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5 Fashion Tips For Upcoming Season By Kavita Arora Fashion Designer In India

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

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Fashion carries the same nature as our emotions do "it keeps on changing". Sticking to the old one & not picking up the trends can kill the vibe easily, but there is always a way out to catch the missing train, What you need is just a hand and Kavita Arora a fashion megastar will provide you with that. So none of us falls short in a race of fashion.



Toughest times lead to most innovative ideas & what was tougher than this pandemic. Only that everyone was focused was on being safe but What if we are allowed to stay safe and sexy both at the same time. Everyone is fed up with seeing those white-blue-black boring masks so why don't we try out some more colors from the rainbow. New and trendy styles wait for fashion enthusiasts. Time over of those blank boring oldies, it's time to pick one-word tag masks with beautiful colors. Masks by Kavita Arora had also joined the elegant bandwagon of elegance. Net and trendy masks add o fashion Masks by her are always fashionable comfortable, safe, reusable and of course Antimicrobial. What can be better than being safe and being in your best look? Gloves also add up to wonderful attire, mask and gloves blend always stay in vogue and also turned a fad recently.

Tips Of Fashion


Destination weddings are trending bit fashion never settles it varies differently but common one thing is "comfort with a cherry of elegance. What if that too turns out pocket-friendly, of course, it is such a stirring combination. Imagine yourself in a red wine dress that matches your vibe and your aura that will give you a completely classy and sovereign look with Kavita Arora's collection and directions.

June Couture


A lot of hustle and running from one corner to another take place on the wedding day but one thing that can't be missed is details like hair-makeup-accessories & outfits as these things collectively construct those lovely glances and gazes of our couple which is going to stay forever in family albums and phone wallpapers. The only way to be stress-free is to get all this done beforehand, the only thing not to keep ready beforehand is last-minute cousin jokes.

Kavita Arora keeps an eye on your comfort and never lets the fashion be compromised she introduces chic loungewear for their clients to make them more classy than ever before.

How do you pronounce Junne?
Just like you say the month June- but it has nothing to do with the month of June.
(“N” is silent).

Luxury Loungewear Fashion


Dresses go with your body just focus on the word "your" each body type deserves special love it's just a matter of minute details. On some people, long strips suit on some broader ones all about your choices. So get guided right and love your body types each one of us needs special fashion and yours is already in the store so Hurry up !

Fashion Tips For Body Types

Looking to a dummy and thinking of a combination suiting you is the same as being in a ship whose captain had just heard stories of sailing.

Find your balance and ratio of fashion with Kavita Arora's Junne couture and embrace your beauty. Apple body type has its fashion statement so do the pear body types, but the goal remains the same to be admired and look swanky and Kavita Arora serves it all.


Don't feel guilty about our missing those dresses the in back of your wardrobe as this festive season is a reunion time but with a flavor of modish decorations. That old skirt can get some pebbles installed or that shirt can get a new print all on your choice & on trending fashion attires. Having fun glows up your face as well as looks and a healthy relationship with your outfit is need of the hour. Try a new combination with some oldies from your wardrobe like your blazer is not bound to be worn with pants any more as saree, shorts or skirts too crave for blazer look Mix and match your outfits because your life is all about getting some beautiful combinations.

Famous Fashion Designers In India

About Kavita Arora

Kavita Arora has mastery over various aspects of fashion all of the last minute details people miss are addressed beforehand by her. Kavita had broken all fashion norms with her style statement. Her idea of love and trends had shaped this clothing line. If you want to buy some comfortable yet trendy fashion for home our collection answers it all.

The sense of fashion Kavita Arora carries is inspired by the beautiful and divine greek goddess. As goddess guides her clothing line, she directs her clients to be in vogue and stay classy.These were some bucket of tips from the ocean of fashion knowledge Kavita Arora carries. Why wait for an event? Why can't we celebrate ourselves in this high paced life, why can't we ace our walk with elegance? So guys Be trendy! Be happy! Be fashionable.

Junne Couture

The name Junne is inspired by a Greek Goddess Hera also know as Juno. She is the goddess of women, marriage and family. As Junne is a women centric brand nothing better to resonate with a beautiful & divine Greek goddess.

Junne, like all great things, was started as a small idea conceived by Kavita Arora & her love for fashion & style. Constant need for making clothes for herself encouraged her to start designing and channeling her talent into setting up a retail in couture as you may all know of Junne Couture, by Junne, which now is diversified into Shop Junne.


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