Cafe At Bandra - Pali Bhavan

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Review By Morgane Royez

Pali Hill

Pali Bhavan

If you've ever been to Bandra, you must have passed by the discreet entrance of Pali Bhavan restaurant without noticing the gem hidden behind. Located in the beating heart of Pali Hill, Pali Bhavan is one of the must-go places, when you want to enjoy authentic Indian food in a tasteful environment.

Mumbai Cafe

Once you have passed the door, it seems like you are entering heaven of peace, so distant from the noise of the city. Decorated with taste, this restaurant serves delicious traditional Indian cuisine with a contemporary twist. Its romantic, vintage atmosphere allows its visitors to have a glimpse of the Bandra of the past. The service is so courteous, and polite, you will directly feel at ease to enjoy the generous plates of different cuisines of Indian.

Cafe In Bandra

A reservation is needed, as the restaurant is well known by the food enthusiasts of Mumbai.

For years, Glamorous Bandra has become one of the best nightlife neighbourhoods of Mumbai, and Pali Bhavan is deserving of a spot for those who want to enjoy themselves and excellent mixology. In its signature setting—antiquities light up shared wooden tables and the walls are decorated with framed vintage portraits and artworks—the guests chose from the cocktail menu, providing a more classic and experimental service.

If your table is not yet ready when you arrive, it will be the occasion to savor one of the exquisite drinks seated at the fancy wooden bar.

You Must Try These Cocktails

  • Slumdog (vodka, grape juice, kaffir lime, ginger) 850/-

  • Godfather (whiskey, amaretto) 850/-

  • Angoori (vodka, elderflower, red grape & plum, cranberry splash) 850/-

  • Negroni (gin, sweet vermouth, campari) 850/-

  • Espresso Martini (espresso shot, kahlua)

  • Chutney Martini ( vodka, pomegranate juice, fresh cilantro) 850/-

Celebrities spotted At Pali Bhavan

If you are lucky, there is a high chance to even dine next to some Bollywood celebrities.

It is the perfect spot to appreciate a candlelight diner or a delightful conversation with close friends.

Dishes Recommended by Morgane Royez

Food & Drinks Menu

Pali Bhavan Menu


Rataloo aur Matar Tikki Chaat (serves 1)

(a sweet potato and green pea patty laced with yogurt and chutneys ) 325/-

Bhakarwadi Bhel

(gram flour dough stuffed with poppy seeds and sesame, fried, crushed and tossed with onion, tomato and chutney’s)



Beet ki Sheekh

(beetroot, carrot. beans minced and grilled on a skewer)


Bhatti Chilli Peppers

(sweet chillies stuffed with black rice, red pepper and cheese, char grilled)


Tandoori Mushrooms

button mushroom stuffed with sautéed mushroom, peppers and cheese)


Non - Veg

Gunpowder Calamari

(crisp fried calamari rings tossed in a south Indian condiment seasoning)


Lamb Galouti Kebab

(a delicious velvety kebab from Lucknow)


Boti Masala Boa

(Spicy pulled lamb masala in steamed buns)


Laal Murg Tikka

(spicy chicken kebabs marinated with mustard and red chillies)


Main Course


Paneer Khatta Pyaz

(a delicate combination of cottage cheese and pickled onions)


Besan Palak Kofta

(sautéed spinach, roasted gram flour and cottage cheese dumpling in a creamy onion gravy)


Dal Makhani

(simmered black lentils, finished with churned butter and cream)



Squid Masala

(squid rings cooked with spices, tomato, tamarind and coconut milk)


Pali Raan

(slow cooked marinated mutton leg, served off the bone)


Pink Pepper and Makroot Prawn Curry

(coconut prawn curry distinctively spiced with sweet pink peppercorn and lemon zest)


Lal Maas Shank

(slow cooked spicy lamb shank curry)