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Dhoni Bike Collection Will Definitely Leave You In Surprise !

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Written By Gurnoor Kaur

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Dhoni Lifestyle

MS Dhoni is the icon whose name is enough to inject fear in opponents. We all witnessed the era when the team used to struggle and then MSD entered like a hero to save the nation's respect. The whole nation used to know the status of the match by asking 'Is Dhoni out?. The guardian - the mentor Mahendra Singh Dhoni is tagged G.O.A.T and idolized by millions of fans around the globe. Opponents have their say about Dhoni, narrating him as the changes the match in the last few moments. Life of MS. Dhoni carries passion-love-respect for the nation.

MS Dhoni Lifestyle

1. The Luxurious Life OF King Dhoni

The Thala of Chennai lives a luxurious life.Titled second richest cricketer in the world with a whopping net worth of Rs. 767 crore. The 22-yard pitch helped MSD carry his dreams and interest in the same way he helped the nation to achieve respect on the field. The brand value of MSD is a whopping 41.2 million. Estimated earning of just endorsements in IPL revolves around 120-150 crores. All this shows that MSD is a beast in World cricket.

MS Dhoni Home

2. The Place Where The King Stays

'Kailashpati' the name of Ms. Dhoni's farmhouse which is now his permanent resistance is treated to eyes. 'Kailashpati' got multiple amenities spread over 7 acres of land, the house owns a jumbo gym which helps Thala in staying in shape.

Inside Dhoni House

Extending it to a swimming pool and pack which keeps the thrill going. Love of Thala for different games directed him to get some indoor stadiums in 'Kailashpati'. The value of the house is estimated at several crores. Stay at 'Kailashpati' helps Dhoni gain more peace and potential at the same time.

Take action in silence, No lion attacks in noise. ~ MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni Bike Collection

3. Bike Collection By Thala

Starting his love for bikes with a second-hand Yamaha RX-100. MSD keeps on extending his wide collection of bikes. His garage consists of bikes such as Confederate X132 Hellcat which is even tagged as one of the rarest bike in the World as only 150 pieces exist.

How Many Bikes Dhoni Have

Ninja ZX-14R of whopping 16.80 lakh also glorifies the garage with Harley Davidson Fatboy. The list is long with names such as Ducati 1098, Yamaha RD 350, Suzuki Shogun, Yamaha Thundercat, BSA Goldstar, Norton Jubilee 250 all ranging in lakhs. Dhoni is famous for his massive bike collection which has 100 motorbikes. This all adds to his love and luxury.

Dhoni Bike Collection List

Dhoni Bike Collection


​Max Power

Top Speed

​Confederate Hellcat X32

​Rs. 47,00,000

132.00 HP

​280 km/h

​Harley Davidson Fat Boy

​Rs. 23,17,888

​65 bhp @ 5500 rpm

​175 km/h

​Kawasaki Ninja ZX14R

​Rs. 19,70,000

197.2 bhp @ 10,000 rpm

335 km/h

​Ducati 1098

Rs. 25,00,000 – 30,00,00

160 bhp

279 km/h

Kawasaki Ninja H2

Rs. ​6,16,583

100.6 hp (75.0 kW) @ 11,500 rpm

​246 km/h

​Royal Enfield Machismo

Rs. 1,21,236

23.65@5600 BHP @ rpm

115 km/h

Kawasaki Ninja H2

​Rs. 34,99,000

310 PS @ 14000 rpm

​330 – 400 km/h

Yamaha RD350

​Rs. 82,191

30.5 BHP @ 6750 rpm

160 km/h

Dhoni Car And Bike Collection

4. Car Collection By Captain

Dhoni never discriminates in love, he loves both cars and bikes equally. Thala got some exciting beasts in his garage. One of the World's most emblematic muscle cars Pontiac Firebird Trans AM greets people from garage giving company to Ferrari 599 GTO which is tagged as a favourite of Dhoni.

Dhoni Car Collection List

Hummer H2 is a favourite SUV owned by captain cool, resting close to GMC Sierra and Audi Q7. The list ends with these major monsters Mitsubishi Pajero SFX, Land Rover Freelander 2 and Mahindra Scorpio. These cars show the craze Dhoni carries.

MS Dhoni Siblings

5. People who surround MSD

The most valuable asset Dhoni has is his family. Dhoni credits his father Mr Pan Singh Dhoni's discipline to shape his life.

Yet he says he loves his mother Mrs Devaki Devi more, who is a homemaker. Dhoni has two siblings in the form of brother Mr Narendra Singh Dhoni and sister Mrs Jayanti Gupta.

The elder sister of MS Dhoni is Jayanti Gupta. Jayanti was crucial to her brother's success and helped him get there. She has always backed Dhoni and encouraged him in his endeavours. The older sister of Dhoni is a qualified English teacher and is wed to Gautam Gupta.

Few fans are aware that MS Dhoni has a sibling who is older. He goes by the name Narendra Singh Dhoni. Mahendra is 10 years younger than him. Narendra is a politician. Before MS Dhoni rose to prominence, he had abandoned his family.

Dhoni refers to his wife Mrs Sakshi Dhoni as his biggest support to whom he got married in 2010. Dhoni has a cute daughter named Ziva aged 6. These people make the family of Thala and always stays on his side on stormy days.

MS Dhoni Mentor Salary

BCCI secretary Jay Shah on Tuesday revealed that Dhoni will not charge any payment for his service of mentorship to the Indian team.

A legend is Dhoni who holds the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the territorial army. The tag of legend is added to Dhoni because of his exceptional records with major bangers such as the 2007 and 2011 World Cup. Ms Dhoni holds the record of smashing 211 sixes in international cricket which is the most by an Indian Captain. And being a massive wicket keeper he has 829 dismissals most by an Indian Wicket Keeper in International cricket.

The team led by MSD in IPL named Chennai Super Kings have 4 titles to their list with a count of 11 in entering playoffs and 9-time finalist. These stats are dreams of many teams combined. MSD is the only captain to have won the ICC trophies that is the T20 World Cup of 2007, 2011 ODI World Cup and 2013 Champions Trophy. Ms Dhoni captained India in 332 matches with 53.61% wins in the bracket. Dhoni is a synonym of cricket in the World and even the World's best bows in front of King Dhoni from India.

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Dhoni Bike Collection Will Definitely Leave You In Surprise ! You Must Checkout Luxurious MS Dhoni Home. Know MS Dhoni Siblings. Find Out MS Dhoni Bike Collection. Checkout Proper Dhoni Bike Collection List. Find More Info About MS Dhoni Lifestyle At Delhi Royale Luxury Lifestyle Blog

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