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Exquisite Entertainment: A Glimpse Into The New OTT Release Shows For Discerning Tastes

Written By Bani Sachar

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OTT Releases This Week

While there’s really no shortage of great television content out there with themes of grandeur, wading through a chunk of weaker shows in order to get to the good stuff can test one’s patience– especially in the age of streaming. The good news is that streaming and binge-watching offer previously unlocked potential in terms of rewinding and catching up with some of the best television that viewers may have missed the first time around. New OTT movie releases and platform OTTs flood our streaming services daily.

Who doesn't love shows filled with extravagance and opulence? It’s always fascinating to see the displays of luxury through the characters’ multi-million dollar homes, exotic holidays, and designer wardrobes. Many of these shows have been good, but there are some that are truly unforgettable. Here are some cult recommendations for the best luxe binged OTT releases. These shows will give you a taste of what it's like to be a part of the one per cent!

Platform OTT

In the vibrant landscape of Indian entertainment, the emergence of Over-The-Top (OTT) platforms has been nothing short of revolutionary. These platforms deliver a myriad of content directly to viewers via the internet, bypassing traditional cable or satellite providers. From gripping dramas and engaging documentaries to comedy specials and reality shows, there's something for everyone. With major players like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and more vying for audience attention, the OTT industry in India is a rapidly evolving realm, providing a diverse and extensive range of content, reshaping how Indians consume entertainment, and revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

These great new shows to watch are going to be worth staying in for this weekend, so grab some popcorn and let the binge begin.

Made In Heaven Season 2

Made in Heaven- Amazon Prime Video

Made In Heaven is a romantic drama web series by Zoya Akhtar. This OTT release navigates the lives of Tara and Karan, who are partners in an upper-crust wedding planning business. At these opulent weddings, the duo’s service introduces them to the complexities of life, mistakes, lies and deception. In its newly released season 2, their wedding planning adventures go international this time round and feature more lavish weddings, more family dramas, more personal conflicts, and more social narratives. How can one resist this piping-hot serving of drama?

Jiocinema Online

Succession- Jio Cinema

With Succession, creator Jesse Armstrong established a strong cast of characters that have made a big impact on critics and viewers alike. It’s a show filled with grandiose in-fighting, Fortune 500 businesses, and brilliantly flawed characters that you love to hate while continuing to deliver some of the most dysfunctional family dynamics ever featured on television. What’s more, is that it single-handedly started the quiet luxury trend with the characters donning Loro Piana and Max Mara ensembles! You can’t get enough of this Emmy award-winning dramedy.

OTT Release This Week

Bridgerton- Netflix

Netflix Web Series

Who doesn’t love a good period drama? If you haven't jumped on the Bridgerton bandwagon yet you're seriously missing out! Think Pride & Prejudice meets Gossip Girl. Netflix's hit series follows London's elite, and with plenty of garden parties, balls and drawing-room dramas on the cards, it's only right that our favourite Dukes, Duchesses and debutantes don their finest Regency-era garb and breathtaking ballgowns to navigate life.

Netflix New Series

Inventing Anna- Netflix

A Netflix series based on real life faux-cialite Anna Delvey shows us how wealth and scandal go hand in hand. Posing as a German heiress, Anna bluffs her way through New York high society– staying at five stars and wearing designer labels. Swindling prominent banks and hotels, Anna almost had everyone fooled… almost. Once you start

Netflix Top Series

Emily in Paris- Netflix

One of the most binged OTTs on Ntelifx, Emily in Paris centres around Lily Collins' character, an ambitious twenty-something marketing executive from Chicago who moves to the fashion capital of the world. Emily unexpectedly lands her dream job at a luxury firm and embarks on a new life in Paris where she juggles a demanding career away from home, as well as drama-filled love triangles. You'll watch in envy of her chic couture wardrobe.

Great New Shows To Watch

Gilded Age- Jio Cinema

This HBO escapist period drama first burst onto screens in January 2022, giving us a glimpse into the luxury of the Upper East Side lifestyle. This binge-able OTT show sets invented melodrama within actual historical storylines. The tale of opulence, scandal and secrets is poised to grace screens once again this October as the second season drops.

Top Series English

White Lotus- Jio Cinema

Every season of Mike White’s “The White Lotus” kicks off with the mysterious death of someone at a luxurious five-star resort. Who died, how, and why? Dripping with dramatic irony and eclectic characters, these questions fuel the extraordinarily bingeworthy dramedy that earned 23 Emmy nods for its Italy-set season. In fact, the limited series was so outstanding it’s no longer limited at all, having been green-lit for 2 more seasons!

Top Series In Amazon Prime

In a world filled with streaming options, navigating the realm of television can be a journey through a sea of mediocrity before reaching the treasures. In this age of streaming, where new OTT releases flood our screens daily, finding shows exuding opulence and grandeur becomes a pursuit worth its weight in gold. Who can resist the allure of multi-million dollar homes, exotic holidays, and designer wardrobes displayed in these shows? Here's a curated list of binge-worthy OTT releases that promise a glimpse into the lavish lives of the one per cent.

From the romantic drama of "Made In Heaven" to the compelling family saga of "Succession," and the Regency-era elegance of "Bridgerton," these shows offer an exquisite taste of luxury. Explore the world of faux-cialite charm in "Inventing Anna" or revel in the Parisian adventures of "Emily in Paris." Unveil the secrets and scandals of the Upper East Side in "Gilded Age," or immerse yourself in the mysterious drama of "The White Lotus." Grab some popcorn and let this opulent binge-watching experience begin !

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Oct 25, 2023
Emily in Paris won my heart! I bought the collector's edition of this film and immediately watched it on my TV. After moving, I don’t have a DVD, and I rarely use TV. A couple of days ago I found this disk, but I can’t start it because there is no disk drive...
I struggled with this problem for a couple of days, but luckily I was able to find converters on this website that allow you to run this format on your computer without a disk drive!
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