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Timeless Elegance: Exploring the Top Luxury Watch Brands in India

Written By Riddhi Joshi

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Best Indian Watch Brand

Watches never go out of style instead it adds more fun and glory to your personality, this article is all about the luxury watch brands in India. Watches no doubt add a style but, finding a right watch is a task with so many premium and luxury watch brands available in the market selecting the right one can become a little difficult, but no worries, we can help you.

We have included the most luxurious and premium watch brand in this article to help you add more new watches in your collection.

1. Nebula by Titan

Indian Luxury Watch

Titan is one of the most popular india brand that sold watches for men & women, the brand has great reputation when it comes to purchasing a high quality premium watch. The most luxurious and premium watch of Titan include Nebula by Titan. It is an most exclusive watch collection that has various watches in 18k to 22k gold.

Nebula By Titan

The watches are beautifully embellished with pearls and diamonds. The nebula watches is also available in bracelet or kada form giving watches a unique style. Nebula by titan mainly range from Rs. 29,000 to 6.25 lakhs.

Indian Luxury Watch Brands

2. Extraterrestrial By The Bangalore Watch Company

Bangalore watch company is the leading premium watch company in india, it design high quality automatic watches. The watches are especially designed with high quality materials like crystals, surgical steels, and Swiss automation. The watches are best to wear with formals, traditional and for every occasion, inspired by sports, give it a classical touch with the help of leather and has 100M water resistance.

The extraterrestrial watch is the most premium and limited edition watch, the watch is most specifically designed and has a classic luxurious touch. The price of Extraterrestrial is Rs. 1,86,000. The Bangalore watch company watches price ranges from Rs. 40,000 and can go up to Rs. 2,00,000.

Luxury Watch In India

3. Devanagari Gold Plated By Jaipur Watch Company

Jaipur watch company is one of the most leading watch brands of India that delivers, the brand offers some of the best wristwatches with unique designs. The brand main focus is to deliver a message to the customers while adding a heritage and classic traditional touch to the watches. It has some of the best watch collection like, pichwai collection filled with tradition modern pichwai paintings by creating a pichwai dial.

Another special collection is Filigree II that is especially designed with fine threads to precious metals giving a luxury and indian touch to a watch. The devanagari watch collection comes under Baagh collection specially designed in with colored cases that has roman and devanagari numerical on it. It is an water resistant watch made up with 43mm stainless steel. The dial of the watch is designed in the form of one rupee coin that has a walking tiger means bagh in Hindi. The price starts from Rs. 16,000 and goes up to Rs. 2,00,000.

Indian Watch Brand

4. Titan Edge Mechanical

Titan again presents a grand watch, Titan edge mechanical is the slimmest watch. It has a thickness of 5.85mm it becomes the most premium and luxury watch in india. The watches are designed in rose gold and stainless steel model which cost up to Rs. 2,19,500.

Titan Company

Every model comes with a 5 year warranty. It has two to three designs: the rose gold dial with black leather straps or brown straps, whereas the silver stainless steel with either black or silver straps. Titan edge comes under a limited edition watch collection.

Indian Wrist Watch Brands

5. Lava By Horpa

Horpa is the most trendiest brand in the indian market, it is mainly signifies sportiness, elegance, affordability and passion. It is a one such brand where sports meet elegance. The watches are of premium quality, one such edition is lava that is designed with crystals and has 45mm fine polish and satin finish stainless steel designed with the uniqueness with 3 layer dial and black leather strap. The watch cost up-to Rs. 16,500/- and goes beyond.

Indian Luxury Watch Market

So, here the list of classic indian watches comes to an end, watches add lot more variety into your personality brings out the most classical vibe. The above mentioned brands are the best indian brands that has the most expensive watch collection. So don't forget to gift yourself a luxurious watch.

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