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You Must Get Clicked In These Top 6 Instagrammer Cafe

Updated: Nov 3, 2022


Best Cafes In Delhi


Dig In Cafe Chanakyapuri

Diggin's is known for being all romantic and Insta-worthy, and it's one of the finest spots in the city. Enjoy this eatery for its food, which serves Italian and Continental cuisines. Plum Pudding with Brandy Sauce and Mushroom and Truffle Crostini are just a few of the delectable dishes on this lovely couple's Winter Menu. Aside from that, their Penne Picante, Porky Pizza, and Apple Crumble Pie are also must-tries!

Rooftop Restaurants In Delhi

The décor of Diggin is unquestionably the nicest part of the experience. It features lovely outside sitting and is surrounded by greenery (and colourful flowers in the spring). The café is a photographers' dream come true!


Diggin Cafe Chanakyapuri Menu


Saga Restaurant

SAGA is a compilation of rich stories linked with culinary art that is unique to India's ancient chapters and modern day precision and refinement. Every detail at Saga has been meticulously chosen to tell its own storey. The combination of Founder Vishal Anand's vision and Michelin Star Chef Atul Kochhar's culinary expertise elevates this location to an unforgettable experience.

Cafe Near By Me

SAGA is a place where cuisine and art collide to create the ultimate experience every time you visit. The nightlife at SAGA is unlike any other, including one of the world's highest bars and renowned musicians. The distinctive designs and cutting-edge architecture, which spans two levels, harken back to ancient Rome.

From fine dining to nightlife, Saga would be an immersive dining experience that provides its guests with delectable cuisine, aesthetics, and enjoyment.


Tel : +917428922300

Saga Restaurant Gurgaon Menu

Swan Delhi

3. Swan Cafe Delhi

Rooftop Cafe In Delhi

Swan's decor isn't simply varied; it's also worldly, yet in a subtle way. The subdued lighting provides refinement to the walls, while the vibrant red upholstered furniture offers warmth and aspiration. The bar's interior is dominated by a gigantic metal tree installation, while the terrace's charming and verdant natural environment brings out the ambience.

The music is a feature that few fine dining places get properly, but Swan nails it. The music unifies the space; it serves as a stimulant, and the mood at Swan is completely soothing and LoFi Hip Hop.

Swan should be applauded for its outstanding drinks. The drinks here are inventive, bringing the finest of both worlds, Japan and Italy, to your table.

Swan is the city's only restaurant that serves both Japanese and Italian food in its purest form. Chefs are instructed in world-famous restaurants such as Zuma and Nobu. Italian cuisine is hearty and traditional, with distinct characteristics such as parmesan pinwheels that transport diners to the Italian countryside.


Tel : +918130922899

Kakapo Delhi


Kakapo Restaurant

Kakapo is the city's newest restaurant, having just opened its doors. This beautiful restaurant, nestled in the charming alleyways of Mehrauli, is a tribute to the flightless bird of the same name. You'll be mesmerised by the centrepiece, which is an artificial tree with lighting suspended from various branches, giving it a mysterious feel. You'll also find yourself salivating over the enormous menu, which includes meals like Spicy Chicken Dim Sum, Yasai Maki Sushi Roll, Double Trouble Burger, and a plethora of other delectable options. You must consume lip-smacking cocktails like Berry Coffee Tonic and Raspberry Cocktail to wash it down.

Kaka Po Delhi

Even if the sheer number of diners offsets for all the open-air terraces, the good news is that open spaces and outdoor dining are more widespread here than everywhere else in town! It doesn't hurt that Kakapo is owned by the same wealthy restaurateurs that own Townhall, so it's always been packed. There's an elevator to the second level, and the L-shaped verandah provides a view of the Green Belt that stretches as far as the eye can see! The Kakapo is a rare New Zealand bird. The all-glass walls, leatherite-covered seats, and terrazzo floors are stylish.




Rooftop Cafes In Delhi

MisoSexy is a new restaurant in Mehrauli that takes its name's'sexy' quite literally. It has a very sophisticated and classy ambiance, and it provides the impression of dining in a billionaire's house! There are no words to describe the amazing atmosphere, which includes luxury and plush sofas, stylish and eye-catching chandeliers and spectacular wall art.

They also offer a lovely rooftop with a beautiful view of the Qutub Minar, much like all the other fantastic eateries in Mehrauli.

MisoSexy has a delectable Asian cuisine with meals like Truffle Mushroom Bao, Crazy Sake Sushi, Miso Sexy Cod, Katsu Curry, and more.

Mehrauli Cafes


Tel : +919289675999

Bougie Delhi

6. Bougie Cafe

Bougie is a newly launched posh restaurant in Mehrauli with dream-like decor that would leave you speechless. They've included chairs with woven seats that appear dazzling, keeping with the natural motif. This Instagrammable spot's inside and outside mix to provide a free-flowing, informal dining experience.

Bougie Mehrauli

Chef Priyam Chatterjee's delectable creations are a must-try. Southern Style Burgers, Wood-Fire Artisan Pizzas, and a variety of desserts are on the menu.

This is a great spot for a planned lady's day out or a couple ’s night.

This Instagrammable restaurant also offers a sophisticated bar that will serve as the ideal backdrop for amazing photos for your social media account. Priyank Sukhija, who runs prominent restaurants such as Plum By Bent Chair and Dragonfly Experience, is behind this effort.


Tel : +919289676888

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You Must Get Clicked In These Top 6 Instagrammer Cafe. Find Best Cafes In Delhi. You Must Try The Food At Swan Delhi. You’ll Be Amazed By Misosexy Cocktail Experience. Checkout The Luxury Decor Of Bougie Delhi. Kakapo Delhi The Most Popular In Mehrauli Cafes. Cafe Near By Me That You Need To Checkout In 2022. Find Out Rooftop Cafe In Delhi At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog

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