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Whisky Cocktail - Zen

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Zen Cocktail Recipes By Mixologist Prateek Gusain

Cocktail With Recipe

Prep Time : 2 minutes | Difficulty : Easy | Serves : 1

Zen Cocktail Curated in 2017 by PRATEEK GUSAIN. Zen means “Meditation”. The Inspiration for Zen cocktail came from my hometown KOTDWAR, Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. Where I always found peace when I did meditation in the hills. Hills stations are famous for bringing peace in one’s life as it’s believed that mother nature heals everybody both physically & mentally. Zen cocktail symbolises peace and harmony. In my culture people prefer tea in day time and whisky at night, this cocktail is a mixture of my culture and is dedicated to my hometown.


Whisky Based Cocktails

Method -:

Step 1.

Take a tea pot and put thyme, hibiscus flower tea and add hot water in it. Keep it on side for 1 minute 30 second so that it can infuse with flavor.

Step 2.

Take a tea cup and pour some hot water to make the cup hot, after 20 seconds empty the cup and add Singleton 12yo, DOM Benedictine and Chocolate Bitter into the tea cup. Now flame it for 10 second.

Step 3.

Pour Hibiscus flower tea infused with thyme in the cup and spray orange bitter on drink.

Step 4.

Garnish it with orange zest & thyme - Flavor (floral) and give Homemade Demerara syrup on side.


Now Enjoy Your Perfect

Whisky Cocktail At Home

Thanks To PRATEEK GUSAIN Mixology Custodian At Slique Delhi for sharing Zen Cocktail Recipe.

Currently, Working as a Mixology Custodian At Slique Delhi. He has 7 years experience in Bar Industry and has worked with Golf Bar – ITC Maurya, The Library Bar – The Leela Palace and The Whisky Bar & Brewpub.

Winner of 2017 Most Innovative Bartender, Represented INDIA in 26th Asia – Pacific Bartender Of The Year held in SINGAPORE, and took part in many other cocktail competitions like WORLD CLASS India, Bacardi Legacy, Ultimate Bartender Championship and American Legacy.

 Life Motto“Life is short. Explore, Learn, Experiment with Challenge and try to be perfect” ~Prateek Gusain

Instagram - @delhi_Royale


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