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Estella Restaurant Mumbai - Unveiling The Luxury Affair Of Feasting At This Swanky Beach Bar & Restaurant

Updated: May 17

Written By Ramsha Ali

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Who does not want an exquisite dining experience? But there are only a few restaurants that actually justify this theme. Estella Restaurant Mumbai is one of them. It is a famous spot for Asian and European cuisines. But it’s the Wine and Cocktail combinations of this restaurant that people love the most. Estella truly offers one of its kind al fresco dining experiences. But how? Let us know in detail as we dive deep into its setup, owner, chef, environment, food, reviews, and more.

Estella Restaurant Mumbai Owner

The owner of this restaurant is Hitesh Keswani who also oversees Opa Kipos and Silver Beach Cafe, both located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Plus, he is the MD of Aspect Hospitality India Pvt Ltd. Now under his aegis, this restaurant was established in 2016. Moving ahead, let us gauge the ambiance of this luxury beach bar and restaurant.


The vibe and decor of this place by the calm beach offer an immaculate open-air dining experience. The inside space has a contemporary setup with soft lighting and congenial seating arrangements. If you enjoy a grand alfresco culinary experience, Estella gives you the perfect atmosphere to be in. 

Estella Restaurant Juhu

With the slow, rustling waves by the shore and the breezy wind passing by your skin, you may find yourself amidst a coastal, tranquil environment. Be it a romantic evening or a chill hangout, the exotic but minimalistic decor sets up the ambiance of a subtle luxurious vibe.

Estella is located in Juhu, on the outskirts of Mumbai. It stands magnificently by the backdrop of a picturesque beachfront with a deck and a beer house. Avail the outdoor seating with your prior reservation. Remember that this place does not accept online reservations, so contact them through a call to book your table.

Estella Restaurant Mumbai Price

The average price per person in Estella can range from Rs. 2,000 - Rs. 2,500. It is usually busy, so it is always better to book your table and reserve your seat beforehand. Simply contact them through a call and get yourself a place in their abode. 

Estella Mumbai Price


Estella Mumbai holds plenty of events and dazzling nights. Here, DJ nights, soirées, and chic wedding celebrations are a frequent occurrence to soar your spirits. Be it Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, or other lively occasions, the place has a glamorous spell to leave you with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Musical artists, culinary ‘gurus’, Bollywood celebs often hang out here to spend a chill time.

Estella Mumbai Photos


The genius hand behind the multi-starrer cuisines is Rohan D’Souza. So, if you ever wonder who is the man behind the celestial essence of the dishes, now you know! Rohan has an excellent taste in food that has earned him the nickname of “a culinary master” in recent years. His menu offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. But if you search for vegan options in Estella, they are available, too. 

Estella Mumbai Menu


You may find plenty of Australian food here. Be it Lobster Salad, Porcini Melba Toast, or Roasted Hazelnut Filo Mille Feuille, Estella Mumbai has both sweet and savoury meals. This restaurant’s chicken dishes are a hit. As they come directly from the chef’s table, expect them to surprise your taste buds. One such item is Buttermilk Brined BBQ Chicken Thighs on Creamed Corn Charred Leek Puree & Sea Buckthorn Honey Dressing

Meals such as Grilled Tasmanian Scallops, Porcini & Portobello Mushroom Pate with Fermented Cranberry Tarragon and Melba Toast will serve as a warm delight to your soul-craving foodie nature. But the real relish does not end here. You get plenty of options from their Main Plates, Appetisers, Sushi & Nigiri, Asian Menu, Rice, noodles, and desserts. So loosen up your hungry whims and select from the wide assemblage of mouth-watering platters.


Taste the premium desserts of Estella Mumbai and indulge in the sweetness and aroma of the dishes. They are a fresh bake and are sometimes served with sauces and ice-creams that add to their divine flavour. You must try the Belgian Chocolate Fondant with house-churned peanut butter ice cream and salted toffee sauce.


Estella also serves a fresh range of drinks that include alcohol and cocktails. For instance, the Hummingbird has Gin, Fresh Lime, Juice, Fresh Blueberries, and Lemongrass Sticks that serve as a sweet nectar to your thirsty throat. If you ever seek a hint of luxury relaxation during your visit, there are some of the must-try cocktails.

Estella Bar Menu

Sundowners are pretty popular and most sought-after in Estella to feel the heavenly taste of the drinks alongside a pristine view of sunset at the beach. The Cocktail Special has some of the best-curated drinks that deserve a chef’s kiss. Here are a few of them that hooked the people’s hearts - 

  • Passionfruit & Basil Martini

  • Caramel Popcorn Martini

  • Spiced Lemon Margarita

  • Mango Cilantro Margarita


If there are a few items you could devour, try their popular sushi dishes of Asparagus Tempura Roll and Salmon Sashimi Roll. The former dish is rolled with avocado and cucumber carpaccio which is served with spicy miso dressing. But, hands down for the Chicken Leek Corn Puree, where chicken is soaked in butter, milk and spices for 24 hours before cooking. Alongside, taste Tobajan Butter Bao and Sea Buckthorn Mustard Dressing for a succulent quirky palate.

Estella Mumbai Reviews


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Estella Restaurant Mumbai Booking - Table Reservation

Monday to Sunday

6 PM - 1 AM

Estella Mumbai Contact Number

Estella Mumbai LOCATION

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049


Estella Restaurant Mumbai truly presents you with the unassuming grandeur of its place. The environment throws off a shade of relaxed extravagance. And so is its deal with delightful dishes, as they are always a pleasure to your taste receptors. If it is flavorful food, captivating cocktails, or the breathtaking beach by your side, this restaurant in Juhu, Mumbai sumptuously offers them all.

Do you love exploring premium culinary spots? Then, checkout the Bobachee restaurant in South Delhi, which boasts of an unparalleled dining experience.

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