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You Must Know These 5 Famous Indian Paintings

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Written By Riddhi Joshi

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Indian Paintings are the most expressive and visual art that radiates ideas, emotions, and thoughts in two dimensions. Famous Indian Painting forms like Madhubani paintings and paitkar paintings were formed 2500 years ago. These paintings were painted on walls and the floor in ancient times. These paintings serve as a medium for showcasing ancient festival traditions, customs, and rituals.

Famous Art In India

In this article, we will discuss the most famous Indian paintings that are some of the classics done by the most accomplished painters of our country. Indian art paintings are an impression of our lives, traditions, way of living, and much more.

Let's have a look at the most famous Indian paintings.

5 Famous Indian Paintings

1. Self Portrait by Amrita Sher- Gill

Amrita Sher Gill is one of the most noted painters who started painting self-portraits from 1930 onwards. Her self-portraits emphasized her various moods like joyous, somber, thoughtful, and graceful.

Most Expensive Indian Paintings

She started painting these self-portraits when she was just 18.

The other Gill self-portraits are India's famous paintings that are painted with so much intensity drawing the viewer into the innermost intellect of the artist.

Amrita Sher Gill's paintings are the most expensive Indian artwork fetching 37.8 crores and she is recognized as a National Art Treasure by the Government. Her paintings are among the most famous Indian paintings.

Paintings Of Famous Indian Artists

2. Shakuntala by Raja Ravi Verma

Shakuntala Is A Famous Painting Of

Shakuntala is another famous painting by the famous painter Ravi Verma that depicts Shakuntala as one of the important characters of Mahabharat. The famous Indian painting captures the body language and the beauty of Shakuntala who is impersonating to remove a thorn from her foot. The painting was made in 1870.

Raja Ravi Varma is also known as the father of modern Art also he has been awarded with the Kaisar- I- Hind Gold medal he won the first prize in madras in a painting exhibition. Also won an award in Vienna in 1873 for a painting exhibition. Raja Ravi Varma paintings cost upto 1.1 million USD to 4.7 million USD.

Manishi Dey

3. Bengal Women by Manishi Dey

The Dey painting is centered around the thought of promoting the traditional Indian culture ancestry. Mankshi Dey a student of the Abanindranath Tagore in Shantiniketan. The Indian cultural forms and traditions inspired her to bring to the world the beautiful Bengali women around 1950. The painting captures the essence of the rural Bengali women.

Manishi Dey Famous Paintings

When he was just 19 years of age He had his first solo show in Calcutta after he has done various shows in Madras, Nagpur, Srinagar, Bombay, etc. He also became a member of the Bombay Progressive Artists Group. Maishi Dey paintings price range from 805 USD to 4032 USD depending on the art and size of the painting.

Famous Indian Artist

4. Glow of Hope by SL Haldankar

The Glow of Hope by SL Haldankar is a watercolor masterpiece and a famous Indian painting that has a young demure girl who stood with a lamp in her hand for three hours as she was posing for her father SL Haldankar creating her art.

The painting is popularly known as the Glow of Hope and has been a star attraction in the Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery in Jaganmohan palace in Mysore for more than 60 years. SL Haldankar paintings price ranges from 509 USD to 6048 USD. The painting glow of hope was sold for Rs, 40,02,500 which was the winning bid in an auction.

Indian Art

5. Bindu by SH Raza

Bindu or shunya is a famous Indian painting by Sayed Haider Raza that became the focal point of energy in his work. The legendary artist who popularized Indian iconography globally. Other than Hindu his popularly known trademarks are geometric, Prakriti, kundalini, tribhuj, etc.

He also states that Bindu is a source of energy and a source of life. Our life begins here and attains infinity here.

S.H Raza who contributed effortlessly to Indian art paintings has been awarded Padma vibhushan, Fellowship of the Lalit Kala Akademi, etc. The estimated price of the painting Bindu is added above is Rs. 6,00,000. His paintings are sold in crores and one of his art Swarashtra was sold for Rs 16.42 crores.

Beautiful Famous Paintings Of India

India's paintings are a perfect reflection of creativity, traditions, cultures, and philosophies. India is reflected in every piece of painting. Indian painters are a true inspiration as through different forms of art they have depicted India with so much grace, decency, elegance, and power fullness of cultures.

India is a country that has so many different forms of paintings like Madhubani paintings in Bihar, Warli paintings in Maharashtra, Kalighat Paintings in Bengal, Patachitra in Odisha, Kerala wall paintings, Pichwai in Nathdwara, Phad in Rajasthan, etc. These are some of the famous Indian paintings that no doubt represent India gracefully.

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