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Checkout These Top 5 Companies To Book A Private Jet

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Written By Drishti Patel

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


When the pandemic hit us, flight cancelling became the new normal with all the other things. This is a big inconvenience for all travellers as it can be a big turn-off. Commercial air travel is far from in demand these days, with widespread flight cancellations across the country and decreased route offers from major U.S. carriers, allowing space for luxury travellers to jump over to the dark side of private aviation.

Private Jet Book

Here are the top 5 characters you should definitely try the next time you are looking for a great private charter experience.

1. BookMyCharters

BookMyCharters is the first private charter booking platform that allows you to book a private jet without any human intervention. They have more than 40 aircraft that you can choose from, select the date, pay a part of the booking fee online and be done.

BookMyCharters provides both domestic and international flights. You can also book jets and helicopters for yachts with them. The best thing about BookMyCharters is that they take customer satisfaction very seriously, and you will surely have the best flight experience with them.

Renting A Private Jet

2. Villiers

Villiers Jets Ltd was established in 2013 as a private licensed intermediary between charterers and third-party operators. They provide a comfortable, worry-free flying experience and outstanding customer service. It claims to have the world's largest private jet network.

Before using Villiers services, you do not need to be a member. You can book the charter online or over the phone with a Villiers representative. It does not own any aircraft and does not maintain any. It provides significant access to the most competitive private jet charter rates.

When a passenger books a flight with Villiers Jets, they will be able to use the exclusive VIP terminals, which are free of delays and lines. It also has certified operators in charge of jet safety. It provides both private VIP flights and shared private flights.

Charter A Private Jet

3. Fast Private Jet

Fast Private Jet is a modern business aviation company led by a team of professionals with combined twenty-year expertise in the field. On a business and operational level, it brings together the founders of the largest executive airlines in the area. Fast Private Jet assists customers in searching the market for the best aircraft for all types of excursions, achieving the lowest price possible through our carefully selected network of air taxi businesses that operate with private jets.

Fast Private Jet also provides group charters, yachts and helicopters. They even provide air ambulance and cargo, further extending its services.

Private Jet India Price

A pre-owned small jet can cost as little as $3 million, but a heavier jet like a Global 6000 or Gulfstream 650ER can cost as much as $50 million.

Private Jet Rent In India

4. VistaJet

VistaJet is the only private jet firm with a global fleet, making it a global charter company. There are a few companies that charter private planes all over the world, but none of them do it exclusively with their fleet.

VistaJet has raised the standard by eliminating aircraft placement fees for its Program members. It currently operates a fleet of 70 Global and Challenger jets that serve 187 countries around the world. VistaJet, as previously stated, is owned by Vista Group, which also owns XO, and while they are no longer competitors, they are still two independent organisations.

Private Jet On Rent In India

5. Taj Air

Taj Air, based in Mumbai, India, has provided bespoke services under the Taj Air brand name. We offer Taj Air-owned, maintained, and operated aircraft; no third-party aircraft is available. The fleet comprises single-owner aircraft (purchased directly from the manufacturer) with no pre-owned aircraft.

Their private jet can fly to over 150 airports in 56 countries. Within India, we have access to over 110 locations, with commercial airlines serving 71 of them. Their private jet can go anywhere in the world within an 8-hour flight radius and much beyond if refuelling stops are made.

Price For Private Jet Rental

The cost of renting a private jet, however, may range from Rs1.5 lakh per hour for a Cessna Citation II to Rs3.5 lakh for a Dassault Falcon 2000. Compared to other aircraft types, turboprops cost between Rs85,000 and Rs1.25 lakh per hour. A Business Class round-trip ticket from Delhi to Mumbai on a commercial aircraft typically costs Rs. 1 lakh, whereas a private jet would cost at least Rs. 10 lakh.

A private aircraft is an excellent choice for your next vacation or essential business trip because it is flexible, convenient, and time-saving. Almost every aspect is taken care of by the operator; in most situations, all you have to do is board the plane!

Consider one of these companies for your next flight; they are certainly among the world's greatest private jet charter companies.




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