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Step Into The Cyber Chic Realm: Diablo Cyberhub Redefines Luxury Party Experiences !

Written By Ramsha Ali

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Do you also seek a true premium culinary experience someday? Your wait is now over with a new beast in town. Can you guess? Well, it is none other than the famous Gen Z hotspot - Diablo, spreading its new wings in Gurgaon’s DLF Cybercity. But does it match the vibe of the OG Diablo? Let us find out as we explore the food, service, and atmosphere of Diablo Cyberhub in this article.

Diablo Gurgaon

Diablo Cyberhub Gurgaon

Diablo Cyberhub is the new addition to the Diablo family. It is all set to launch on 21st April 2024. The credit for the popularity of this place lies in its contemporary grotesque design and modern Middle Eastern delicacies

In a podcast session with Zomato’s Deepinder Goyal, the owner of Diablo restaurant, Priyank Sukhija, revealed that the actual thing the people look for in a place is the ‘experience’ and not any product or food. This thing is exactly what Diablo does!


The lavish services of the place offers you a free Wi-fi connection. The decor of this open-air space gives off a rich smell of royalty under the garb of modernity. The surrounding resembles a pristine architectural excellence with golden and off-white shades as the prime color palette. This restaurant-cum-bar beautifully captures the essence of vivid get-togethers and sets up the perfect vicinity for a memorable experience.

Diablo Cyber Hub

As for the food and ambience, this restaurant shines through as brightly as any other premium restaurant in the country. It is a premium spot for dazzling nightlife where you can party with your family or friends. The setting allows you to soak yourself in the air of lights, music, food, and drinks. As a consequence, you yield yourself into the entertaining surroundings filled with chatter, laughter, lights, and absolute amusement.

Diablo Cyber City Gurgaon

This restaurant in DLF Cyberhub lavishly serves several dishes in Mediterranean, Turkish, Iranian, and Italian. Their cuisine reflects the royal ambience of the Middle Eastern dining experience. The rich flavours of their diverse platters infuse a heavenly taste when they melt into your mouth. The in-house facility for serving premium shisha is also available.

DLF Cyber Hub Best Restaurants

The Diablo cyberhub menu has both Veg and Non-veg options available for you. But ensure that you have already made reservations. The menu section of Diablo Restaurant has “Food”, “Beverage”, and “Bar” sections to let you indulge in a diverse range of items. Specifically, the restaurant serves flavour-packed dishes from classic comfort items like Hummus to spicy bites like Lal Maas.

Diablo Food Menu
Download PDF • 440KB

Diablo Cyberhub Menu


Some of the popular food items you may want to try are Caprese Salad (Veg), Classic Cesar (both veg and non-veg mix available), Kafta Kebap, Classic Trio Tikka, Smoked Charred Chipotle Kebab, Whiskey Butter Garlic Prawns, and similar others. The items here present an irresistible urge for your foodie soul to indulge in the heaven of mouth-watering cuisine.

Diablo Restaurant Menu

If you speak of drinks, Diablo Cyberhub offers a myriad of cocktail items. Some of the special signature blends are Scarlet Inferno, Sinful Sip, Satan’s Sour, and Fallen Angel. They contain a delightful mixture of alcoholic drinks, citrus fruits, and beverages like coffee, etc. Sole drinks like Vodka, Gin, Rum, Whiskey, Beer, and others are also available. Given a buffet of food and drinks, your taste buds will experience a solid treat in this restaurant.

While the food items are largely Middle Eastern dishes, you may find many vegan and vegetarian platters too.

Casual Dining In Gurgaon

Monday to Sunday 

12 PM - 1 AM

Diablo Cyberhub Contact

Diablo Cyberhub LOCATION

Cyber Hub Restaurants


Diablo Cyberhub is open now and you can check it out for yourself. It is indeed an eccentric culinary experience to indulge in the global cuisine that has a hint of Diablo’s signature input in each dish.

Be it a glamorous party session or a cosy hangout time, Diablo offers a chill vibe and sizzling delicacies for all. So, guilt yourself in the contemporary blend of their gothic atmosphere and soak yourself in the luxury of a fine dining experience.

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