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You Must Checkout These 4 Luxury Houseboats !

Written By Riddhi Joshi

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Vacation in houseboats is something that gives a serene and heavenly experience of a lifetime. Waking up in the middle of the night and water floating in the background, and experiencing the sunrise on your Houseboat it's something that makes your luxurious vacation a memorable one.

Traveling in a houseboat will make you feel more connected to nature and give you hotel-style amenities and offer you to experience many water activities.

In this article, we have included the 4 best and most luxurious houseboats to make your luxury vacation a trip a memory for a lifetime.

Luxury Travel'

4 Luxury Houseboats

Here is the list of 4 luxury Houseboats that you must add to your list if you are planning for a houseboat luxurious vacation.

1. Floating Seahorse

The real estate agency Kleindienst group is constructing a series of Luxurious villas which are nicknamed Floating Seahorses and these villas are part of the company's heart of Europe development.

The Dubai-based luxury houseboat is also called the floating Seahorse villa. The Boat has the shape of an artificial archipelago like the earth's continents and The two levels of floating seahorses are located above sea level which gives a beautiful view. The Houseboat has 4000 square feet of space and the cost of the floating Seahorse is about $1.8 million.

The houseboat has three levels and the third level is submerged underwater that has bedrooms and bathrooms to witness and admire the marine life. Seahorse also has a luxurious protected area with an artificial coral reef to live and breed safely that is specially created for the endangered species, the actual seahorses. with a jaw-dropping view. It has an aquarium view from your bedroom below the sea level to enjoy nature.

The sea level has modern amenities like a kitchen, dining area, sundeck, floor-to-ceiling windows, and a beautiful plunge pool. The best part about the floating seahorse is that the above sea level has a mini-bar and a hot tub. The villas have wifi connections and the latest technology apps for remote controlling and other gadgets.

The staying price starts from 2,25000 INR.

Luxury Houseboats In Kashmir

2. The lake Dal Mascot Houseboat

Mascot Houseboat which is a part of the Mascot Travel has a rich history since the 1880s and is crafted with beautifully handcrafted art. The houseboat is located on Nigeen Lake and is the perfect example of old-age architecture and has spellbound luxury.

Luxury Houseboats In Dal Lake

The decor inside the boat is created with the subtle Amazon wooden craving that enhances the sheen. Macon houseboat is the synonym of leisure and luxury that is displayed beautifully and has the awesomeness of a bygone era representing the string of familial heritage of the Tuman family who were the pioneers of tourism in Kashmir.

The mascot is also a representation of art and culture showcasing the richness and royalty of Muslim architecture.

Best Houseboat Dal Lake

The boat has accommodations like a standard room, premium room, Kohinoor Suite, Theme Room, shamah suite, premium suite, etc. It also has many facilities: a cafe, a Games room, wifi access, a mini bar, a spa/ hot tub/jacuzzi, Concierge, fishing, motorized water activities, and a lot more. The starting price of the stay starts from INR 13000 to INR15000 for one night.

3. Bosco

Bosco was an old cargo barge that is used to carry grain and coal throughout Europe which was turned into a modern luxurious floating abode by the directors of LAB Architects. Bosco is a modern house that is listed for $1.8 million and is split over two levels offering 2150 Square feet of interior space.

The layout of the Bosco has 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, two living areas, an open plan kitchen, a dining room, and a banquette cinema that is cleverly hidden in a bow. The decor of the Bosco has posh furniture, charming original features, brass portholes, oak paintings, and parquetry flooring. Offering uninterrupted views across thame and the imperial wharf on the north bank.

Luxury Houseboats In Alleppey

4. Leia Cruise

Boat House Alleppey

Leia Cruise is a best houseboat combining world charm with modern furnishings. It lets you explore the backwaters with the finest food prepared on board, with a private balcony, providing you all the feels of a true 5 star hotel.

The houseboat offers you top notch activities, and numerous facilities. It offers private dining, board games, sit out areas and a beautiful sunrise view.

Luxury Houseboats Alleppey

The location of the Leia Cruise is kayippuram jetty, Muhammad p.o Alazppuzha Kerala. The price starts from INR 22000 to 28000 for one night stay.

So here the list of 4 luxurious houseboats comes to an end. We have included the best and luxurious houseboat to make your vacation a trip to remember.

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