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Lets Gaze At How Does A Luxury Lifestyle Weekend Reflects Out In New Delhi

Written By Gurnoor Kaur

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Spending your day well in the capital isn't that difficult if you know the right places. Got a day from a super busy schedule then you must chalk out what to do and how does your luxury lifestyle should look like. Capital is decorated with various beautiful destinations and luxury malls. Each demand gets settled here, as a long list of varieties is available. Whether a perfect dinner date or Sunday brunch you must pick the best option. Craving for drinks and Cigar should never be ignored and to do that with the class you must visit iconic amenities. So let us take a look how does your weekend plan should look like.

Luxury Weekend

1. Dive Out Deep In The Morning

Aerocity Roseate House

Diving down and being surrounded by a blanket of water can be the brightest start to your day. Swimming is considered one of the best workouts and an energetic hobby. Your desired swimming facilities await here at ROSEATE HOUSE specially designed for Gen z travelers. Get eternal bliss by diving deep in the Infinity swimming pool at ROSEATE HOUSE. Views around the pool turn you energetic and yet make you feel at peace. The staff takes care of every detail narrated to them and makes sure you get a luxurious and comfortable swimming experience. ROSEATE should be your finest choice for swimming.

2. It's Self-Love Time AKA Spa

Spa At Delhi

Sometimes we ignore our self-care because of pressure and certain stresses roaming around.  This is the reason that your weekend must involve Spa which gives you the best beauty and body relaxing treatments. And whenever you hear Spa your reflex should say JW Marriott's Quan Spa.  Doors of heaven look alike the doors of JW Marriott, as the pure bliss of eternal relief and comfort is promised here Mind, body and soul all just feels sinking in the lap of comfort and peace. Internationally recognized oasis helps you fell what does class and luxury mean this all makes JW Marriott's Quan Spa a perfect self-love centre.

3. Combined Meals are more Luscious

Shangri La Tamra

Sunday Brunch must be included in your super luxury weekend as combined meals are always tagged as mouth-watering. And when many say Pani-Puri, chocolate pastry, Teppanyaki, Dal Makhani and the list goes on and on and on at Tamra Shangri-La.

The luxury outlet of Tamra offers royal sitting and the world's best meal. All of the long-held cravings end up here as your soul gets satisfied. Taste buds never forget the savour of Tamra. Get your super exciting weekend nailed out with Brunch at Tamra Shangri La, this will truly turn out full of memories.

4. Shopping Is A Ritual

DLF Emporio In Delhi

We all had our list prepared all the time, either kept in our phone cover or diary. What we all seek is just that perfect place which will offer us all that we planned. DLF Emporio is one of them that has fashion, jewellery, lifestyle and many other outlets. The air of luxury flows at Emporio and people just inhale class. Get your wardrobe updated or find perfect gifts for your soulmate. DLF Emporio never disappoints as shopping can't be ignored because it is sin to do so.

5. Drinks and Cigar emit eternal bliss

The Lodhi Hotel In Delhi

Drinking your favourite cocktail and admiring beautiful wildlife photographs. Enjoying the Cigar and having the most luxurious feeling ever are the two lines that completely describes Safari Lounge -Lodhi Hotel. Lover of Cigar and drinks should always add it to the list of luxury weekend activities. Exciting whiskies and incentive cocktails get your thirst settled and excite the soul. Fabulous cigar collection helps in lifting the standard of the day and generating comfort. Safari Lounge itself is a mocktail of love and luxury with stories of new-age mixology and eclectic international fare. Drinks and cigars at Safari must be on the cards.

6. End it with Elegance

Lovely things and memories deserve happy endings and what should be turning you happier than a dinner night at Le Cirque-Leela Palace. Meals containing French and Italian cuisine makes you hungry, even make you skip the diet plan.

Chefs at Le Cirque offers the best French and Italian food. The best of them are green vegetables with Tuffle dressing and a Ravioli stuffed with Barolo Brawed Duck leg and black truffle, just names flood craving in the mouth of many. Le Cirque is known for its elegant setting and luxury sitting. Le Cirque, Newyork's landmark offers an Avant grand bar and the most trendy walk-in wine cellar. Ending your super luxury weekend here at Le Cirque will get you contented.

This was our roadmap for your luxury weekend containing all classy vibes to make you feel smug.


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