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Party In Style At Buen : Where Art, Conversation, and Celebration Collide in Luxury

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Buen Delhi Cafe

Buen, the latest entrant on the Delhi culinary scene, is not just a cafe; it's a mesmerizing sanctuary that weaves together different identities, stories, dreams, and experiences. Located on the rooftop of Bocha cafe within the elegant Qutub Hotel, Buen celebrates the rich tapestry of humanity through art, conversation, and gastronomic delights.

Buen Delhi Qutub

An Artistic Haven

Inspired by the power of art and celebration, Buen becomes a reflection of the world's diversity. As you step into Buen, you enter a space that invites you to explore your own artistic inclinations and simultaneously lose yourself in the enchanting atmosphere.

The cafe is a canvas where diverse artistic expressions, from visual art to music and spoken word, come together, inviting guests to delve into the layers of texture and meaning, much like the intricacies of human experiences.

Buen Delhi Photos

Modern Luxury in Every Detail

Buen's interior exudes modern luxury. The design, masterfully created, offers an enticing blend of contemporary aesthetics and timeless opulence. Inside and outside seating options provide the perfect ambiance for any mood or occasion.

Buen Delhi Qutab

Musical Vibes

Techno enthusiasts are in for a treat at Buen. The cafe features a pulsating techno soundtrack that sets the perfect rhythm for your dining experience.

Buen Delhi Owner

Sagar Garg and Sanyam Kalra, the dynamic duo behind several popular culinary ventures in Delhi, have taken the city's food scene by storm. With their innovative approach to hospitality, they've left an indelible mark on the industry. From the exquisite flavors at Buen to the cozy ambiance of Baardos La Citta and the vibrant atmosphere at Banter Delhi, their commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences is evident. Avokado Delhi Cafes, their latest creation, continues to win hearts with its healthy and delicious menu. Sagar and Sanyam's dedication to culinary excellence has made them prominent figures in Delhi's gastronomic landscape.

Buen Delhi Restaurant

Raise a Toast

Buen offers an extensive drinks menu, featuring an array of cocktails, whisky, single malt, vodka, gin, champagne, Prosecco, wines, and more. Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur or a wine enthusiast, Buen has something to quench your thirst.

Buen New Delhi

Recommended Cocktails

  • Green Kandinsky

  • Yellow Mondrian

  • Red Rothko

  • Blue Picasso

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Buen Delhi Menu

A Gastronomic Journey

Buen's food menu is a testament to culinary excellence and flavor innovation. Guests can savor a delectable range of dishes, including Dim Sum, Sushi, pizzas, Homemade Pastas, and more. The appetizers, such as Korean BBQ Chicken and Dukkah Afghani Chicken Kebab, offer a tantalizing start to your meal. Seafood lovers can indulge in delights like Charred John Dory & Calamari and Butterfly Prawns. For those craving large plates, options like Thai Curry, Kung Pao, Dan Dan Udon Noodles, and Spicy Ramen Katsu provide a diverse selection.

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Buen Delhi Bar

Buen promises to be a unique destination that blends modernity with tradition, luxury with comfort, and the heart of Buenos Aires with the soul of India.

Enjoy at Buen, where you can embrace diverse identities, celebrate the arts, and embark on a regal gastronomic journey at the heart of Qutub Hotel. Buenos Aires, let's Buen!

Buen Cafe

Buen Delhi Qutub Hotel

Ratings Ambience - 8.5/10 Service - 7.5/10 Food & Drinks - 7/10

Buen Delhi Location



12 PM To 1AM

Buen Delhi Contact Number

: +91-9355380707

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Party In Style At Buen : Where Art, Conversation, and Celebration Collide in Luxury ! You Must See The Buen Delhi Qutub Luxury Decor. Discover Buen Delhi Cafe Amazing Food & Cocktails. Find Out Buen Delhi Menu. You’ll Be Amazed To See Buen Delhi Restaurant Ambiance. Find Out Buen Delhi Location & Buen Contact Number At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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