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The Roman Empire Awaits You At Baardos La Citta

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Written By Gurnoor Kaur

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Baardos La Citta Delhi

Luxury is not what you create it is what you seek. It has no end as why would comfort has limits? Being in Delhi and finding a route to luxurious experiences then Baardos La Citta is your go to place. Baardos La Citta has got it all perfect with showering the Roman Vibes which are highly royal.

The era of Romans needs no introduction here at Baardos La Citta everyone is going to feel what does belonging to Roman Royalty means. It is all about royalty and luxury as Baardos La Citta wish to assist with godly assistance to their lovely guests.



Bardos Pusa Road

The aura when you enter Baardos La Citta kills the anxiety of being at peace as Baardos La Citta is all about decorating oneself with the Roman era. The decor reflects the collection of different sculpture having a message emitting out of them. Staring to these sculptures and having the finest way to dive into roman royalty is the best part about decor. Lightening too has the dark vibe on the place not emitting negativity but luxurious mystery.

Beardo La Citta Delhi

The pillars of Baardos La Citta looks pretty well mended to teleport users to Roman past. The golden lighting decorates the soul of the place with bright big " Chandelier” covering the ceiling. The plants lighten ups the mood with their presence while one walks down the stairs. The architecture inspired by Romans is the backbone of Baardos La Citta but it never ever looks irresistible to any delhite seeking the essence of relativity.

Bardos Delhi

Baardos La Citta Food & Drinks

What kind of luxury is it if food isn't part of it. The fire of hunger has shower of flavours here at Baardos La Citta. Cravings for the ultimate food hangovers are handled by Barrados La Citta perfectly. The menu is accurate in terms of meals, beverages and snacks. It is one of the most impressive factors of choosing Baardos La Citta over others. As it has got all including small plates with spicy potatoes, Burrata toast etc and it isn't limited to veg only. The non-veg counter attracts you with Sushi, Dimsum, Prawn Tempura, BBQ Chicken Flaws and what not. The list of food items isn't ending but your hunger will surely as the way Baardos La Citta has involved taste with standard is a unique way of decorating its existence. The drinks served in Baardos La Citta settle the thirst with the best beverages. With all of it the set of pizzas, appetisers and best korean food helps Baardos La Citta satisfy the customers seeking best hunger striking food.

Baardos La Citta Menu

Bardo’s La Citta DRINKS MENU
Download PDF • 485KB

Baardos La Citta Food Menu
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Baroda La Citta Delhi


The vibe of Baardos La Citta is completely magnificent. The royalty of Romans adds up the roots of comfort and cultured decoration of the place. Baardos La Citta has the best sculptures looking exactly like those which decorates Rome.


The golden and black combination strikes the dance floors when numerous DJs enter to play the most rocking soundtracks to create a vibe specific to days. Each day in Baardos La Citta is about something new and something grand. As soon as one steps in Baardos La Citta the art takes the driving seat to get you to the destination of luxury and comfort. One feels teleported to Rome when they are seating in the capital this is how much magical Baardos La Citta for real is.

Baardos La Citta Owner

Sagar Garg & Sanyam Kalra are the owner of Baardos La Citta.

Ratings Ambience - 8/10 Service - 7/10 Food & Drinks - 8/10

Baardos La Citta Location

Valet parking available

Timings - Everyday

12 pm to 3 am

Baardos La Citta Booking - Table Reservation

Baardos La Citta Contact Number

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The Roman Empire Waits You At Baardos La Citta Delhi. Bardos Pusa Road Food & Drinks Will Definitely Amaze You. You Must Checkout Bardos Delhi Decor. Know Baardos La Citta Menu With Price. Find Out Baardos La Citta Owner. Know Baardos La Citta Contact Number & Baardos La Citta Location. Find More Info On Beardo La Citta Delhi At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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