Know How Ranveer Singh Dress Luxuriously For Every Occasion

Updated: May 4

Written By Gehna Batra

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Ranveer Singh Style

We have seen the name of Ranveer Singh in the headlines many times for his good sense of humor and energy. But many other things make him stand out of the crowd! One of the things is his luxurious outfits. He surprises everyone when he comes out in public with his stunning luxurious outfits. His unusual dressing style attracts everyone in the public. Everyone loves to see his captivating outfits. We know that you would love to know about his luxury branded outfits. So here are some of Ranveer Singh's luxury branded outfits that you would love to see!

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it. ~Edith Head

Ranveer Singh Suit

1. Gucci Wool Coat

Ranveer Singh is often seen wearing a Gucci reversible wool coat, whether at the airport or certain events. He has worn this jacket before in a stadium, and you will be surprised to hear the price of the jacket. Do you know the cost of his coat? This Gucci jacket has an exorbitant price of Rs 3 Lakh.

Ranveer Singh Dress Style

2. Floral Gucci Jacket

Known for his unusual avatar, Ranveer Singh was seen wearing a Ken Scott floral print cotton zip-up jacket by Gucci, which costs around Rs 1 Lakh. He paired the jacket with his wide-leg velvet trousers for Rs 91,000. He completed the outfit with his current obsession, a stretchy Gucci headband that costs around Rs 19,000.

Gucci Jacket Price In India

3. Gucci Co-ord Set

Ranveer Singh loves high fashion brands. The actor was seen wearing a coordinated costume of Gucci jackets and pieces. The cost of this is around Rs 1 Lakh. The whole outfit has a boxy print and he paired it with striking white checkered sneakers.

Ranveer Singh Fashion

4. Clockwork Orange Jacket

This jacket worn by Ranveer Singh is a collaboration between Valentino and Undercover. It features prints of Stanley Kubrick's 1971 classic, A Clockwork Orange, and comes with a price tag of around Rs 1 Lakh. The actor was seen clicking photos of this outfit and was looking dashing in this outfit.

Ranveer Singh Clothes

5. Printed Shirt of Versace

On the set of Season 6 of Koffee With Karan, Ranveer was seen wearing a Versace print silk shirt. This shirt costs around Rs 1 Lakh. He paired it with many necklaces and rings. Continuing with the printed tops, this shirt and shorts combo from Versace is cool and playful. Not the kind of outfit most men would wear in public, even when taking on a challenge. As always, his confidence in that outfit shined through. The heavy white sneakers are by Gucci.

Ranveer Singh Outfits

6. Gucci Star Print Shirt

When Rohit Shetty's Cirkus was announced in October 2020, Ranveer Singh wore an outfit that left us speechless. Interestingly, the oversized Gucci star print shirt that Ranveer Singh wore was priced at Rs 80,000. This shirt has also been worn by Korean musician RM, of the world-famous group BTS. The silk shirt reminds people of the night sky. There are some stars printed all over the place to accentuate the look of the outfit. Do you know about the collection of this shirt? It comes from Gucci's PreFall 2020 collection.

Ranveer Singh Dressing Sense

7. Alphabet Printed Co-ord Outfit of Versace

This outfit that Ranveer Singh wears is a perfect match for his taste for bright and flashy colors. He wore a matching outfit with Versace