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Unveiling Diablo Dehradun : A Culinary Symphony In The Lap of Gothic Luxury

Updated: Jan 26

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Diablo Cafe Dehradun

Nestled in the heart of Dehradun, Diablo brings a unique and contemporary take on gothic design combined with modern Middle Eastern cuisine. This restaurant and bar is a collaborative venture between Diablo and Amashi Ventures, promising a fusion of old-world charm and modern excellence.

Diablo Restaurant Dehradun


Diablo exudes a devilish vibe, inviting patrons to enter an inferno of gastronomic delights. The combination of contemporary gothic elements and modern Middle Eastern cuisine creates a one-of-a-kind experience, making it a standout destination for those seeking a unique and memorable dining atmosphere.

Diablo Dehradun Owner

Diablo Dehradun is a franchisee of Diablo restropub, primarily owned by First Fiddle F&B Pvt Ltd. The brand is the brainchild of Mr. Priyank Sukhija, India's ace restaurateur. Amashi Ventures LLP, managed by Ms. Jaya Negi and Mr. Aman Shankar, plays a crucial role in bringing this unique concept to Dehradun.

Diablo Rajpur Road


The interior of Diablo is a captivating blend of new and old, beauty and bestiality, dark and light. The gothic design elements create a conflict and contrast that sets the stage for an extraordinary dining experience. The lush outdoor bar adds a touch of nature to the cultural heart of Dehradun, making Diablo a visually stunning destination.

Diablo Dehradun Photos


Immerse yourself in the rhythmic beats of Diablo's themed nights. Whether it's the sultry melodies on Ladies Night every Thursday or the electrifying Techno Attack every Friday, the music at Diablo complements the overall devilish vibe, creating an atmosphere that lingers long after you've left.

Famous Cafe In Dehradun


Diablo's bar boasts an impressive array of Gothic blends, including Morning Star with Tequila, Gargoyle with Gin, and the intriguing Prince of Darkness with Bourbon. Each cocktail is a carefully crafted concoction that adds to the overall devilish experience, ensuring your taste buds embark on an unforgettable journey.

Diablo Dehradun Menu


Under the culinary expertise of Chef Sagar Bajaj, Diablo's menu is a masterpiece of Modern Mediterranean cuisine. From Non-Veg Mezze to Truffle Parmesan Chips and classic Diablo Shawarma, each dish reflects a devilish twist on familiar flavors. The recommended dishes, like the Smoked Mushroom Galouti and BBQ Bourbon Chicken Wings, showcase the chef's fusion expertise.

Best Rooftop Cafe In Dehradun


Dive into Mediterranean heaven with Diablo's menu that promises to satiate your soul with earthly flavors. Chef Sagar Bajaj's innovative touch brings out the deliciousness of modern Mediterranean cuisine with a devilish twist. The menu spans across various sections, including IZGARA GRILLS, BAO'S, DIMSUM, SUSHI, GOURMET PIZZA, and Tawa Section, offering a diverse range of culinary delights.

Cafe In Dehradun Rajpur Road

While Diablo Dehradun is a new entrant in the culinary scene, the unique combination of gothic luxury and modern Middle Eastern cuisine is bound to leave a lasting impression on patrons. Stay tuned as the ratings unfold and the gastronomic journey at Diablo becomes a talk of the town.

Diablo is easily accessible for those seeking a luxurious and devilishly delightful dining experience in the city.

Best Cafe In Dehradun With View

Diablo Dehradun stands as a testament to the fusion of luxury, gothic design, and culinary excellence. From the devilish vibe to the meticulously curated menu by Chef Sagar Bajaj, every aspect of Diablo promises a dining experience like no other. Book your table now for an exceptional journey into the heart of gothic luxury and modern Mediterranean indulgence.

Ratings Ambience - 8.5/10 Service - 8/10 Food & Drinks - 7.5/10

Diablo Dehradun Location


Monday - Sunday

12 PM To 11:30 PM

Diablo Dehradun Contact Number

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