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Whiskey Sour Ingredients That You Need To Add For A Perfect Whiskey Sour Cocktail !

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

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Prep Time : 2 mins | Difficulty : Medium | Serves : 1

Whisky Sour Cocktail Recipe

The original big three—spirit, lemon, and sugar—combine to make the classic sour, one of the oldest forms of drink. The Whiskey Sour, which has been satisfying thirsty drinkers for almost 150 years, falls into this category.

Whisky Sour History

It's unclear when (or who) the cocktail was created, but it has a long history dating back to the Lincoln administration, with the first printed recipe appearing in the famous "Jerry Thomas Bartenders Guide" in 1862.

Whisky Sour Egg White

With the egg white, it is sometimes called a Boston Sour
Ingredients In Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Cocktails At Home India
The Wisconsin daily, Waukesha Plain Dealer, published the earliest historical mention of whiskey sour in 1870.

Whisky Sour Cocktail Recipe

Method -:

Step 1.

Pour bourbon, simple syrup, lemon juice, 2 spoons of egg whites in a mixing glass. Now dry shake for 30 seconds without ice.

Step 2.

Now add ice cubes to the shaker and shake it again until it's chilled. Take an old fashioned glass, drop a big cube of ice and then fine strain the mixer into it.

Step 3.

Garnish the cocktail whisky sour with lemon peel and a luxardo or maraschino cherry.

Ingredients For Whiskey Sour

Whiskey Sours were historically created with whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, and egg white, which tames the tartness and gives the drink a richer, smoother texture. Today, the egg is optional, and it's usual to see Whiskey Sours served without it. Give it a try if you want to sample the original version of the drink and get some protein into your system. When using egg white, do a "dry shake" by shaking all of the ingredients without ice first, then shaking with new ice. This smart approach combines all of the elements into a single packaging.

Whisky Sour Recipe

Here's A Video By Preppy Kitchen On How To Make A Whiskey Sour

It also is referred to as a New York Sour with a few bar spoons with full bodied red wine floating above.
Whiskey Sour Makers Mark

Maker's Label is an outstanding example of the finest Kentucky bourbon straight whiskey. Like any whiskey, it is mostly distilled from maize and malt barley is tossed into the mix. But this whisky comes with an overturn that helps determine its distinctive flavour and does not use the more traditional rye for red winter wheat. This single ingredient imparts a rich and soft sweetness, which made Maker's mark one of the world's most famous bourbons.

Makers Mark Whiskey Sour

This whiskey has no statement of age, unlike many others. This is because the distillery is proud to extract the liquor from the fresh American oak barrels of burnt oak, it is aged "when it's done."

This whisky can also prepare some of the most amazing whiskey cocktails you can enjoy. It is a bourbon that can never trick you, if you're a long time fan, or foresee your very first sip.

Makers Mark Price In India

Delhi Duty Free - 1000 ml : Rs. 3,740/-

Delhi - 750 ml : Rs. 4,180/-


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Whiskey Sour Ingredients That You Need To Add For A Perfect Whiskey Sour Cocktail ! Do You Know Special Ingredients For Whiskey Sour. Try Easy Whisky Sour Cocktail Recipe. Find Out Why Whisky Sour Egg White Is Important For Whisky Sour Drink. Checkout Whiskey Sour Makers Mark Version. Find Out Whiskey Cocktails At Home India At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog

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