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Will You Dare To Hop Into A Luxury Caravan

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Written By Riddhi Joshi

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Will you Dare to Hop into Luxury caravans? as with recent times travel and tourism have done so many necessary developments in the travel tourism policies. Going out for celebration and family vacation has become a major discussion in the families as after covid has hit everyone is excited to travel.

Luxury Caravan Vehicle

Luxury Caravans in India have facilitated family trips and gatherings as it has become easier to operate caravans in the region. Luxury caravan for rent has become the best way to travel You can drive to an RV right from the agency and can enjoy the caravan experience with your family.

In this article, you will get to know about which luxury carvan is best in India. All the luxurious Caravans that can make your travel experience more comfortable and soothing.

Luxury Traveller Bus

4 Best Luxury Caravans you can hire for road trips in India

1. Luxe Chamber

In 2019 a Bengaluru-based startup Campervan camps and holidays has commenced to roll out a caravan of dividend homes on wheels. It has also tired up hands with many campsites to make an easy visit around Karnataka.

The Campervan camps and holidays include mixes of many places like historic sites, sanctuaries, beaches, wilderness sites, etc.

The caravan is spread over about 200 sq ft with a luxurious seating area and sofas. The luxury caravan interior also has two bedrooms, a rear convertible lounge that converts into a Queen size bed, a kitchenette with a Ro system, a refrigerator, a toaster, a large freezer, etc.

Luxury Caravan Price

The cost of a trip ranges from Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 30,000/- starting for 2 adults per day. It also varies in range according to the days and has different charges for different locations. The luxury caravan price of 2D/1N for 4 people starts from Rs. 85,000/- for bangalore to kabini campsite.

You can easily book your luxurious Caravan through the following link and have a look at the packages it offers.

Luxury Caravan Rental

2. Wacation Wheels

Neha and Rahul Soman of India launched Wacation wheels. They provide caravans for rental services in Mumbai, Pune Nagpur, Bhopal, and Indore. The Wacation wheels have tied up with more than 3 campsites across India.

You can travel to Leh, Manali, Rajasthan, and Goa beaches and many places. They usually offer 2 different types of Caravans one is for four people and the other one is for 9 people.

The luxury caravan has different amenities like Ac, a kitchenette, microwave, refrigerator, barbeque, and much more luxurious facilities like LCD tv and music system.

The cost of booking the caravan varies from size to size, the approx luxury caravan price for 1 night per person starts from Rs.2,500, the price of another caravan for 9 people starts from Rs. 25,000/- per night.

You can easily book and check the different packages through the following link.

Luxury Caravan To Rent

3. Luxe Wheels

Luxe Wheels Luxury Caravan is as good as a five-star hotel room and a fine dining restaurant. For Ensuring safety while traveling Radisson Gurugram Sohna Road has brought into existence the Luxe Wheels Caravan.

The luxury Caravan is luxuriously designed and conceptualized by designer Dilip Chhabria. The Caravan is suitable for 5 guests and has amenities like LED television, wireless speakers, Microwave, gaming consoles, a fridge, a shower, a four-seater recliner, and much more luxurious comforts.

The cherry on the cake is that the caravan has a minibar filled with Wine and soft beverages, a multi-cuisine chef, and a butler who serves on board every need.

You can easily have a look at their website and read about all the packages they offer. You can book in advance from Radisson Gurugram Sohna Road city center by writing to or can simply call at +91-124-4577777. The luxury caravan price usually starts from Rs. 50,000/- and goes upto 1.5 lakhs depending on the package you select.

Luxury Caravan Bus Price In India

4. JCBL Caravan

With all the wonderful luxury and style the JCBL luxury Caravans have made your travel experience more exciting and fun. The caravan is best suitable for vacations, city tours, etc. Autobahn and Daimler India commercial vehicles for the first time joined hands with JCBL and tried out to bring a whole new experience in Travel and tourism.

JCBL caravans are designed in a way that provides comfortable travel even on rough roads, it has Luxurious bunk beds, a lounge, recliners, a spacious luggage area, a well-equipped kitchenette, LED, moonlighting, and a lot more. The luxury caravan price for buying is from 1.5 lakhs to crores you can contact them through the link to know more about the exciting packages they offer.

You can book your JCBL caravan and select different packages through the following link

The new mode of transportation started with revolutionary ways of exploring the serene countryside. The luxury caravan is the best way to spend a family vacation just like staying at a hotel with all your luxurious amenities. So book yourself a vacation with luxury caravans in India at the best affordable rates.

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