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Cosy Box Now In Delhi Straight From Cannes

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Review by Delhi Royale


A famous Cannes restaurant known for its elegance and glam.

Cosy Box Delhi

For the past 14 years, Cosy Box has been a part of the Cannes Film Festival.

Now Fernandez-Versini wants to expand the concept into a 'global party destination,' with locations in London, Los Angeles, and New Delhi planned.

With a £2 million investment, the first worldwide Cosy Box opens in New Delhi - Ground Floor, Netaji Nagar Musical Fountain And Nature Park, Block - 3 Opposite Bhikaji Cama Place Delhi, India.

Cozy Box

It will be a 'fine dining experience,' with Mediterranean food served to 300 diners each night, as well as events and international DJs.

For the launch, Fernandez-Versini has teamed up with hospitality entrepreneur Akshay Anand, who introduced the Toy - Room nightclub idea to India.

"The objective is to reinvent the dining and nightlife industry of India by introducing the Cannes brand 'Cosy Box' into India," says Cosy Box co-founder Akshay Anand.

Each of the restaurant's 7500 square feet is a tribute to the capital's regal past and incorporates themes of opulent excess. Cosy box is an experience that involves opening a box containing a variety of textures, colours, and artwork.

Cozy Box Delhi

The entire restaurant has a striking design that draws influence from its surroundings and the colours found there. The restaurant's interior has been tastefully designed utilising the colour Cantaloupe, a warm rose coffee shade that makes customers feel at home and welcome.

The colour scheme employed justifies the cosy atmosphere, where one is content not only with the cuisine, but also with the mood set by the numerous design components. The location's photo booth attractions include eccentric powder rooms and quirky art pieces. The rustic blue terrace, which has accents of yellow and orange, is a focal point with visibility throughout the whole estate. Its design was inspired by a cosy cloud.


Recommended Cocktails

The beverages selection, which has been meticulously crafted, appeals to everyone from the seasoned drinker to the young millennial. You'll find everything from classics like the Paloma Negra to a Cosy signature: a candy bar with candy-flavored shots.   A well-rounded worldwide food and drink menu is helmed by expert chefs and mixologists, with a concentration on Mediterranean, European, Oriental, and trendy Indian cuisines.

CosyBox Delhi

’Field notes' from the bar are inscribed on signature glasses topped with tequila or Flavored Sodas: "Be your own muse" in lipstick red on martini glasses — a heady pair ideal for wild evenings.

No amount of physical contact could match the healing powers of a well made cocktail. ~ David Sedaris

Cosy Box Decor

The Outer Deck, often known as the "Cosy Deck," is tangled up in the lush greenery and draws influence from its surroundings. This area exudes warmth and comfort despite being covered in white and green colours, with just the façade making a strong, inviting statement.

Customized wicker furniture and tabletops with tile inlays in shades of olive green are used. The rustic exposed bar front was created utilising material that is raw and earthy at its seams and folds, drawing influence from the surrounding earthy material palette.

Cosy Box Restaurant Delhi

When entering the restaurant, one is met by a bizarre installation called "the drunken man," a candy shot area, and also an in and out glass box with a sunflower installation.

This setting, which is adorned with lush greenery, allows for easy mobility — as well as a Turkish flambe cart – so that food may be consumed as a spectacle.

The colour palette for the "Cantaloupe" interior area changes to a subtle coffee blush. A sensory treat, the entire ambiance produced by the calming colours justifies the feeling of "cosiness" as suggested by the name.

Cozy Box Restaurant

An emotional experience, a fantastic feast is incomplete without exceptional furnishings. The vaults bursting with flora put on the walls and the interior furniture, all in complimentary olive and green tones, beautifully combine with the leaf theme.

The centre of the restaurant, the 360-degree bar, is situated between the inside space and the exterior deck.

The Cosy Box powder room is more than simply a half bathroom; it wonderfully captures the spirit of the cafe. The female powder area, which is an especially popular photographic opportunity, features a striking "sin apple" piece created by Pantone Collective. It is exactly the right combination of playful with intricate style and design.

Cosy Box Photos

The Tuscany gazebo area is the ideal place to daydream about upcoming trips to Italy. The concept lends itself to the outdoor kitchen with unique tiles and paintings as a beautiful and peaceful location within a green foliage deck.

A rustic fountain serves as the focal point, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the serenity and tranquillity the area exudes.

Cosy Box Delhi Menu


Community-style dinners encourage people to share their food at the table. Bite-sized quantities of fish and seasonal vegetables are cooked live — on Japanese open-fire robata grills – on the 'cosy plate.'

Cosy Box Menu

In the country's greatest collection of liquor at the moment, the smokiness of burned food is blended with tequila and mezcal (barrel-aged agave tincture) direct from Mexico.

The food is delicious and marvellously presented by the chef which will stir your taste buds & satiate your soul !

Cosy Box Restaurant

Light and farm-fresh lunches are offered. Also available is high tea, which includes a variety of coffee, tea, and snacks ranging from a warming combination of Turkish spices to blooming teas that signal the arrival of spring. In line with the brand's vision of endless options under one warm roof, the evenings turn into dynamic nights packed with lively music, supported by a large meal, drinks, and dessert selection.

We recommend you to try Kebabs & Mediterranean appetizers and enjoy the variety offered by Cosy Box.

Ratings Ambience - 8.5/10 Service - 7.5/10 Food & Drinks - 8/10

Cosy Box Delhi Address

Valet parking available

Timings - Everyday

12pm Onwards

Cosy Box Delhi Contact Number

Call For Reservations : +918375939495

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