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Beyond Design Bistro A Place That Will Leave You In Wonder !

Written By Riddhi Joshi

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Beyond Designs Bistro

The Restaurant is truly a vibe for people who love to explore classic places with good interiors. The Beyond Designs Bistro has European influences and gives a delightful vibe and impression. Over the past year Beyond Designs has been covering spaces with its luxurious, sumptuously furnished interiors and richly layered designs.

Beyond Design Restaurant

The Founder of Beyond Designs Sachin Gupta and their Wife Neha have built unique designs which are highly luxurious yet elegant and both have worked on many residential projects for many well-known personalities.

Their Restaurant has rich art designs that will surely make you wonder. The place will give you electricity influences which will surely make you feel connected with Indian culture.

So without much delay let's just dive into this beauty.

Beyond Designs Bistro Delhi

There are many good things about the luxurious and high-end Beyond Designs Bistro. The restaurant is designed specially in a neat European aesthetic style which has added great luxury and brings the shopping cum dining experience in Delhi with a cozy and intimate sitting.

Beyond Bistro

The wooden pillars and the arches welcome you when you enter inside this beauty, the stark white walls that are dotted with artworks, the elegant chandeliers, and the wood-paneled wall portraying Victorian men and women signify vintage estate in the English countryside.

The dining table has white marble and classic sofas with exotic prints and leather that add a whole stately vibe. The restaurant also has an extension overlooking it that is done with vintage garden furniture that looks chic and casual. Sachin and Neha have beautifully brought out the extensive travel through Europe by refurbishing big spaces making a great impression.

Beyond Design Bistro Food & Drinks

Just like the interior Beyond Designs Restaurant has also beautifully done a makeover of its food menus. The Restaurant has different sections for various cuisines which makes it easier for customers to place orders. They have included continental, middle eastern, or Indian, and Indian specialties and a lot to choose from.

Beyond Designs Bistro is surely a place where Food Meets art. The best part about Bistro packaging which makes it stand out is it is done in Impeccably glass jars and will surely make you feel like you are sitting in a royal dining meeting.

Beyond Design Bistro Menu

The oriental cuisine dishes like Basil chilly fry chicken and water chestnut in chili oil are something that you should surely try out.

The continental section has pasta, pizzas, and risotto freshly served with flavored bread. The classic ricotta and spinach stuffed shell pasta served with grilled vegetables and garlic bread is a must-try dish. Coming to the Indian section they have delicious melting-in-the-mouth naan and Rajasthani laal maas. Indian food has an authentic taste.

Beyond Design Cafe

The Dessert menu has some comforting delicious items like cheesecake, creme Brule, and tiramisu.

Each of the food items at beyond will give you a mesmerizing experience. Its location is perfectly justified as it has a sophisticated blend of styles, indigenous art, dramatic decor objects, rich natural materials, and a refreshing dining experience.

Beyond Designs Bistro Restaurant surely will enrich your lifestyle. The interior is the player which has a unique concept, effortless and glamorous elegance. Beyond designs, the bistro is highly stylish it portrays the highly experimental edge with classical elements with contemporary ethos, giving up an enticingly vintage vibe.

The Place is best for people who want to experience the Shopping cum dining experience and who love to explore different restaurants with such classical interiors. The place has both great food as well as a great vibe surely a place where your family or friends will have a luxurious experience.

Beyond Designs Delhi

Ratings Ambience - 8/10 Service - 7.5/10 Food & Drinks - 7/10

Beyond Bistro Location

Valet parking available

Timings - Everyday

10 am to 8 pm

Beyond Designs Bistro Booking - Table Reservation

Beyond Designs Bistro Contact Number

: +91-09717741360




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