Padmanabh Singh Luxury Lifestyle: The Prince of Jaipur

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Padmanabh Singh is a 23 years old prince of Jaipur also called pacho by his loved ones. Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh is the young Sovereign of Jaipur the city in the northwest popular for its pink architecture and supreme palaces.

Though his Royal title is still not recognized by the law as India is a democratic republic with a president and prime minister, he still gets respect in his hierarchical country where the society honors him despite the rapid social change. The wealth of the royal family is assessed between $697 million to $2.8 billion.

Padmanabh Singh Date of Birth - 2 July 1998

Luxury Lifestyles

Padmanabh Singh Luxury Lifestyle

Padmanabh Singh's lifestyle is luxurious yet very decent, he is the 303rd descendent of the royal family. He became the king after the death of his grandfather Sawai Man Singh Ji Bahadur who was also called the last maharaja of Jaipur.

Jaipur King

The Royal Family of Padmanabh Singh lives in the City Palace which was founded in 1727. The portions of the places are open for tourists and travellers.

A section of Jaipur's 300-year-old City Palace, which is home to the city's royal family, has been placed on the vacation lodging platform Airbnb as a bookable property. Tourists will be able to book the Gudliya Suite at the 1727-built City Palace on Airbnb starting November 23, with Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh — who is only 21 years old — becoming the first monarch to do so.

Padmanabh Singh Instagram

The young king has also featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list 2018 along with some well-known celebrities.

Padmanabh Singh Education

Padmanabh Singh's Education was completed in England and he left his city at the age of 4 and studied in a boarding school at Mayo College of Ajmer and Millfield School. Later went to England for further studies.

Luxury Travellers

Padmanabh Singh Travel Diaries

Padmanabh Singh Traveled has traveled to over 30+ countries and is a professional polo player. He loves to travel and called himself a dreamy traveler.

He says that travel is freedom and he loves to explore new places without too many responsibilities. He has traveled most of the world at the age of 23 and with his passion for playing polo in over 100 countries he is a part of the Indian polo team.

Not only alone but he loves to travel with his family to luxurious places, his great grandmother was a princess of Jodhpur, and visiting jodhpur to play polo is still his favorite thing to do.

He used to go on annual family vacations with his grandparents and they used to travel to London, Europe, and many other destinations.

When he went for his schooling in England at that time he traveled alone for the very first time and from then he liked his privacy and since then loves to travel on at least one solo trip a year.

Padmanabh Singh Family

Padmanabh Singh's Mother is Princess Diya Kumari who is a politician and member of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly.

Narendra Singh Padmanabh Singh

His Father Narendra Singh was a commoner and his mother was an only child of his grandparents, therefore, he became the king after the death of his grandfather.

His parents got separated after 21 years of marriage, Padmanabh Singh loves to spend most of his time traveling, playing polo and attending charity and fashion events.

Fashion is also another passion of Padmanabh Singh as he has walked the runway in 2018 for Dolce & Gabbana which was held in Milan Italy.

He always has a unique yet luxurious style to carry out himself wherever he goes because he is admired by his followers and fans, also his fans call him Style Icon because of the classic style taste he has.