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Mittyesque Gurgaon : A Whimsical Escape Within the Heart of Gurugram !

Updated: Mar 28

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Mittyesque Cafe

Nestled high above the city, Mittyesque Gurgaon emerges as a dreamy bohemian oasis, inviting patrons into a world of modern architecture and exquisite indulgences. This high-energy bar combines visual delight, artisanal cocktails that narrate tales in a glass, and a culinary fusion that transcends boundaries. From live artists and renowned DJs to unique culinary experiences, Mittyesque promises a dreamscape brought to life.

Mittyesque Gurgaon Cafe

Mittyesque Gurgaon is not just a bar; it's a symphony of circuits and frequencies, weaving a tapestry of music that transcends boundaries. The 25 ft long bar, adorned with subtle tones of wine and beige, offers a panoramic terrace view of Gurgaon. The carefully curated menu boasts Middle Eastern, Progressive Indian, Arabic, European, and Pan Asian dishes, providing a feast for both the eyes and the palate. This article delves into the key aspects that make Mittyesque stand out – its vibrant vibe, eclectic decor, immersive music, inventive cocktails, diverse cuisine, and the overall experience.

Mittyesque Gurgaon Bar

Vibe and Decor:

The atmosphere at Mittyesque Gurgaon is an exploration of whimsy, lustre, and uniqueness. The venue's daring daydream is evident in its subtle tones, 25 ft long bar, and an overlooking terrace that offers a captivating view of Gurgaon. A palette treat awaits patrons, featuring Middle Eastern, Progressive Indian, Arabic, European, and Pan Asian dishes. The careful fusion of design elements and cultural influences creates a space that's not just a bar but a haven for those seeking an escape within the city.

Mittyesque Gurgaon Photos

Music and High-Energy Atmosphere

Mittyesque is not just a bar; it's a pulsating dreamscape where music takes center stage. From techno nights that set the dance floor ablaze to soulful Sufi Soirées that transport patrons on a musical odyssey, Mittyesque promises a diverse range of experiences. The venue has hosted renowned artists like Prabh Music and Lakhwinder Wadali, offering electrifying nights filled with revelry. The afterparty for G-Eazy and the upcoming techno night with Armina DJ showcase Mittyesque's commitment to providing an unmatched high-energy atmosphere.

Mittyesque Gurgaon Drinks Menu


Mittyesque's cocktail menu is a captivating journey through four distinct eras, offering a modern take on classic cocktails. The 'O for Weekends' cocktail sets the tone for a fresh weekend, while Mon Chéri nights every Thursday offer complimentary cocktails for a vibrant Girls' Night out. From the wild revelry of the G-Eazy afterparty to the enchanting Burrata and Beetroot salad, each cocktail at Mittyesque is a mixology marvel, leading patrons through an unforgettable and diverse experience.

Mittyesque Gurgaon Menu


Mittyesque Gurgaon transcends the boundaries of culinary expectations with its diverse menu featuring Middle Eastern, Progressive Indian, Arabic, European, and Pan Asian dishes. Standout creations include the Beetroot Kebab, a modern take on the Indian palate, combining beetroot and truffle goat cheese with Arugula for a unique twist. The 'Hearty Chicken Affair,' also known as "Tortellini in Brodo," is a showstopper with goat cheese-stuffed tortellini paired with a creamy chicken broth, promising an indulgent experience.

For those seeking a taste of Thai flavors, the Thai Curry Bowl is a perfect harmony of Thai veggies, red curry wontons, charred corn kernels, jasmine rice, and Som Tom salad. The Handmade Mutton Minced, finished on Dum Pukht with curry leaves, and served with homemade pavs, showcases Mittyesque's modern take on Indian flavors, creating a complete delicacy.

Whether it's a refreshing Burrata and Beetroot salad or a soulful exploration of Indian flavors, Mittyesque's culinary offerings are a delightful journey for the discerning palate.

Mittyesque Gurgaon Restaurant

Mittyesque Gurgaon caters to diverse tastes, offering special events like Mon Chéri nights with complimentary cocktails for ladies every Thursday. The venue is not just a bar but a hub for unique experiences, from techno events that blend music and food delights to unforgettable sundowners.

Mittyesque Golf Course Extension Road

Mittyesque Gurgaon is more than just a bar; it's a daring daydream, a whimsical escape within the heart of Gurugram. This high-energy oasis, with its immersive music, inventive cocktails, and diverse cuisine, promises an unparalleled experience for those seeking something different. From the electrifying nights filled with revelry to the unique culinary masterpieces that tantalize the palate, Mittyesque is a connoisseur's delight. Escape within its walls, guided by mood and crafted with mastery, and let every moment be a takeaway that beckons you back.

Ratings Ambience - 8.5/10 Service - 7.5/10 Food & Drinks - 8/10

Mittyesque Gurgaon Location


Monday - Sunday

12 PM To 1 AM

Mittyesque Gurgaon Contact Number

+91 9990902284

+91 9990902281

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