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Discover Dos Delhi: Lodhi Colony's Chic New Cafe Sensation

Updated: 6 days ago

Written By Vanya Jain

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Lodhi Colony Restaurant

Looking for a cozy yet fashionable spot for your next meal? Nestled in the bustling streets of Lodhi Colony with spectacular interiors, a contemporary vibe and food that hits all the right spots is the brand new cafe sensation- Dos Delhi. A Tres initiative, Dinner On Sundays, is a restaurant in Lodhi Colony and a budding favorite among food enthusiasts. With a vibrant culinary palette and a range of beverages, Dos Delhi might be the place you are looking for to meet your friends or for a casual date.

Dos Delhi Cafe


The ambience of Dos Delhi is to die for! With a contemporary vibe with a hint of modernity and loads of greenery in their outdoor seating area, Dos offers a perfect getaway place to soothe your daily grind of work or to chill and relax on the weekend. The outdoor seating is a perfect place for bookworms and coffee lovers. If you want to spend sometime alone or under the leaves with a cool ambience, or wish to indulge in exploring a new cafe, Dos Delhi Cafe could be your next spot!

Dos Delhi Menu


At Dos Delhi Cafe, we are sure you will have a gastronomic delight! From innovative appetizers to give a kick start to your taste buds, Dos has a variety of delicacies from delicate seafood to fresh vegetarian treats. The main course at Dos is a testament to the chef's skill and expertise. Each dish is crafted with detail and offers a balance of flavors and textures in every bite. Complete your meal with their decadent sweets. Classic desserts to new trials, desserts are Dos are a must try!

Checkout their Food Menu below!

Dos Delhi Drinks Menu


Next up, for all drink lovers, Dos is coming up with new combinations and some classic drink options. From regular beverages to season-friendly delights, any meal will be incomplete without Dos's hand-crafted mocktails. Wine pairings, innovative take on classic cocktails and many more upcoming creations await the Dos Bar!

Checkout their Drinks Menu below!


Once in Dos, don't leave without tasting some of their iconic creations from the menu-

  1. Kokum Churros

  2. Double Cooked Chorizo Pizza

  3. Garlic Siracha Parmesan Spring Chicken

For drink lovers, here are our highly recommended picks from the menu-

  1. Open Your Heart Mocktail

  2. Silken Tofu & Avocado Smoothie

  3. Lavender & Date Spritzer

Dos Delhi Photos

Dos Delhi Restaurant

Average Cost

Rs. 2500/- for two people (approx.)


Monday - Sunday

11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Dos Delhi Contact Number

Dos Delhi Location

If you are a cafe lover and are in Delhi, then do make a plan to visit is newly opened cafe in Lodhi Colony. The unique dining experience will surely leave you in awe. The cafe has a perfect blend of innovation, creation and craft. From stunning outdoor dining areas, sumptuous food, elegant ambience and outstanding service, Dos stands out completely. So, go catch up with that old friend or gather your loved ones and head straight to Dos by Tres for a dining experience which is both delightful and unforgettable.

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