party or buying a new estate. Life revolves around top-class amenities. Destiny is now crafted with those notes of currency. Lavish parties become a daily routine.

Even your shadow starts wearing Gucci and top-class brands. Today we sneak peek at the luxury lifestyle billionaires enjoy. Copious money can get you everything you once dreamed of.

How To Live A Life OF Luxury

1. Lavish Parties Have Royal Air

Parties full of drinks, food and fun. These parties take a whole month for preparations and keep on rocking for more than a day. Music with bass keeps on hitting the people hard. Private islands are the most accurate choice for these kinds of parties. Once Kim Kardashian a billionaire even took 30 people on a private jet for a birthday party that too in lockdown period. Whenever the topic is about a luxury lifestyle, parties never take a back seat. Big pools are the soul of these jamborees. The themes of the party are most unusual and ask for massive money flow. Casinos are tagged as the lifeline of the party as big tables and billionaire crowd provides the needed thrill to live. Money is spent like water in the gatherings and bargaining never takes whether the bill cost 2 or 20 million dollars. The world-class experience is enjoyed here by attendees. Big stars from all over the world come here to perform and entertain guests.

Lifestyle OF Billionaire

2. Monster Mansions

Billionaires always have beautiful and full of luxury houses for themselves referred to as mansions. These mansions involve everything that a person needs to have fun. Big fat terraces having space for even getting a helicopter landed is the backbone of the beauty these mansion carries. Plush lounge, big pools and expensive interior of top-class brands get the money spent in the right way.

Luxury Billionaire Living Room

These ostentatious mansions usually have more than 12 bedrooms. These houses are situated in luxurious and expensive places where even having a 1 BHK house cost bag full of money. Some seek mansions in the lap of nature that too is coated with luxurious belongings. Mostly they have more than 10 mansions giving shape to their luxurious lifestyle. As money they own tremendous. A fact about billionaire Bill Gates says that the Microsoft co-founder is so rich that an average American spending $1 is comparable to Gates spending $1.2 million, that sounds damn exciting. So just imagine what kinds of houses they would own.

Luxury Lifestyle Motivation

3. Whooping Vehicle Collections

Public transport is never on cards for billionaires either they have to travel from one street to another or from one country to other. Billionaires always land in their private jets or ships. They always make an entry with big monster cars such as Bugatti, Aston Martin or Rolls Royce. Stunning vehicle collection can only be done when you are a billionaire. Their garage has all those cars, trucks and bikes which the world dreams of having. Massive Cars groove one after the another whenever they have to travel. The whole lane of vehicles follows them giving a royal experience. And cars and bikes are the only vehicles they have as their collection ranges to big cruises and private jets too.

Cruises like Seabourn, Crystal Cruises or Silversea are part of their belongings. Private jets to awaits their presence as whenever a billionaire have to step into the sky they should do it with class and elegance. These vehicle collections make people stare at billionaires with wide eyes open.

Jeff Bezos's garage holds

Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio - $3 million , Bugatti Veyron Mansory - $3.4 million , W Motors Lykan Hypersport - $4 million ), Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita - $4.8 million , Lamborghini Veneno - $5 million, these tags and brands tell enough about car collections of beast billionaires.

4. Exorbitant Estates

Billionaires own a list full of estates adding to their luxurious lifestyle. Hotels, motels, Golf courses, clubs, resorts or villas are massively owned by them. Mostly whenever they have to visit any of these amenities they prefer their belongings. Some billionaires acquire a whole hotel chain of powerful brands.

"Why you want to be a guest in someone else property when you have the power to host the world" is believed by billionaires.

They keep on buying expensive and tremendous estates, which also adds up to their money and keep the luxurious flow going. Multi acre lands are owned by them as even if they stop working that too they will be royal as these estates keep on running. These exorbitant estates are an essential part of the luxurious lifestyle of billionaires. And this is only possible when you can earn more than 100 crores in a day like Asian beast Mukesh Ambani who on a daily average earns whopping 163 crores.

What Is Luxury lifestyle

These were some highlights of the luxury lifestyle billionaires enjoy. Their ideologies are also different from many of us as they will conquer the world with their efforts. Being on top of the world is the only thing tycoons want that too with hard work.

They live royal and makes most of what they have, lavish parties, vehicle collections, big houses and exorbitant estates all are the result of their not giving up attitude As what they are living now was first dreamed by them. Billionaires show the lifestyle that awaits you after success. As they do work for public welfare too but never take a back seat and live life to the fullest. Billionaires luxury lifestyle narrates that loving yourself is what you should do and this isn't selfish. Live to the fullest and love being honest should be the key motto of everyone.


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