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Every Food Lover Must Visit Bombay Club Delhi !

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Written By Riddhi Joshi

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


The Bombay Club Delhi

If you are someone who loves Bombay food and flavours and also wants some South Bombay vibes in Delhi, my friend Bombay club is the right place for you.

For all the Delhiites a fresh new place with so much positivity has opened at Unit 36, The Dhan Mill Compound, Chattarpur. Bombay club is a place inspired by Bombay-inspired food and Bombay vibes. The restaurant is something that strongly reflects Bombay energy with some chic and classic interiors and decor.

Bombay Club Delhi Restaurant

The theme of the Bombay club is Minimalists yet aesthetic which perfectly portrayed the classic comfortable location for lunch, breakfast, or dinner. So let's dive in and see the vibrant interior as well as the delicious cuisines that the Bombay club has to offer.

Mehrauli Cafe

The place has some beautiful light white walls that welcome you with positivity. An interior is a chic place and the epitome of aesthetics. With vintage photo walls, antique furnishing, and cane furniture. The Bombay club is a perfect cafe that defines minimalism with all the natural lights and vibes. Every nook of the Bombay club speaks aestheticism and simplicity.

The Bombay club ambiance is something that instantly soothes our minds. The color of the restaurant is a mixture of white and beige giving it a classy finish. The sunroof is placed with some natural lights and the antique pieces in the corner give out a happy and cozy Bombay feels.

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Bombay Club Delhi Food

The menu of Bombay club is developed keeping in mind the Maharashtrian flavors which allow all the Delhiites to taste the authentic bombaiya treats in the capital city of Delhi. But, the awesomeness of the Menu does not limit to the Mumbai dishes; it has more dishes like Parsi, Mangalorean, scrumptious, as well as Anglo-Indian cuisines.

The most tried food at the Bombay club is Frankies, Kheema Pav Mumbai special local street food, Bombay fish, and chips, and mini vada pav that has a spiced bada inside the bun and is served with sweet jam and chili butter.

Bombay Club Delhi Menu

The drinks menu also has some Indianised cooler drinks like popcorn lemonade, Green chili Banta and kokum Mary. The drinks are specially served with a concept of nostalgia so the moment you just drink it reminds you of the old days.

Talking about the desserts Bombay club has extremely innovative desserts served on your plates that will act like a little party for your taste buds. Some of the must-try is malai cheeni toast and cutting chai panna cotta.

Founder of Bombay club Delhi

The founder of the Bombay club Amanda Bhandari managed to make this interesting cafe by steering the interest of people and creating a niche of her own. The Bombay club is inspired by the local ingredients and flavors and is served with a classic twist.

Delhi Restaurant

Bombay Club Restaurant is a celebration in itself as it is not just about serving avant-garde techniques or fancy dining but it is a fun place where you can even work. As Christmas is around the corner the is a great place for family, and friends lunch dates, and even for romanticising solo dates.

With all white classy interior bombay club will surely remind of the positivity and instantly lifts up your mood just by sitting in a peaceful environment like bombay club has to offer. So if you are in Delhi then you should check out this fun yet aesthetic, instagrammable place.

Bombay Club Delhi

Ratings Ambience - 7.5/10 Service - 8/10 Food & Drinks - 7/10

Bombay Club Delhi Location

Timings - Everyday

12 Pm to 10:30 Pm

Bombay Club Delhi Booking - Table Reservation

Bombay Club Delhi Contact Number




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Every Food Lover Must Visit Bombay Club Delhi ! You Don’t Want To Miss Mehrauli Cafe Bombay Vibe. Checkout Bombay Club Delhi Menu With Recommend Food. See Delhi Restaurant Bombay Club Delhi Decor. Find Out Top Restaurants In Mehrauli At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog


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