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Shahrukh Khan IPL Team : Adding a Touch of Glamour to the Cricketing World !

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

Written By Gurnoor Kaur

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Best IPL Team In The World

" You don't play for the crowd, you play for the country," said MS Dhoni describing the patriotic feeling attached to the game of cricket. India terms cricket as a religion spreading love and brotherhood all over the World. India is a beast in World cricket. India performs super fine in International Matches which is the result of our inner strength and power. Various leagues make on mentoring younger players and keeping them ready to play against the best when the country needs them.


Indian premier league (IPL) is a professional twenty 20 cricket league that started in 2008. The tournament opted for a round-robin group and knockout format. As India defeated Pakistan in a nail-biting World Cup final boosted the fashion and craze for T20 cricket in the country. The BCCI decided to introduce a league inviting top-class players of the World. League was such a hit that lead to multiple seasons of tournaments and an insane craze got built for teams.

While India enjoys a competitive feeling during the tournament. We all pick our favourite teams whether depending on the captain or our home town. Till the last season, there were 10 teams and this article focuses on the star team titled "Kolkata Knight Riders" owned by the World's biggest movie star and 'Badshah of Bollywood Mr Shah Rukh Khan and Bollywood actress Mrs Juhi Chawla and Jay Mehta's company Mehta group.

Shahrukh Khan IPL Team

About KKR

Korbo, Lorbo, Jeetbo Re (we will act, fight and win) the tagline of the team narrates a lot about the spirit team carries. KKR is one of the consistent teams participating in all of the seasons of the Indian Premier League. KKR as a cricket team always tries to reflect the beautiful culture of the land. The courage, youth, talent, ambition, focus and dedication of all the team is the backbone of the franchise.

The home ground of the team is "Eden Garden" situated at the northern end of the Maidan, in Kolkata named after Emily and Fanny Eden the sisters of Lord Auckland. Currently being captained by Eoin Morgan under emblematic coach Brendon McCullum. KKR in their last IPL managed to end runner ups. KKR have two trophies added to their franchise by winning titles in 2012 & 2014 both time teams were captained by International Indian cricket star Gautam Gambhir.


Records By KKR

KKR had managed to enter the playoffs 7 times out of 14, transparently showing their domination over the tournament. KKR 's worst performance was witnessed in 2009 IPL with the winning percentage being 21.42% only followed by 37.50 % in 2013. But the team tried to keep their winning percentage mostly near 50% in the rest of the seasons. KKR carries some tremendous records such as the highest opening stand ever of 184 not out against Gujarat lions in 2017.

Even in every first season of IPL Brendon McCullum hit massive 158 runs in the first season IPL set the tone for the rest of the tournament. KKR too had the highest successful run-chase of 200 runs in IPL against Kings×1 Punjab in 2014. Not just the chasing master but KKR also bowled out a splendid batting attack of RCB on 49 runs, one of the lowest scores in IPL. A winning streak of 10 matches is one the highest winning streak by any other team in IPL. By scoring 105 runs without a wicket KKR set record runs in the powerplay. These records narrate why KKR is termed a beast in the tournament.


Big Purse OF KKR

Kolkata has many star players involved as Pat Cummins an Australian international cricketer who is currently the co-vice-captain of the Australia national team in all formats has been bought at the price of 15.5 Cr highest bid for any other cricketer in the auction. Then Sunil Narine is the second-highest-paid player in the squad having a value of 12.5 Cr. He has been an exceptional performer in the past couple of IPL years. Following Sunil Narine comes Andre Russell a big hitter from West Indies for 12.5 Cr. These names are followed by Eoin Morgan, Nitish Rana and many more stars backing KKR's unit strongly.

Owners Of IPL Teams

Shah Rukh Khan's Power

King Shah Rukh Khan has a net worth of 750 Million USD (5100 crores). SRK always lived a luxurious life after being successful which describes his lavish life. The garage of Shah is decorated with cars such as Rolls Royce, BMW, Bentley, Range Rover, Audi and many more coasting several crores. King resides in one of the top 10 luxury villas in the World named 'Mannat'. SRK's residence turned out to be a major tourist spot in the country having a market value of around 250 crores. Shah Rukh owns houses in London and Dubai costing 200 crores each, list of estates is so long to describe the royal life of srk. The unending list of amenities continues in the life of SRK, as per Filmfare Shah owns a private jet that cost 260 crores. "Badshah of Bollywood '' has a 400 crore (55%) stake in the franchise KKR, later expanding it to Caribbean Premier League's Trinbago Knight Riders and Los Angeles Franchise which will participate in an upcoming major cricket tournament in the USA.

IPL Team Owner

KKR is collectively owned by Red Chillies Entertainment (55% Stakes) and Mehta Group (45% Stakes).

About Red Chillies Entertainment Buying KKR

As Red Chillies Entertainment is a production house owned by Mr Shah Rukh Khan describes the power of the franchise KKR. SRK who is tagged as the World's biggest movie star and God of acting has a passion for cricket too, which later directed him to buy his own IPL team "Kolkata Knight Riders".

Success is not a good teacher, failure makes you humble. ~SRK

The quote said by Shah rukh khan himself describes his mindset about winning and losing. As he got a perfect understanding of how to enjoy after success and how to collect yourself after failure he brought team KKR to the biggest cricketing tournament.

About the Mehta group

Owner Of IPL Teams

Mehta Group-owned by Mr Jay Mehta & Mrs Juhi Chawla

The Mehta Group of companies commonly referred to as the 'Mehta Group' too have a 45% stake in the franchise. Mehta Group is one of the major Indian conglomerates based in Mumbai and headquartered in Gandhinagar with branches in the US, Canada, Kenya and Uganda.

The asset base of the group is a major 350 million USD. Group's business includes investments in sugar, cement, packaging, floriculture, management, insurance, International trade and finance. Mehta Group is owned by Mr Jay Mehta, husband of Mrs Juhi Chawla, a popular Bollywood actress.

Mrs Juhi Chawla's on-field contribution

Mrs Juhi Chawla is fond of cricket and enjoys her team's (KKR ) performances mostly in stadiums. The contribution of the Mehta group is always efficient in KKR from auctions to staff management. Mehta group makes KKR such a stand steel franchise that will not move an inch on stormy days. Mrs Juhi Chawla always believes in returning to nature as on various occasions such as in 2017 she announced that she will plant a tree for every six hits in Eden gardens. This is not limited to IPL but her personal life too as for marking Shah Rukh Khan's birthday she pledged to plant 500 trees. Even on earth day, she planted 55000 saplings to show the power of stardom for a positive cause. Her team also carries the same moral and keeps on working for positive causes.

Controversy Around SRK

Mr Shah Rukh Khan was once wrapped around a controversy as he got banned from Wankhede cricket stadium in Mumbai. The decision came after an ugly fight and the media stating SRK was drunk after several clarifications. It is supposed that the security guard whispered a religious slur in Shah Rukh's ear which led to anger. The whole incident resulted in Mumbai Cricket Association banning him for 5 years. This controversy wasn't enough to shake either King or his team as Wankhede too bleed purple whenever Kolkata plans to play there. The World's biggest superstar is the backbone of the franchise.

Shahrukh Khan IPL Team Name

Kolkata Knight Riders Iconic IPL Moment

Massive 2012 winning moment when Bisla played a knock of 89 runs leading the team to their maiden title. As audience witnessed a nail-biting match as Kolkata lead to their first IPL title. The celebrations were so high that even the government of Kolkata organised a massive scale celebration of the team. KKR is a beast in tournaments and keeps on proving this multiple times by their power-packed performances.

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