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You Must Know These Top 4 Luxury Yacht In The World !

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Written By Gehna Batra

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale



Luxury yachts are extraordinarily glamorous, their cost and maintenance are very high. They have everything to make you feel like a king or queen, it will be like your own Palace. Luxury yachts are not something seen commonly, there are very few luxury yachts in the world. It can have a swimming pool, scuba gear, jet ski, accommodation of 35-45 guests, space for approximately 60 people for maintenance, food, drinks, bulletproof windows, sports activities, wonderful interiors, drones, dive centers, and many more. It is a dream of many of us to live a luxurious lifestyle, who knows one day you own a luxurious yacht! So now you can think of why luxury yachts are so expensive!

Here is the list of Top 4 luxury yachts in the world:

Yacht Luxury

The owner of this elegant yacht is a citizen of UAE, who is a member of a royal family. The price of this yacht is very high, its length is 590 feet. The interiors of this yacht are wonderful, it is designed by Christophe Leonie. It has a unique design and is one of the most difficult yachts to be constructed. The speed of this amazing yacht is thirty-five kmph. It has cabins for thirty-six guests and can accommodate 80 crew members. It is designed in French Style, it is the world’s largest yacht.

Azzam is an amazing yacht. I was hoping for more wind to really see what she could do but I enjoyed the racing tremendously. - Cafu
Yacht Cost

The owner of this stunning yacht is Roman Abramovich, he is a billionaire of Russia. The price of this luxurious yacht is $1.5 Billion. It has a unique intruder detection missile system. This yacht is 533 feet, it was built by Voss and Blohm and the designer is Terence Disdale. You would be thinking what are the luxury things in this world’s second most luxury yacht? It has two helipads, two marvelous swimming pools, one dance hall, twenty-four cabins for guests, bulletproof windows, hot tubs, one mini-submarine, and many more. It is maintained by the Blue Ocean Yacht Management Team. It can accommodate up to 92 crew members!

3. Dilbar

Yacht With Sails

It is a stunning luxury superyacht, it is designed by two brilliant designers Andrew Winch and Espen Oeino. It’s building process was completed on 14 November 2015, it is a displacement yacht. The length of this superyacht is 156m, it has cabins for 40 passengers and more then 80 crew members. This amazing yacht has 2 helipads, one swimming pool, bars, barbecues, stunning interiors, 3,800 sqm of living area, and many more luxurious things.

4. Streets of Monaco

The price of this wonderful yacht is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, its length in feet is 500. Streets of Monaco is popularly also known as the floating city, but why is it called a floating city? It is called so because it has cafes, bars, 3-floor bedrooms, balconies, helicopters, dressing rooms, barbecues, submarines, a swimming pool, beautiful interiors, so many crew members, and many more. It also has a beautiful, worth-watching mini waterfall and underwater viewing deck.

Luxury Yacht Charter

All four yachts are unique and very expensive, owned by some of the richest people in the world. These yachts have everything to live like a king or queen. It has everything to make you feel awesome, you will never wish to leave these yachts, once you step in. These yachts are built to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and forget about all the troubles in life, living in them is like heaven. Superyachts are like the favorite toys of wealthy people, they can live on these for months and forget about rest of the world.

We would like to know which is your favorite yacht and why?



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You Must Know These Top 4 Luxury Yachts In The World. Find Out About Yachting & Yacht With Sails. Know The Real Yacht Cost. Find Luxury Yacht Charter & Read More About Yacht Luxury At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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