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You Need To Experience The Ultimate Luxury At Hyatt Dehradun

Written By Gurnoor Kaur

Edited & Presented By Delhi Royale


Hyatt Hotel Dehradun is the place to have the perfect combo of luxury and comfort. Every amenity rests there as it becomes one of the top rated hotels of the town.

Hyatt Hotel Dehradun

It is located in Dehradun Mussoorie Road, along NH7 which can be reached by any transport medium easily. Hyatt Hotel is the pride of Dehradun as it is the most checked place by tourists. The luxury is at max here to make the royalty spill from top of the glass and let the royal thrist get satisfied.


Vibe is filled with balance between comfort and luxury. All of the amenities make the stay lovely and luxurious. The fun flow isn't stoppable with all of the activities and camp settlement which makes the unforgettable memories pour in. So say goodbye to all of the mess while you stay in the Hyatt Hotel to create beautiful memories of love.

Best Hotel OF Dehradun

Hyatt Dehradun Restaurant

Dining gives an edge to all of the customers coming to Hyatt. The restaurant of Hyatt sprinkles luxury heavily which makes cravings end perfectly. All of them are decorated with passionate and perfect cooks, best ingredients and desirable locations contributing to a magnificent dining.

In total there are 5 restaurants available which are as follows :)


As the name suggests it has the biggest range of comfort. The dress code is casual and dishes are international, regional and indian dishes which serves appetite the best. The sitting is alfresco and dining is open for all day including breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night menu.


It can be tagged as the most romantic place for dining. It is located on the roof top and uplifts the mood like nothing else.

Speciality of Beyul is north Indian and Tibetan grazing. It is available for dinner from 7:30 to 11:30 and is the perfect way to end the day.

Hotels In Dehradun 5 Star

Sky Pool

It is as mesmerising as it sounds as it is located on a rooftop emitting sky vibes. The bar gives the effect of hangover and pool deck and mediterranean view to serve peace to eyes. Timings are 11 am to 8 pm with the dress code being casual.

Best Hotel Dehradun

The Malt Bar

Its more about bars than dining as the exciting set of whiskeys and malts awaits here. The magic of mixologists are showing up the best tricks with classic mocktails. Timings are 3pm to 9pm with dress code being casual.


This place is for buying artistic and authentic local products coming directly from local farmers. Timings to visit it are 7 am to 6 am. It has the finest range of retail products.

Luxury Hotel In Dehradun


Hyatt Hotel Dehradun becomes a worthwhile stay due to its comforting luxurious amenities. Hyatt Hotel provides free internet access to stay connected to the world and share the memories while you stay at Hyatt. Free parking for all those luxurious vehicles while you dine in a restaurant on site. Give your muscles a shot with a fitness centre and giant swimming pool. Camp Hyatt, business services and royal concierge and spa. All of the fun is incomplete without your pet on your side which is the reason Hyatt hotel is constructed with a pet-friendly environment. Also don't worry about comfort while you try to look sassy as laundry services are there to assist you with that too.

Camp Hyatt

Travelling with kids and bothered about keeping them healthy and interested in some adventurous activities then no more worries. The Hyatt hotel as a "Camp Hyatt" which is for anyone in between the age of 3 to 12 years. This camp is a world filled with 3xcuting activities and adventure which is dreamed by every kid and can't be witnessed in cities. Hyatt Hotel provides this while arranging baby sitting arrangements too so that no one has to feel annoyed by 24/7 responsibilities and can have a me time because it is highly important to take check on yourselves while you love those you like.

Grand Hyatt Dehradun

Hyatt Hotel Dehradun Rooms and Suites


The suites are the most attractive point about Hyatt Hotel, Dehradun. They are full of amenities and luxury. The Regency Executive Suite involves giant king sized bed rooms, lounge space, bathtub involving 4 fixture bathrooms, 55 inch smart tv and a mini bar to fulfil the thirst while you enjoy your stay at Hyatt suites.

Regency club provides a buffet, breakfast and tempting evening cocktails. Multiple amenities support the stay such as tea, coffee making facilities, premium bath, fitness centre, spa and salon etc.

Then the Regency suite too is a good choice with perfect deals to stay.


Room are tagged with names as giant as their structure. The room named as Hyatt King room is for anyone craving for a royal stay and slay like a king. With amenities of 55 inch tv, spa , salon, 3 fixture bathrooms, prep zone. Regency club king room with balcony is a giant one which is comparatively grand than Hyatt king room(36 sq m) and has a lot of amenities with a spacious place of 48 sq m. And how can you dare to miss the balcony which emits the vibe of proper peace.

Hotel OF Dehradun

Hyatt Dehradun Fitness Center

Stay-fit Studio

The stay-fit studio is the hub for luxurious spa-salon, steam, jacuzzi, strength training equipment and sauna etc. Once you step in Hyatt then its on stay-fit studio to keep the vibe check while taking care of your stay-in fitness. And how the pool and yoga sessions can be ignored which are for all ages and specially for those who want to scan their health while having one of the most luxurious stays of the town.

The Five Star Hotel In Dehradun

Hyatt Hotel Dehradun Wedding Diaries

Weddings are one in a lifetime events which are celebrated with as much love and luxury as possible. If you are picking up Hyatt for weddings then you are making one step toward royalty. The wedding area of Hyatt is just mind blowing with the count of guest capacity of 600 input lawn and floating guest on 350 it becomes super spacious to shake kegs on sangeet or having the ceremonies.

The ceremonies are often done with moonlight after guests are filled with the best menu offered by Hyatt serving both top notch veg and non-veg. All of the services like Dj, decor, catering can be done by Hyatt to offer the best bash of the town with a grand mandap for the royal vibe check.

Hyatt In Dehradun


Hyatt Hotel is perfect in every sense as it is located in one of the biggest tourist spot of India. Dehradun isn't a place which needs introduction as the chilled vibe lifts the mood like nothing less. Exact location of Hyatt Hotel in Dehradun, Mussoorie Road along NH-7 near Ram Tirath Ashram, Kuthal Gate. The positive vibe of the location contributes fully to the whole cherished experience of Hyatt Hotel.

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