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At ADVentura, we meticulously craft each cigar with the ultimate experience in mind. To revel in this experience, there are a few insider tips we’d like to share to level up with the

“Perfect Smoke.”

How To Smoke A Cigar For Beginners

1. The LIGHT

All fire is not equal. We suggest to begin the smoke experience with gently toasting the end of the cigar with a butane lighter. Butane has no odor, and unlike matches, no sulphur, so the pureness of the tobacco with be gently warmed and heated. The lighter should be held at a decent distance as not to burn quickly, just gently toast. After a few seconds of being in contact with the flame, take a moment to gently whirl the cigar to supply a bit of oxygen to wake the sleeping giant. Toast again, until the smoke is billowing in slow streams. You are ready for the first puff. Puff gently as this pulls oxygen through to excite the leaves and prepare you for the ultimate flavour experience.

2. The TIME

The cigar should offer the feeling of preserving time, so take yours. If you smoke too quickly the cigar will become overheated and bitter all of the beautiful flavour the blender poured his heart and soul into developing.

How do you know if you smoke too quickly?

Gently hold just above the lit end of the cigar. If you can hold it without burning your fingers, you’re at a good smoke temperature, what we like to refer to as “al dente.” If you can’t hold the cigar without burning your fingers, slow down.



Retro Hale

If you have only puffed a cigar up until this point, it’s time to level up and experience every bit of flavour intended for you during your experience. It’s called, the Retro-Hale. This is when you puff the cigar, and let the smoke roll through the olfactory senses and released through the nostrils. It touches every part of your pallet and enhances every complexity, balance, and harmony within the blended tobacco.


Each cigar is intended to take you somewhere, and on this journey you will experience new and interesting facets in thirds. The first third offers just a hint of what the blender has aged, chosen, and paired together. The second third offers the most balance and variety of those flavours, and the final third is the most intensity of the variety of flavours.

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If you’ve ever smoked a cigar you wish never ended, but at the last third you felt the flavour becoming a bit spicy, we have a trick to allow you to shed the spice and enjoy those last few puffs. Heat the cigar until the end is glowing. It should be VERY hot. Then place the cigar between your lips as if you were to smoke, but instead of gently puffing, blow out quickly as if you were blowing out candles on a cake. The super hot temperature and reverse direction of oxygen essentially “clears the flow” for a finale of a perfect smoke.

About ADVentura

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ADVentura is a collaboration between the youngest master blender in the industry, Henderson Ventura from the Dominican Republic, and Swiss tobacconist and sommelier, Marcel Knobel. Together they create with Swiss Precision and Dominican Passion’ which has earned them multiple accolades and popularity in multiple countries worldwide.


ADVentura Cigars is proud to be named one of the top up and coming boutique brands in the industry. 

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