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You’ll Be Surprised To See These Top 5 Luxury Hotels Singapore !

Written By Gurnoor Kaur

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Hotels OF Singapore

The word Luxury perfectly suits Singapore which provides a huge market for royal and people seeking a rich stay during their vacation or business tour, Singapore is the best destination. There, one can find the world’s fine deluxe hotels which provide world-class magnificent, and Martinique because of their amenities and services provided along with h best views. Singapore offers various top best lush hotels for stays among which one can choose what attracts them the most but it is not going to be an easy task as all of them are the best and it is hard to choose one among the best royal hotels.

5 Top Luxury Hotels in Singapore 🇸🇬

These the are top five grand hotels in Singapore:

Best Hotels Of Singapore

1. The Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Singapore is one of the top royal hotels in Singapore located only 18km from Singapore Changi Airport which offers premium opulent stays. Its splendid five stars treatment attracts people to have the experience of one of the best grand stays. This luxurious hotel offers the best spa service and a world-famous infinity pool which allow you to have a lavish experience that can never be forgotten. The Marina Bay Sands has different suites depending on their features which range from SGD 1,010 (USD729/ INR57,188) to SGD 2,145 ( USD1,549 / INR 1,21,515) per person per night.

The suites are categorized based on locations such as ground floor suites, garden view suites, orchid suites, harbour view suites, city view suites, and many more. This hotel of Singapore lets you have the best nightlife with the best cuisines in its many restaurants and bars which adds to its comfort and enrich your staying experience by providing the best ornate treatment and facilities. This doesn’t only provide you with posh food service and amenities, it also provides theatre service exclusively for its customers. So, they take care of all of your needs that need to be fulfilled to make your stay classy and comfortable.

Best Hotel At Singapore

2. Raffles Singapore

The raffle is not just a name, it’s another name for luxury and icon. This upmarket architecture is of the colonial period which dates 130 years past and now after restoration, it is still the same iconic Raffle with enhanced comfort and luxury to offer. After the restoration, it has emerged as one of the top giant hotels in Singapore with colonial features along with modern amenties.

It has a special part in its campus where memories of celebrities, who have stayed and experienced their peace giving vibe, have been allocated which proves its ritzy worth. The best thing about this swanky hotel is its suites which are designed according to the needs of customers and can be customized according to what kind of royality and stay they want. The price range of Raffles' suites differs from SGD 1,019 (INR 80,000/USD1,416) to SGD 1677 ( INR 95,000/USD 1211) which includes additional charges for food too and this is the cost for only one person per night. Its swish stays will offer you the best view of Palm Garden, the best services, and top-class food & beverages which are special and limited to The Raffle only. Its spa, bars, variety of food, mediation center, and splendid architecture will add to your palatian stay at Raffle Singapore which is worth being called the top luxury hotel in Singapore.

Singapore Luxury Hotel

3. The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore

Singapore has impressive as its nickname and its worth because it provides each type of comfort and The Fullerton Bay Hotel helps Singapore to maintain the top place in terms of royality. This stylish stay is just 25 minutes’ driving distance from Changi International Airport which means it has one of the best locations to explore. This hotel has an excellent dining option and also provides grand conference space. It provides excellence in terms of excellent room service, a free large parking area, and rooms with high-tech facilities. The Fullerton Bay Hotel has upscale suites which include a presidential suite and Theme suite along with affluent deluxe rooms. The presidential suite costs SGD 6,720 ( USD 4,849 / INR 3,80,470) per night per person excluding other charges, and the suite provides the best bay view while staying. Theme suites cost SGD 2,995 (USD 2,161 / INR 1,69,532) to SGD 2,546 (USD 1837 / INR 1,44,104) upon size. It offers all the modern ways of living including a fitness center, amazing spa center, Lounge, splendid bathroom, and many more. Its splendid rooftop pool and bar are the best of their kind one can have in Singapore.

Famous Hotel Of Singapore

4. Resorts World Sentosa – Beach Villas

This affluent property provides villas located on the beach with beautiful accommodation. These villas are located on the western tip of Sentosa Island, an excellent location to enjoy which is just a 7-minute walk from Festive Walk, a famous tourist attraction. These villas are fully air-conditioned and have the architecture at its best. These beaches provide incredible service to their customers who seek easy stays. They also have private pools which are very spacious and have all kinds of comforts in the form of large king-size beds which are very comfortable for stay. This five-star hotel has the best ocean suites, structured like a two-story townhouse, providing the best land & sea view, and the suite costs SGD 2,422( USD1,748 / INR1,37,167) per night for one person excluding extra charges like tax and food charges. It has something for people interested in the game of golf; it has a golf center within its campus of 3km where you can enjoy the game while enjoying the assitance provided by the hotel. Its staffs are amazingly loving and will help you throughout and its incredible hospitability makes your stay convenient and comfortable.

Singapore Top Hotels

5. The Barracks Hotel Sentosa

The Barracks Hotel Sentosa is located on the island of Sentosa which is only 22 minutes away from Singapore Changi Airport, and easily accessible for a lavish stay. Its amazing location allows exploring more as it has various malls and restaurants to visit. This splendid hotel provides The Barracks Heritage Safari to get you acquainted with the rich cultural heritage and history of the hotel which belonged to the colonial period. This hotel has a rich cultural experience to offer along with peace & comfort. The hotel has many fancy rooms along with a garden suite which cost from SGD 906( USD 654 / INR51,310) to SGD (USD773 / INR60,711) depending upon the bed size and facilities available. Its pool, Gym, living room, and spa adds to its amenities to make the stay comfortable. It has the best comforting facilities to offer which also enable you to have privacy and space as it has private lounges too. Along with royality and comfort, it offers the best hospitality and service to ensure that it is worth being called one of the best magnificent hotels in Singapore.

Best Hotels In Singapore

Being the country with the top lush hotels in the world, Singapore provides the most fancy stays to people coming across the globe. Its hotel is amazingly beautiful because of its locations, amenities, suites, and epitome of comfort. One can never regret the exeprience of stay in Singapore for their whole life; their hospitability is another thing that makes the stay beautiful and memorable. It is very important to note that these hotels add memories to every element may it be suites or bathrooms, so it is worth the word Beauty. So, Singapore has just the right thing for you and your hunt for me time will end here with a victory.

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