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You Must Checkout These Top 5 Best Bikini Beaches

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

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Beach Australia

When thinking of Australia there are endless possibilities for stunning instagram worthy beaches. Some of the best beaches in the world reside in our beautiful country. From East to West; North to South; covering 30,000 Kilometres off phenomenal coastline we have the continent Australia. Take a dive into our beautiful country and see what our top five beach destinations to visit are in Australia.

Beach Of Australia


Byron Bay, the most Eastern point of Australia in the North of New South Wales. This beach is full of holiday goers, and the home of Longboard surfers in the 60s. Now one of the popular surfing locations and home of the hippie lifestyle. Full of festivals, markets and beautiful beaches. Find everything you need on this sleepy tourist destination.

Beach In Australia


This sandy low-lying island was formed on limestone. Rottnest Island is one of Western Australia’s famed beaches known for its native marsupial the Quokka, found almost know where else in the world ! Rottnest received its name after the adorable creatures when European visitors mistaken the Quokka for a rat. One of the favourite beaches in Australia; surely Aussie brands like Bikini Beach Australia has named their textured cheeky 80s cut bikini after the fun lovin island and creatures on Rottnest. This easily accessible paradise is all a traveler needs to jump out of the hustle and bustle in Perth.

Best Beach In Australia


Stretching 22 Kilometres of Broome, Western Australia this epic Aussie destination named after the telegraph cable laid between Broome and Java in 1889. Little did you now that Cable beach is flooded with camels; take a tour at sunset in style with these beautiful Australian native creatures. From the mangrove lined shores to the endless sunsets feel the endless summer ambiance in Cable Beach, Australia.


Whitehaven Beach is a 7 Kilometre stretch along Whitsunday Island in Queensland. There are 74 pristine islands that make up the Whitsunday Islands. They each have their own charm but Whitehaven beach is known for its beauty; white as snow sand and crystal clear water who could ask for a better beach destination to relax. Being one of the most famous beaches in Australia; brands like Bikini Beach Australia have named their high end pieces after this gorgeous place. Each of their swimwear designs are named after a renowned beach in Aus to celebrate their home. The stunning waters and pure fine silica sand make Whitehaven Beach a top destination when on the hunt for the best beaches in Australia.

Instagram Beach Bikini
Beautiful Beaches In Australia


The most instagrammed beach in Australia is Bondi Beach. Sydney’s most famous beach destination full of culture history and beautiful bikini babes. Bondi is the home of the first life saving club in the world. It is easily accessible from the city centre making it every tourist and locals first stop when in Sydney for the sun, sand and sea. This dreamy location is the home of Bikini Beach Australia and it’s fully reversible collection. This beach is one not to miss; full of rich nightlife, cafes, surfing, beachgoers and fun. There is never a dull moment when beachside in Bondi. To see amazing beach shoots and picturesque scenes from our favourite Bondi designer swim label visit Bikini Beach Australia or to get social check out their instagram and facebook. Look out for their latest designed named after their home and favourite beach destination; Bondi Beach.

Beach Body


Bikini Beach Australia


We are a woman owned designer swimwear label founded in Bondi Beach. Our goal is to celebrate the female form by creating pieces that are suitable for all shapes and sizes. Our label was envisioned as an expression of empowering women in every aspect of their swimwear lifestyle.


I have always been inspired by travel. It is a passion that has encompassed Bikini Beach's journey throughout the collections. I believe in taking aspects of our world experiences and translating them into each piece. Every design is named after a beach, island or paradise destination in Australia; keeping our passion for our home a part of each line's design concept.

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