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5 Reasons Why You Need Private Jet Luxury In Your Life

Written By Riddhi Joshi

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Private Jets

A private jet is something that gives you an amazing luxury travel experience. Not only a luxurious experience or amenities but it adds so much fun and fulfillment to your life.

Private jets give you more privacy and luxury, therefore, people nowadays love to travel in a private jet. Here in this article, we have listed 5 reasons that will make you understand why you need a private jet luxury in your life.

Reasons Why you need Private Jet Luxury

Private jets are becoming the center of attraction for the people because of the flexibility it offers, let's see the reasons in detail.

Private Jet Interior Design

1. Luxurious Sitting Space

Private jets never face a shortage of space, they are filled with luxurious sofas, recliners style seats, and entertainment consoles that give you complete VIP-like comfort. Even on the smallest jets, there are plenty of facilities, and personal space is provided.

Private jets are expanding their interiors to give their guests ample space for legroom and storage. It is soon gonna provide more luxury to the rooms and the zones playing with the furniture smartly and electronics smartly, like changing lights system, sound system, specialized leather sofas of premium quality and a lot more. The jets also have some of the best-established meeting rooms and conference facilities including built-in video systems, wifi access, luxury chairs, and every amenities that a business office has.

Private Jet In India

2. First Class Services

Services play a major role and are one of the biggest draws in private air travel. All the people who travel in private jets need to have services like food service, cleaning services, helper services, medical services, and a lot more.

The private jets have a cabin crew on hand that serves the passengers with every need and desire throughout the journey. The crew makes sure that it serves you with first-class service; they provide you with the service quicker and meet all your demands.

Not only first class service but private jet gives you a lot of relaxation and privacy with all of the luxury feels.

Private Jet Booking

Private Jet With Longest Range

The longest-range private jet in the world is the Bombardier Global 8000. It sets an unmatched record with a range of 14,631 kilometres. A private plane enabling quicker connectivity is the Global 8000.

3. On Board Catering

Private jets provide some of the best services by providing an inflight menu of the meals of every individual preference. The jet also has well-trained chefs and a full-service kitchen that gives you some of the finest foods, cuisines, beverages, and every type of meal that you wish to eat. You can request your favorite meals anytime being on a private jet.

4. Pet accommodation

As you know, most of us love to travel with our pets and most of us find it interesting to take our pets wherever we travel. Private jets give you the pets accommodation where you can travel with your pets with some necessary vaccination and documents. This surely makes your travel experience comfortable and Luxurious.

5. Dedicated Bedroom And Kitchen

Larger private jets often have well-established and dedicated bedrooms with traditional king-size beds for providing you the complete relaxation and the private jets also have master suites just like a hotel room of a luxury five-star hotel. It has a well equipped kitchen that has all amenities that make you feel like home.

Private Jet Price

So when we discussed the cost of Flying a private jets there were mainly two options.

1. Buying a private jet Price in India which can cost up to $8.5 million for a small citation jet and up to $75million for a Gulfstream G700.

2. Buying fractional ownership that allows you to pay only for an hour.

Private Jet Cost In India

Not many people want to buy a private jet and therefore let's talk about the fractional ownership cost which starts at $300,000 and can go up to $ 1 million. They usually ask you to pay for several hours (24 to 48 hours) as things work differently for different jets so some may simply ask you to pay on an hourly basis.

If you are someone who has not experienced the luxury lifestyle of a private jet then now is the time. A private jet is one of the best options for adding all the luxurious amenities into your life by a dream living while flying in the air.

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