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You Must Checkout The Only Top 5 Luxury Trains OF India

Updated: Nov 14, 2022


Who Are The New Breed Of Maharajas

Padmanabh Singh is a 23 years old prince of Jaipur also called pacho by his loved ones. Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh is the young Sovereign of Jaipur the city in the northwest popular for its pink architecture and supreme palaces.

Though his Royal title is still not recognized by the law as India is a democratic republic with a president and prime minister, he still gets respect in his hierarchical country where the society honors him despite the rapid social change. The wealth of the royal family is assessed between $697 million to $2.8 billion.

Now Let’s Checkout Top 5 Luxury Trains In India

The Maharajas Express is known as India's answer to the West's Orient Express. Flagged off in 2010, Maharaja Express offers three pan-Indian routes that cross some of India's most interesting geography and visit some of India's most popular tourist destinations.

Bring you back to an age of luxurious travel reflective of the Indian Maharajas.

Maharajas Express Train Route

With destinations comprising of a aesthetic heritage mix.

The uber-luxury Maharajas Express train, including the popular Golden Triangle tour circuit comprising Jaipur, Agra and Delhi, provides three pan-Indian trips.

Each of the signature trips provided by Maharajas Express is a pleasure to pursue, from the desert kingdom of Rajasthan to the Western Ghats in Maharashtra and from the holy Ghats of Varanasi to the Ancient Khajuraho temples.

Maharaja Express Presidential Suite

A total of 84 passengers could be transported by Maharajas Express in elegantly decorated cabins, including a luxurious presidential suite covering a whole carriage.

Offering luxurious living equivalent to 5 star living, the Presidential Suite. There are 2 pubs, a lounge bar with a library and a souvenir shop for visitors to enjoy in their travels.

A royal voyage on board Maharajas Express beckons the latest breed of connoisseurs of luxury for extraordinary trip like no other to explore the spirit of "Incredible India”.

Maharajas Express Interior

Maharaja Express Dining

Rang Mahal & Mayur Mahal

Accommodating 42 passengers in one go, two dining vehicles on board the Maharajas Express offer the guests a range of exquisite cuisines.

The Maharaja Express lounge bar that visitors will visit to chill in a completely nonchalant and suave environment after a tiring day of sightseeing and travelling.

Maharajas Express Train

Safari Bar

As the name suggests, the bar's interior spaces are based on the theme of adventure.  This half-a-mile long train has experts ready to please the finest standards of hospitality, fully equipped bars, luxurious suites, butler services and what not, and is one of India's most luxurious trains.
Maharajas Express Interior - Safari Bar

As the name suggests, the bar's interior spaces are based on the theme of adventure.

This half-a-mile long train has experts ready to please the finest standards of hospitality, fully equipped bars, luxurious suites, butler services and what not, and is one of India's most luxurious trains.

Travellers on board get to see the nation's abundance in the most special possible manner. It was chosen 'World's Leading Luxury Train' for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014, successively, just for the record.

Tour Duration

6 Nights / 7 Days


Mumbai - Udaipur - Jodhpur - Bikaner - Jaipur - Ranthambore - Agra - Delhi

Maharajas Express Ticket Price

Maharajas Express Ticket Price

USD $5,980


October to April


2591 kms approx

Royal Train In India

The Golden Chariot journeys to a variety of World Heritage sites, a project of the Karnataka State Tourism Board, finding its way through the most stunning tourist attractions that the country has to offer. These elegantly built trains are packed with king-friendly amenities, give you breakfast in bed and excite you with the popular spots.

Golden Chariot Train

The attractive interior complements the spectacular landscape the train passes over which is called after the ruling empires, each of the 11 guest cabins is artfully built with elegant Mysore style furniture. An Ayurveda spa facility, in-house fine-dining restaurants, and the classily preserved vibe of the lounges.

This luxurious train takes the guest into a past era of glamorous train travel, with interior decor influenced by the Hoyasala and Mysore architectural traditions.

Take it easy in the comfort of your cabin, even though you are served breakfast every morning. Wake up each day at a new place, watch the scenery spool through the panoramic glass as you depart on one of South India's most memorable destinations.


Nala and Ruchi are two artfully decorated restaurants with décor influenced by the architectural style of Halebid and Hampi. In their conceptually crafted interiors, these restaurants offer gourmet cuisines to visitors. On board the Golden Chariot train, timeless charm and stunning atmosphere add to the excitement of an exquisite dining experience.


Named after the famous chef, Nala, for its elegant ambience and variety of mouth - watering delicacies, this in-house restaurant is best enjoyed by travelers.


Madira is the Golden Chariot lounge bar that visitors visit in order to enjoy and loosen up after a tiring day of sightseeing and travelling. Surely, the large range of exotic beverages would help lift the spirits. The interior of the bar beautifully represents the architecture of the Palace of Mysore.

Tour Duration

6 Nights / 7 Days

Golden Chariot Train Route


Bengaluru – Bandipur - Mysore – Halebidu – Chikmagalur - Hampi - Badami – Goa

Golden Chariot Train Price

USD 7350

INR - 5,40,415/-


October to April


2,588 kms approx

Indian Luxury Train
Deccan Odyssey Train

Starting from Mumbai and Delhi, the train takes you through several routes, visiting some amazing cities and landmarks. This train, operated by the Taj Group of Hotels, is intended to represent the lives of the 16th century Maharajas. The Deccan Odyssey, an effort of Maharashtra Tourism, is the ultimate combination of luxury travel and leisure. There are a lot of services offered from multi-cuisine restaurants serving food presented by experienced chefs, to a soothing massage spa, along with many other state-of-the-art amenities.

The Deccan Odyssey Train is lauded for offering visitors looking to walk into India's glorious past with a luxurious travel experience.

The Deccan Odyssey offers a balanced overview of India's historical, spiritual, wildlife and cultural diversity amid the luxurious trains in India.

This Indian Luxury Train also shows the natural combination of picturesque décor with the Deccan dynasties' culture and traditions.

To ensure a royal experience, traditional Indian hospitality is also provided to the guests on board. The guests onboard are thus likely to rediscover the lost tradition of royal travel.

Out of the 21 elegant coaches, the luxury Deccan Odyssey has 11 passenger cars and 2 presidential suites for occupancy.

For entertainment, each passenger car has a lounge with a plasma TV mounted.

In addition to lodging, Deccan Odyssey has two cars for restaurants. There are also cars for spa revitalization, a sauna and fitness center, a bar area car, and a meeting car that can be turned at night into a dance floor. And you can have a makeover at the beauty parlour on board during the journey, if you like. In each cabin, a private assistant,' khidmatgar,' is also named to care for the comfort of the visitors.

Aspects of classical decor with the ideal blend of contemporary facilities & comforts. For moving from one destination to another, maharajas.

There are also services available for visitors that ensure a comfortable and pampering experience.

  • 11 air conditioned deluxe cabins

  • 2 presidential suites

  • Beauty parlor

  • Restaurants and bar

  • Spa

  • Gymnasium

  • Conference

  • Internet connectivity

  • Television

  • Attached bathrooms

  • Butler services

In the dining cars of the Deccan Odyssey, the award-winning Taj Hotels and Palaces catering workers are authorized.

Tour Duration

7 Nights / 8 Days

Deccan Odyssey Train Route


Mumbai - Aurangabad - Tadoba - Ajanta Caves - Nashik - Kolhapur - Goa - Mumbai

Deccan Odyssey Price

INR 5,12,400


October to April

Luxury Train Of India

Palace On Wheels Train

India's first luxury train reconstructs a past age of extravagance and elegance. This Indian luxury train ride is a lifetime of travel with its multicultural interior decor, gracious hospitality and a tastefully designed trip that chugs along old Rajput princedoms & Taj Mahal in Agra.

The Palace on Wheels ride is one of the most genuine ways to experience and recapture Royal Rajasthan for the discerning journey, influenced by the private carriages being used by former Maharajas, Nizams and Viceroys.

Palace On Wheels

As you ride on board the Palace on wheels of india, the most admired luxury train, witness the imperial hues and vivid culture of Rajasthan along with a tour to the World Heritage Spot, Taj Mahal in Agra.

With its elegant interior design, state of the art facilities and a smooth fusion of conventional Rajputana and modern panache, the train takes you a trip unlike any previous one. Up to 88 guests will fit a total of 14 guest carriages.

To add to the impression of a unique rail journey in India, a restaurant, bar and lounge are available. The train's renovated cabins have technologically sophisticated reproductions of the actual carriages. The cabins were named after Rajasthan's former princely states.

Following are the prime features of the Palace on Wheels:

  • In a royal theme, including mirror work, upholstery, miniature paintings and antique furnishings, each coach was artistically furnished.

  • Channel Device for music

  • The Intercom

  • Pantry Mini

  • Attached restrooms for running hot and cold water

  • Khidmatgar—a private attendant


This new addition to the train is a revitalising salon. This dedicated spa facility provides the tourists with a number of services, massages and therapy. You will calm your mind, body and soul after a wearying day of travel.

Sitting Lounge

The Palace on Wheels Sitting Lounge is the best spot to overlook the fatigue from the day's sightseeing. Only kick back, unwind and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

Two restaurants are part of the train, each with a chic décor. In clusters of twos and fours, the restaurants have a seating plan.

Guests onboard can enjoy luxurious Indian (especially Marwari) food and other common world cuisine (such as Continental and European). An elaborate a la carte menu is also available.

  1. Restaurant Maharaja

  2. Restaurant Maharani

These restaurants also have in-house bars offering a range of both Indian and foreign brands of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Tour Duration

7 Nights / 8 Days


Delhi - Jaipur - Sawai Madhopur - Chittorgarh - Udaipur - Jaisalmer - Jodhpur - Bharatpur - Agra - Delhi

Palace On Wheels Train Ticket Price

Palace On Wheels Price

Rs 4,28,400/-


September to April


2,411 kms approx

The Royal Rajasthan on Wheels drives you through the rich heritage of Rajasthan, as the name appropriately implies. Experience the culture of bravery and generosity of the Rajput, and ride through many wonderful palaces and fortresses constructed in the area of Rajputana. You are welcomed with a wonderful musical red-carpet welcome upon entering the train, and the warmth of hospitality one deserves from the community of Rajasthani.

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Indian Railways initiated this elegant luxury train in 2009 after the popularity of Palace on Wheels. It runs through a path close to the Palace on Wheels, sending visitors on a trip across Rajasthan for 7 days and 8 nights. The price is considerably lower than most luxury trains, $625 per passenger for a Deluxe twin-sharing cabin.

The luxury cabins are no less than princely residences, with tastefully appointed interiors, imagery from the heritage of Rajputana, all the modern amenities of a luxury hotel, and fine-dining services displaying the region's most delightful jewels.

Tour Duration

7 nights, 8 days

Destinations covered:

New Delhi- Jodhpur- Udaipur- Chittorgarh- Sawai Madhopur- Jaipur- Khajuraho- Varanasi- Agra- New Delhi

Royal Rajasthan Train Ticket Price

Rs 3,63,300/-

What's Your Favourite Luxury Train !

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You Need To Know The Top 5 Luxury Trains of India. Do You Know Who Are The New Breed Of Maharajas ? You’ll Be Shocked To Know Maharajas Express Ticket Price. Find Out The Maharajas Express Route And Checkout Maharaja Express Presidential Suite At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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